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a really cute and nicely animated movie, which pokes fun at the always alarming situations that occur in the stock market.
its clever, its funny, and it works.

a good social commentary about modern events and hopes, created in an artistic and funny package.
all the characters are nicely drawn and all in all, its a very good movie.

LMAO, that was hilarious!
i love how you've poked fun at the famous ''Epic Rap Battles of S... history'' concept, and with such a chaotic, yet funny voice acting for both the narrator and for the (also funny) contestants too!

also the part where harry potter and paul blart duke it out was too hilarious to ignore, fantastic humour, funny singing and a good parody of this famous show.

please do more parodies like this, i really enjoyed it.
keep it up!

woah, the old ph33r tradition lives on!
nicely drawn characters, smooth animation, good use of the ph33r sounds, and a cool story unfolding after that...

very good work, and a nice tribute to the old CC movies+jokes.
keep it up!

ShrimpClock responds:

Thank you, BB10!

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yomuchan delivers another great game, this time, its a good homage to the old classic ''assasin'' games of NG!
its great to witness such a cool thing on our day and age, where any parody game, satire or attempts to dark humour are frowned upon by modern puritans of political correctness...

but i digress.
this is an excellent game, with good interactivity, beautiful drawings of lola bunny and of other characters, good options, many medals to win, and many easter eggs to discover in it!
its a clever satire on 2021's memes about the ''lola bunny redesign'' drama, that spawned out of a new, radical redesign of a popular cartoon girl that was ''edited'' for ''moral'' reasons (LOL!)

and now we can view an other aspect of her new self thanks to the satire of this game.
all in all, its wild, radical, funny and very nicely done.

keep up the good work!

this is a great dress-up game!

it has a sexy ghost/witch girl with nice curves and a charming smile, many cool outfits (amongst them, morrigan's suit from darkstalkers, tifa lockhart's suit from final fantasy VII, justice's outfit from ''helltakers'', jil valentine's outfit from resident evil, along with many more, including a horned demon girl's outfits, which makes the character's whole premise even better...)

apart from the beautiful girl to dress up to, the backgrounds of the game are nicely drawn and detailed, the music is good, catchy + groovy, and the interactivity is great, when you navigate through the UI or when you try to snap her clothes on, all of it works perfectly.

i know that this is a promotion game for the main halloween themed platformer game, but i have a feeling that this witch-girl should be the protagonist to a new, different game of her own.
perhaps you could make a point-n-click game where this voluptuous witch solves mysteries and looking good while's she's doing so?
dunno, but i have a feeling that she could easily star in her own game.

anyway, this game is good, groovy and sexy.
a perfect promotion for the main thing,
(which i will enjoy to play on steam, when it comes out.)
excellent work, keep it up!

this reminds me of the old days of the CC, back when shock spam was a customary part of the crew.
i like how you've drawn your character, (dingleberry clock), and the animation was smooth.

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thats a great song!
why didnt anyone tell me about this?

either way, this is a very groovy and funky theme song for BB10, and i thank you mr anonfrog for your great work at such a good tune, i really like it and i feel very honoured by this creation.

if thats OK, i might add this theme song into one of my upcoming movies...
keep up the good work!

Anonymous-Frog responds:

Yes it's totally OK for you to use this song, just make sure to credit me.

this song has a solid groove, nice beat and its absolutely badass...
i love it, keep up the good work!

indeed, you cannot kill the clockcrew!
the CC is the best!

nice mechanized motto, i really like its groove, and its loop-able potential...
excellent audio!

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a superb drawing of the cheerful, yet conflicted hero of poland, mr christov christianson, who in 1948 tried to save his hometown from a wasp invasion due to a misplaced honey+jam sandwitch.
his face is nicely drawn, his eyes are ecstatic, his hands are OK, and his smile is fearsome, especially if you will combine it with his eyes and the lack of a nose.
his hair are alright and his blue uniform is nicely drawn too, bravo my good sir.

all in all, a splendid drawing, plz draw more pics like this one.
keep it up!

Danishclock responds:

Okay thank you Chris

this looks fantastic, my friend!
clean lines, good colours, and a nice clock/eye expression for BB10, thanks for the cool cameo, its a lovely picture, keep up the good work!

ShrimpClock responds:

Thanks, I will be sure to post more clock art.

fantastic work: this character is super original, fresh and with a unique outset in his entire ensemble.

good details on his face, hair and on his outfit too, while the shading is very nice and the picture is simply neat.
good work, keep it up!

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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