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thats a cute cat girl and i like how smooth her dancing loop is!
good drawings, fluid animation, cool style...
good work, keep it up!

PS: the only thing that i would suggest in here would be to add a cool song to make this good loop even better!

smooth animation, good visuals, and a perfect parody of the very popular ''ankha zone'' meme!
excellent work mate, keep it up!

a tribute to our heroes...
support our troops!

ironically, this movie was posted 10+ years after that tragic event, and am making a review on your movie 10+ years after its submission time!
isnt timing funny sometimes?

anyway, i hope that dumpster clock will save america again, for america is the greatest!!1

here we see kramer's wild adventures at the airport's saety control room...
what a guy, what a story!
truly an incredible adventure of our times, full with moments of joy, horror and with a few bits of dadaism thrown in for good measure...

good animation, it has many wacky antics in it, and its a good tribute to the wild kramer dude.
good job!

thats a great movie mate!
good story, nice visuals, smooth animation and excellent humour about our modern times...
keep it up, and have a happy clockday!

this was awesome!

a splendid tribute to the CC and to the 20 years of B...
nice parallelism with the sinking of HMAS perth on 2001, and on how it formed a colourful piece of art during its 20-year decay, and the parallelism with the formation of the CC by starwberry clock, who, during that time, started the early spam movies (and B), which would become a basis of the clockcrew, a legendary animation club which would span for more than 20 years!

absolutely fantastic.
and your visuals of the ship HMAS perth, were incredible as always, as well as the detailed design of starwberry clock and of his old apple computer (good design!)...

all and all, this has been another excellent CC movie by a master of detailed, funny and beautiful animation, and its a truly glorious tribute to the CC's 20 years anniversary!

keep up the great work, man!
and have a happy clockday!

this is a very good movie!
its nicely animated, with well-drawn characters and a funny (old) meme! its always nice to see people still using the old classics when it comes to memes...
a cool and funky lil movie, well worth its 5.
keep up the good work!

those are great news!

i cant wait to see the full game out there, it will be magnificent!
excellent designs and a good concept too, i love how you do atmospheric horror, man...
keep it up!

im not a cat person, but this is a great survey.
10/10, would cat again.

keep up the good work!

what a spectacular movie!

to see thor clock become the worlds best cyclist, as l1fty will attempt to take over the clockcrew and to install a bicycle-based religion in clocktopia... now thats good writting!
so much shock, so much suspense, and its all packed up nicely with good humour and solid action!

excellent work, keep it up!

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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