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a very interesting duel between the evil kanamomashouse and the glorious ''fat black man'' of the north memelands...
it was interesting to see that, as the fight waged on, more and more people fell under the wrath of the kanamomashouse, and that more and more buildings were getting destroyed as the war continued...

the effects were good, the character's movements were good, it also had its funny moments, its dark moments, and the final confrontation, which is crucial for any good ''battle''/war movie.

all in all, good work, and i would like to see more movies like this.
pretty cool!

kanamomashouse responds:

Damn thanks man I'm glad you enjoyed it!! I appreciate the review!!

I loved destroying more buildings. One of the interesting parts to me was altering/destroying the original landscape so that we could have that final view of the broken city at the end. A true show of the chaos that ensued.

I definitely tried to get some good emphasis on that final battle. Bob and G coming up to help Sumo, as well as OSHA guy and the Car driver, felt like a good "smashing" conclusion.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to view this all the way through, and thank you for the positive feedback. I'm glad you enjoyed the important aspects of this movie.

ah, once again, you've created a nicely animated and clever little movie, mr real-faction!
i liked the nicely drawn+designed main character of this new show:
he wears a nice shirt, a tie, dark pants and he sports a cool, yet broken monocle!
its a very nice and unique design, indeed!

apart from his cool appearance, he also has a nice british voice (good voice acting, sir! ;) ), and some cool punchlines to say.

the linework of the characters was good, their design was great (both mr monocle-guy, and the guy with the Z on his head), and the whole trailer preview for the main show definitely seems funny, nicely animated, clever and promising.

im interested!

furthermore, the character's face/eye expressions were great, and the animation's speed was perfect. not too fast, not too slow, with a nice pace, and a good, crystal-clear design+movement of the characters.

last but not least, mr monocle-guy's final punchline, ''good riddance, you splendid hooligans!'' was a very funny and memorable way to close every show, and im already listing it as a very positive thing for your new show.

all in all, this seems like a great+promising start for a new cool show by you, and i will definitelly support+share it!

keep up the good work!

ZolutionsTV responds:

Thank you kindly! I didn't want him to have the typical top hat and monocle stereotype, but rather a bit of a twist on it. Eventually I'm hoping to find an animator/artist to help bring it out more and to have more fluid motion. Thank you for the support!

an interesting project with random animation, good linework and a...

a... sudden ending?!

i guess all i can say is:
bring back oldskies.

great super-mario tribute!

nice, smooth and fluid animation, good FPS, and excellent drawings of mario, of his hat (and the hat's eyes were also nicely drawn+animated as well), and it was filled with many good details, while the animation itself was flawless and very funny, despite it being quite short.

all in all, it was a nicely drawn+animated tribute to super-mario, despite its short length.
keep up the good work!

once again, you've created a great flash movie, redbook.

this is a nice adaptation of the ''steamed hams'' meme, but re-invented as a ''steamed .fla's'' movie!
i liked all of the cool puns, the funny jokes in it, the voices+the sound effects from the original, and the clever changing of art-styles between the scenes (from the line-drawn BB10+redbook, to realistic versions of themselves, to more ''spammy'' versions of their clock-characters, depending on the situation of each scene.
also, the twist with the aurora borealis joke was really clever and funny, and i liked that part of the animation as well, while the ending was truly hilarious!

all in all, this was a funny, nicely drawn animation that makes good use of the ''steamed hams'' meme in a clockified version, while its still maintaining its CC humour+originality intact!
excellent work, keep it up!

RealRedbookClock responds:

The legendary review of BB10 has returned

the drawings of the characters might be odd, and the movie might be short, but man, it was FUNNY!

great work on making a super-mario parody of ''the shining'', with luigi as the mad man chopping the door, with peach as sara, and with toad as his son.
apart from the funny visuals, the voice-acting was hillarious, and nicely synced as well.

a surprisingly good movie, and i would like to see more movies like this, with my only ''complaint'' being that they should be longer in length, or with more scenes/more random jokes+stuff.

other than, its very good.

colmendean123 responds:

Thank you! will make longer and more jokes in the future.

yes, another masterpiece by krinkels!
great work, gruesome atmosphere and fast, flawless animation as always.

needless to say, the character design is amazing, and both the action/shooting/slicing scenes are superb in all of your movies, and in this one as well.

with that being said, i like that you always poke fun at deimos's smoking habit, and in your movies its often shown that, if smoking is bad for its obvious health hazards, its also bad because smoking can be a (deadly) distraction in the realms of ''nevada''.

another GREAT reference, is when deimos pops out of a bakery shop, the SAME bakery that is always shown in the first madness game ever, max-abernathy+krinkels collaboration named ''madness interactive'', which was submitted on NG on 2003.

this is the bakery, which is shown in the first levels of ''madness interactive'', and also the place where hank kills the sun. (shown in ''madness avenger'', the 3rd episode of the series)

and if that wasnt enough, suddenly an old version of hank falls from the sky, right in front of the bakery, and deimos stands there shocked, not knowing what to believe in this madness.
then he touches hank's body, and the paradox hits him, while he eventually meets his doom (again) by one more ''hell attack'' from above.

noone said that the return to the world of the living would be easy, deimos! ;)

what can i say?
its a great episode of madness, and the whole series keeps getting better and better.
you are a great artist krinkels, and chesyre's music is excellent as always.
its a perfect combination, if you ask me!

top-notch work, keep it up!

excellent parody of the ''do you know da way?'' meme, but with a USSR/soviet twist!
all of the characters in the claymation were nicely crafted, from the ugandan knuckles army/singers/soldiers/marchers, to the claymation of the (evil) stalin, to the claymation of the (soviet) bear, to the whole design of the ships/tanks+rocketships of the united ugandan republic, lol!

the final scene, even if it is extreme, it was a clever red alert reference, which was quite cool as far as v-game references go.

nicely crafted characters, good pacing, good sound-sync, and nice animation pace/speed.
excellent parody, it seems that you know da way!111

keep it up.

really fluid, detailed and realistic rotoscope animation!

i would like to see more like this work from you.
keep it up!

inkstickart responds:

thankyou! I think if I do it again it won't take me as long, this was my first time doing this style of animation so it was learning experience for sure!!

an excellent chronicle of bluestone-clock's everlasting friendship with vuvuzela clock, who adores him.

what a nice story, what a good friendship!
all the character's drawings were nicely designed, with good linework and an interesting style, while the TTS voices were good, and the animation has a nice pace.

i also think that phonograph-clock's intro where he was singing opera was one of the best parts of the movie.
good idea!

all in all, its a great CC cartoon, and i enjoyed it alot.
keep up the good work!

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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