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despite the obvious ear-rape sound effects, i actually really liked the good visuals, and your attempt to imitate flounderman's CC movie aesthetic, which is always a hard+unique thing to achieve.

i liked seeing screwdriver's trip to the repair shop, in order to fix her broken radio.
while we were lost in a sea of radio static, screwdriver clock bravely drove forwards, and it took her just 736 seconds and 2 cars in order to get the radio back fixed!
i also liked the body moving/dancing effects on screwdriver clock, they were neat.

all in all, this is a great movie to see while you turn the volume way down, you tilt your monitor (or your head) at 90° angles, and you see the greatest looping adventure that has ever been created, and just in time for clockmas! (clockmas of 2012, that is).

it was good of pez-clock to do this excellent secret-santa/xmas 2012 collab, and i truly admire him for completing this thing in the end.

5/5, would break the radio again.

PhantomCat responds:

It wasn't Pez's collab or idea. Fuck that guy, all he did was make an account and he managed to screw that up, too.

this was a great v-game themed movie, and a quite unique one if you ask me!
(which is a rare thing to see in those movies...)

it was nice seeing wario as the protagonist of this cool new series, and i liked that he had that cool lady (mona?) as his friend, while they were exploring the cool diamond city.
then, many interesting things happened: ninjas! fights! fanboys! UFO abductions! cool debates!

there were many cool jokes, good punchlines, clever visual gags (and the occasional break of the 4th wall), while also the characters had nice face expressions, they were nicely designed in general, and the voice-acting was perfect.

all in all, this movie was good, and i would love to see more episodes of this/more stuff like this!

excellent work, keep it up!

it was a good spam movie, showing us the superb medical skills or doctor gordon.
i especially liked the part where the piss changed colour over time, it was quite detailed and nicely animated, despite the subject of the movie.
another good part was how doctor gordon flew up to sweden and liberated it from a spanish invasion.

good spammy movie, full of tea and vinegar.
keep it up, dude!

it was a long wait (8+ years?!), but judging from this INCREDIBLE movie, it was well-worth the wait!

krinkels, you've created a masterpiece once again, and i love the endless, tough and relentless action that strikes us with each new installment (+perfection) of the madness series.
its needless to say that your cool visuals, the nice character design, the excellent fighting scenes and the great music of chesyre, are all amazing, and this combination creates a truly irresistible feast for our eyes...

there are many good scenes+moments to observe in here:
(warning: might have SPOILERS BELOW)

i really liked how the two major factions that fought VS each other were mostly the clown (insanity) and the auditor (evil authority, or ''order'', of some sorts).
between those two forces, the clown had currently the dark-halo (and therefore, the upper hand), and as such, hank+sanford were forced to deal with him first, and to restore the world into a somewhat more reasonable order before dealing with the auditor.

the backgrounds were nice, they depicted a world that was falling more and more into a decay, madness, and into even warped physics (different dimensions, people falling down in a reverse manner, being absorbed by rooms, gravity changing at will, or through levers, etc etc).

i really liked that hank has evolved so much over the years, from a random madness dude into an avenger, into a refined ninja-like hero, and then, after he became an almost perfected (ninja-like) gunman with a blade, he eventually transformed into an intelligent (yet brute) giant, who uses his half-human, half-mutant powers and his sheer strength in order to defeat his enemies.
he is STILL smart, judging from his clever evasions and his fight maneuvers; but he now has incredible strength, and his mutant arm delivers a killing punch.

i also liked the scenes where sanford was dealing with the clown's henchmen: it was very intense, cool and interesting to watch.
also, it was strange, yet nice seeing the clown giving some weapons to sanford, when he remained without any guns/swords or ammo, and that was a nice move of sportsmanship?
(i guess even mad clowns have some sort of honour, haha!)

then, the emerging blades from the ground and the aggressive, yet refined announcements were a clear sign of the auditor, who was angry at hank, yet desperate that the situation of the clown had gotten so much out of hand...

and like they say, desperate times, call for desperate measures, and here we had the auditor asking for hank's help in order to finish off the clown once and for all.
it was like the auditor's algorithm said, in the heat of the battle: ''violence(hank) is necessary.''
''use violence+end the paradox''.
and thats what he did...

the final battle was too awesome, too detailed and too flawless to describe, but trust me, it was good.


i would love to see some sidemovies/prequels explaining the full powers of the halo and how mr jeebus created/acquired it, while i would love to see a future more explaining how the auditor arrived in the universe of madness/nevada, and how he acquired all those powers.

i love that you are slowly building+refining the mythos of madness bit by bit, movie by movie, man.

your smaller side-movies are excellent as well, because, like you've said:
''they've expanded the story''.

so, this thing becomes better and better over time, and it develops into a beast of its own, if i may say so myself.

all in all, its flawless, with great battle-scenes, awesome characters, great evolution of said characters, cool aesthetics, and with great music.
excellent work, keep it up!

you are a great artist, and this series is your masterpiece.
stay awesome!

