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well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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Comments (55)

post guys!

your name back wards is


i dont even knoe=w what inm typing. And when I closee my I s, I c naked women.
tell we y?

what... the fuck.

uh... hi....


in secret places........ we dont fight fair

your meaning?

come on guys!

I'd like a caption. "The guy Smico's mom "acts" like she don't know."
Smico sucks.

ok, just post more


I applaud you CTS. *high five*

and i say ''thanks''

must i post? *sigh* i spose since u bothered to post on my blog... several times now... its only fair

you should tell something too.. :P

I don't like you! The GWC Will get to the bottom of this. Our army is strenghthening every moment. We will respond with power!!!!!! Damn pol!!!

why you dont like me? did i spammed GWC? no. so, whats your reasons to h8 me?

iceblockclock= an ice block?

well, change your title. (tell a mod)

Correction. Your name is theicecubeclock. Get over it.

thats correct, he should change his name. yet, i dont really think its taht bad.

say something about me. also hello.

ok, how are you... tell more!

I just released Green Maple's Shorts-5

go check it out

made it with 3.19, I'm so stoked

i actually voted 4 and MADE it pass. lol yea?

i'm doing good. i made a comic and put up on my profile.

good, like your caption? also.. i migh tell your comics are cool, have a page?

Yeah... Sorry for the mean comment. I was wrong. but do me a favor and notice that I am using liveSWF. Atleast have some sympathy

i didnt knew. at least you could better explain this instaed of being an idiot, pal. anyway, your movie was good, but it needs to be improved. mostly, make the character NOT has an outer stuff things. (like in skecth in yo movies) and if you cant remove the outer part, then draw the character yourselfm, man (sketch) so, im not hating your movie. put scena.

ok, more..

For an apology, would you like me to give you credit in my soon coming flash if it passes? Note that it will have no credit but mine in the start, but if it passes, i can put you in for credits.

its ok. yet, if you want to do something, i can take part ny VA, or by putting an idae in the story. taht will make my input more worthy. what you say.

Sadly, it is very difficult to remove the white borders of the sprites. I do not have the time to draw the characters either. I am sorry. But look at it this way, use your imagination and think that the white borders are not their.


i have an advice here. sure, try to do the good IMPORT a pic, in order to the frame to be removed. try it out. i mean, wont you like it, when it will look good, and will have SO many cool effevts? i think you will. now, i noder to have a plan in case the import will not do anything. (try it sir) do the thing... draw a white bg, and animate there, that will make it better.
in case yo uwont do that too, well watch tuts here. or talk with some who do tuts on the ng is!

hey man, let's say i wanted to make you an avatar of sorts, do you have any request as to what would go on it?

well, i would love to. can i get two? one of me wit ha gun, holding and being cool, and one happy, like YAY.

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