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it was a very nice clockday movie! and very spooky as well...

happy clockday, mate!

ah, what a cool movie!
excellent work as always, pin!

i really like your art-style, and how all the characters are nicely drawn, with good linework+vivid colours, along with a very fluid animation+movement throughout the whole movie...
this is a very cool element that you add in your movies, and its very pleasing to the eye, not to mention that its also very unique, and your own ''signature-style'', if i may say so.

apart from the beautiful art-style and the good animation, the whole movie has nice CC jokes, good references to videogames+ to other internet jokes as well, while there are also some cool references about your other animations, such as the plushies/figures of mighty-girl and mighty-dog, shown just behind pin-clock, on his shelf!

furthermore, i loved it when pin-clock kept ''confusing'' august the 15th with the day of the assumption, or with india's independence day, or with congo's independence day, along with other famous events, and pin-clock eventually said in the game's court: ''wait, i remember! its tsumugi shirogane's birthday!!1'', and upon hearing this, bb10 got hopeless and he eventually said: ''well, no! its clockday, my friend!''

it was such a nice build-up into that final moment, and i loved all the jokes, the puns, and the scenes where pin-clock was getting into each scene's theme (dressing up in indian clothes, or waving the congo's flag, etc etc), while the final scene+the post-credit's scene were great as well...

all in all, it was a really enjoyable, nicely animated and well-designed clockday movie, and im proud to be a small part of this.
thank you pin, and have a happy clockday!
keep up the good work.

this was a beautifully drawn, nicely animated movie, filled with incredible surrealistic visuals, with good and mysterious characters, and with a cool, nice pace in the whole movie.
i was quite impressed by both the main character's actions+expressions, along with the other characters interactions with him, as he emerged+escaped from his native confines.
(that was a great plot twist, BTW!)
the use of the emoticons for faces was great too, a very clever idea indeed...

all in all, this was a visual masterpiece, an ode to surrealism and a great clockday movie as well..
excellent work, keep it up!
have a happy clockday!

ClockRadio responds:

bb10, thank u! your reviews have always been much kinder than i deserve :--)

a good short, clockday movie!
it wasnt long, and it didnt had many scenes, but it was cute, funny and a cute lil tribute to clockday.
good work, man! (keep practicing, tho)

happy clockday!

BuddhaBilski responds:

Thank you for the feed back! And i will continue to practice animation!

great animation, bad message.
(also give me a co-author in your movie for my script)

well, needless to say, the visuals and the quality of the animation of the movie was superb, as its always expected by a skilled artist such as rob.
however, the script, (my script) wasn't successfully transferred to your movie.
many parts of my funny dialogue got missing (or omitted, intentionally or not), BB10's dialogue was shortened into incoherent babble, some details of the trip to the general store were missing and the good details of the battle were either missing, or half-heartedly done, and shortened.

obviously, in most collabs +big projects, many pieces will get shorter, many ideas will get reduced, edited or altered for various reasons, but i sense more malice in this movie than merit, and the only reason it even saw the light of the day, was because, quite frankly, you didnt had anything else ready by then, and this seemed like a good idea.

expressions such as ''i drew the short straw''/ or ''i've got the short end of the straw'' (when getting my script), or reducing one's contribution into nothing or into absurdity will never give you any honour or dignity, my friend.
actions such as these are pretty, vindictive, and beneath you. they make you seem like a bad person, who holds a grudge and it also makes you seem like a very hateful, angry and rather small person.

be a good person, rob. dont be like that.
and while you're at it, give me a co-author in your movie for my script, because, no matter if you liked it or not, i wrote it, and i demand credit for it.

(also calling it ''writing'' in a sarcastic way isn't clever or honorable in any way, FYI.
either animate it, or not. noone ever forced you to animate my script.)

tl;tr, your animation was good, with nicely drawn characters and with a very nice pace in your animation, but my script was twisted and disfigured to grotesque proportions, in order to ridicule me.

good stuff.
keep up the ''good'' work, bob.

RobertClock responds:

The script was entirely rewritten because it was self aggrandizing on your behalf, unfunny, and often incoherent. I’m sorry that your vision wasn’t translated to screen as you desired, but it was not my wish to have adapted your screenplay and given the choice I would have opted not to at all. Your contributions are listed not once but twice- on the title card, and in the ending credits. Happy Clock Day.

an excellent, whimsical movie about time, cold, fear of clocks and about... champagne, ofcourse!
what an excellent movie!
the main character (the scared guy) was nicely drawn, with good face expressions and with nicely animated movements, the wild surprise of the clocks bursting into his living room was superb, and all of the clocks were nicely drawn+animated, and they also looked very adorable as well!

what ensued afterwards is too awesome for me to utter, so i will say to you, dear viewer: its a great movie! go watch it, and vote five!

great work as always, man!
keep it up, and have yourself a happy clockday!

FoXcatO responds:

Oh man, thank you for your kind review.
I'm happy you enjoyed my humble contribution today.

Happy clock day to you too!

wow, this was an impressive, and beautiful work of art!
an excellent CC movie as always, pop-tart, done with nicely drawn characters, with detailed backgrounds, nice scene transitions, good synchronization of image+music, and with some cool story going on, according to the nicely used song's main theme.

carrot clock wants back his crown, and this time, he will get it!

i liked the good CC references+old jokes in it, (such as SBC denying the existence of the Void, or flounderman getting involved in a scandal), and i really liked the general flow+style of the whole movie...

everything was perfect, and its yet again, one more evidence of your great art skills, and of your good storytelling.

keep it up man, and stay awesome!
happy clockday!

Pop-Tart responds:

Well hello there, good sir.

and excellent dance-off between king klaathonar the 3rd VS vuvuzela clock, in a duel that will decide the fate of ukele-clock, who was help prisoner in the mountain of alebor by the evil aforementioned king above.

meanwhile, while all this epic dance-off was taking place in the royal grounds of braclakia, sir BB10-clock was out there, rescuing ukele-clock and trying to find the missing fragment of the ''eternal sword'', a mythical sword which was supposed to give the power of B to whoever would yield it.

but there are many enemies around, and BB10 must hurry up...

excellent movie about the legendary dance-off of the ages, and with some sick moves by sir vuvuzela clock himself...

great stuff, keep up the good work, thor!
happy clockday!

wow, this was a very cool, beautiful clockday movie!

i like how you've drawn the main heroes as the characters of the A.T.H.F., while everything and every character was drawn beautifully, and the voices used matched with those of their corresponding characters...

as for the story, it was quite interesting, since it showed us that the creations (aka=the movie's characters), acknowledged that they were in a flash movie(!!!), and they decided to ask for explanations from their creator, namely the cool redbook clock.

after that, many funny things happened, also the movie had some clicking ''easter eggs'' (brilliant!), and a couple of extra scenes that were quite the surprise here...

great movie, nice humour, nicely drawn characters, smooth animation, and clever inside jokes as well!

lastly, the post-credits scene was really cool!

excellent work, keep it up, and have a happy clockday!

RealRedbookClock responds:

happy clockday!

an excellent tribute to his majesty, king strawberry clock IV of clocktopia, may his noble hand rule us kindly for a thousand years!!1oneone

the top-view of the earth was awesome, starting from a space view, moving onto the atmosphere and then into a bird's eye view, while it slowly descended down into bluestone's location...
now THAT was an impressive intro!

very nice work, very cute clockday movie, and it also used the ''god save the queen'' jokes nicely and in a clever manner.

good stuff, keep up the good work, and have a happy clockday!

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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