LOL! great animation, and clever use of the old ''Dic'' company logo+name.
i remember this company well, and i laughed alot every time i saw their logo+name on my TV...
good times!

the best part was when the teenager that was sleeping in your movie woke up and said ''oi, mom! there's a giant ''Dic'' out me window!'' (sic)
perfect punchline, and an epic pun to an old, old TV logo.

GREAT work, keep it up, and do more epic stuff like this!

i really like how you've reanimated the classic scene where freaky fred grabbed courage the cowardly dog...

you've drawn freaky fred in a scarier, more deranged way (which is quite accurate), and you've drawn courage the dog perfectly, while showing his horrified face expression nicely, combined with the contrast of fred's insane look in his eyes.

apart from the good design of the main characters, and of their perfect face expressions, your animation was swift, fluid and very smooth (with a nice flow+speed).
was the whole animation FBF, or tweens?
it had a great pace, and i liked its FPS speed. (was it 30 FPS?)

either way, great work, nice design, and a very smooth animation in general.
you should make a fan-made ''courage'' episode or two, that would've been a great cartoon/tribute, considering your good animation skills....

anyway, i liked it alot, so keep up the good work!

HOwLiNG-MAdFoxHatter responds:

I am very happy to hear that you liked it : D

To answer some of your questions this whole thing was FBF, even things like Fred's arm booping Courage on the nose was manually rotated (it probably would have been quicker had I tweened it xD). As for the FPS, well it's 24 frames animated in 2s so I guess that would make it 12 FPS.

The full collab should be here around March on Zeurel's account so look foward to then : D

i like how nicely designed (and animated) the characters are, their design/faces/general outlook is great and very close to the source material, while the fact that they are adult versions of themselves is even better (for the purpose of this animation).

with that being said, i really liked that both characters reacted in a way that one would expect from those characters, if they were real:
raven was naughty and mischievous, and gwen was shy and disgusted by raven's trickery!
nice face expressions, cute story/animation, and a very nice sequence in general.

this movie was cute and beautiful, while the whole animation was very smooth and flawless, something especially hard for a 3D-movie...

great work, keep it up, and do more stuff like this!

this was great!

nice use of jim carreys excellent voice performance from ''the grinch'', and i liked how you've implemented all this into your movie, because it fits with his role as eggman saying it, thus creating a very funny and accurate comedic masterpiece based on real events.

also, i really like how nice the lip-sync was in your movie, along with the characters movements/gestures and the general flow of the film, making this a very fluid and flawless animation.

last but not least, your movie was funny, so it wins extra points for that.
great work, keep it up!

ah, an excellent LL movie, and right on the first moments of 2019!

i really liked how zteagh was the psychiatrist in this ''mental therapy'' adventure, and how he addressed+helped(?) his patients!

the ''dunce'' that he was wearing was a nice touch, while the display of a detailed picture of each lock/clock that he was about to examine (the one that was shown at the beginning of each ''session''), that was a nice detail as well...

furthermore, each ''session'' with dr zteagh was purely hilarious and awesome!
i liked how he made fun of each lock for his special quirks+issues, while trying to help in his own, wild way.

the parts about alien, wizard/wiz kid, RSS, BB10 and sunshine were the best imho.
excellent humour, good punchlines and a really funny story in general!

also, the drawings might have been in ''just'' black and white, but the animation was smooth and the story/humour was great, so that really counted for this great movie!

i really enjoyed this movie, so i would love to see more stuff like this from you in the future.
keep up the good work!

i won't lie...

she's a sexy character!
she has a cute face, nice flowing hair, a cool, tanned skin, nice big bouncy boobs, and a whole lot of groove in her!

nice dancing sequence, with good linework, nice animation, and with good face expressions on her face, especially in the final moments of the movie.

flawless animation, great character design, and a great start for you in this place.
keep it up, you're awesome!

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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