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woah, this was a great and hilarious animation!

great drawings of all the characters, nice character movement, good pace, smooth animation, good linework, great face expressions and nice punchlines!

this movie had it all!

i loved how the prosecutor kept listing rahul's ''crimes'' and convictions, but rahul replied with a snappy comeback every time, and the court, the jury, and even the judge laughed out loud!
also, i loved how you've drawn rahul, the judge and the prosecutor realistically (in the end),
so as to resemble a court's drawing of the people who testified for this case...
it was a clever and beautiful detail, and i liked how rahul was doing the ''rahul dance''!

furthermore, there were many great puns, punchlines and funny moments in this movie, therefore making it great, enjoyable and very memorable as well...

also, the punchline/title of ''rahul found GUITY... ...of being a GREAT character!'' was pure genius. i loved it.

all in all, a great movie, and you should do more epic/funny/cool movies like this in the future.
you're good, keep it up!

PapaLegba responds:

Thanks my man

another classic work of grotesque bizarre horror by grey van clock.

in this movie, we dont have the classic characters of ''moustache-man'', of ''eye-patch man from the FUTURE'', or the lady-robot with the big rack, while the absense of the heroic bb10 is also a huge loss from this installment, not to mention that grey clock Ph.d. should be also in this film as well...

however, the movie is unique and wild, its just not packing up a punch as the older ones did...

i loved how your film started with the evil cat-person saying to the globe-clock-lady, that:

''your scientists have yet to discover how neural networks create self-consciousness, let alone how the brain process 2 dimensional butt images into the 3-D phenomenon, known as human perception.''

and the globe-clock-lady replied with:
are you threatening me?

as cat-person replies:
...i just did.

the tension is very heavy, and you can see where this epic stand-off is going, UNTIL!
the familiar creepy alien from your older movies makes a surprising appearance, thus preventing an epic battle of wits between the evil-cat-person and the globe-clock-lady...

oh, and the poop-tree that sprouted from the lady's butt? it was really clever, yet gross.
but it was original, i guess...

all in all, this was a good grey-clock movie, but not as top-tier as your older ones.
needs more cowbell, and needs more grey-clock+other clocks in it.

happy clockday!

woah, another good thor-clock movie, about recent CC events!

indeed, i wrote this epic review about rob-clock's movie, where he claimed that animating my script was him getting ''the short straw'' of the deal, obviously meaning that my script was the worst of the whole lot, while in reality it wasnt that bad.
(it was quite enjoyable in fact).

and so, being the little vindictive guy that he is, rob half-heartedly animated his part under my script and he changed many parts of the script so that it will look absurd, revisioned partly, and edited some more, so that it will always portray bb10 in a negative or stupid way.

but, lets say that im OK with him butchering my script. lets even say that i will accept him whining all the time that he got ''the short straw'' of the deal, alright.

he should've at least added me as a co-author in that movie and he should've credited me for my work, without sarcasm, malice or anything else.
i wrote that script, and thanks to my script (and to his good animating skills), he earned the daily 2nd award.

but what can i say? bob will never have any honor or dignity, so my arguments are probably an exercise to futility...

about your movie, thor:

everything was nicely drawn, the clock-characters were cute, and the animation was smooth.
but the best part was how you voice-acted as ''bb10''.
oh man, that was hilarious! excellent work! :D

i loved the moments where ''bb10'' paused and snorted/breathed fast with rage, or when his voice was changing between hostile and friendly, while finishing off with a ''BOB'', as a final insult.

however it IS true, rob-clock does consider the name ''bob'' an inaccurate way to call his name, and he also considers it ''an insult''. he's that thick.

needless to say, i really liked this parody of me, and i wasnt angry at all.
i laughed alot, and i loved this movie, man!
*heavy, angry breathing*

everything in this movie made good fun out of a small dramatic event, and i liked it alot.
the voice-acting was superb.

keep up the good work, thor!

PS: lol, the ''co-author'' move of adding me as a ''writer'' for this movie was a moment of pure genius, hahaha! excellent joke/reference/irony.

Ushnor responds:

Glad you liked it. I was hoping you wouldn't misconstrue it as a personal attack or something, especially since I've already made movies before based on your reviews



...that was a monumental battle of wits, a duel of titans, the eternal battle between orange (colour) clock and orange (fruit) clock... it was incredible, violent, harsh, dramatic, suspenseful, intense, tearful a sublime in any way, it was quite the shocker...
it was very... orange.
good work.

very cool clockday movie, full of action, wild moments, a funny narration and GIANT, popping pictures, along with many screaming remarks from the narrator...

excellent spam submission, i would watch it again.
good stuff.

happy clockday!

quite surreal and strange, but spammy enough for it to be labeled as ''interesting spam'', at least...

you should add more CC characters and strawberry clock, along with some cool CC jokes+references.
also, you could add your own CC persona, aka ''muppet-protester-clock'', i would love to see what he looks like...

anyways, happy clockday.

a good clockday movie, filled with an important message: always brush your teeth, or you will end up like ki1o!
also, your strawberry clock was nicely drawn, and the dog's pic was funny.

all in all, a wild+funny clockday movie, and it was quite enjoyable.
stay cool, and keep making funny CC movies!

happy clockday!

wow, another awesome movie by radiotube!
and this makes this festive day even better, my friend!

first of all, the drawings of the characters are great: from the detailed designs of radiotube+BB10, to the (also detailed) design of vuvuzela-clock, who wears a nice sailor's hat +uniform, while rob-clock has a funny hat with a ''wat'' logo (lol, good one!), and his face looks like that of a tough guy's (the archetype of ''big jaw, scars, and an angry face expression''), but apart from the nicely drawn characters, all the other elements of this movie are nicely drawn as well: the backgrounds, the incredibly detailed hologram of the oil rig, the schematics depicting the nuclear detonation device below it, and the small dinghy boat that vuvu+rob used in order to infiltrate the oil rig.

also, i liked the joke where radiotube said:
''now the center for diversity has told us that i+BB10 have carried too many missions, so we will send you two for this particular mission''.
(i hope that i will still be in the main cast of OTB, haha)

so, the final scene and the general punchline of the movie was very cool, as it was expected.
this was a very nice ending, and in general, it was a funny, awesome and enjoyable movie (as all of your movies).

great work, keep it up, and have a happy clockday, my friend!

this was a really good, funny, nicely animated and cool clockday movie!
good job as always, alisters!

the characters were simple, but drawn in your own unique art-style, they had nice face/clock-expressions, while i also liked the scene with the briefing room where the top-clocks discussed the situation about the siege of the Void castle, it was nicely drawn, and the clocktopian map was nicely drawn as well!

furthermore, i really liked that the sky behind the (clocktopian) Void castle was similar to that of newground's main sky in its logos+symbols, which was a really cool detail, imho.
also, i liked that our script/story idea about ''getting the help of radiotube +of his ship'' got used in such a cool way, because that was a great idea, and it worked perfectly!
(its cool that in the story, we've asked for the help of radiotube +of his ship, in order to lift the siege from the occupied clocktopian castle, while trying not too sink it too many times, as its known in the OTB-canon storyline, lol!

some really nice scenes where when they said:

radiot: ''wait, we're in a war?''
bb: -yes.
radiot: against who?
bb: (reads documents) ''local wildlife and fauna.''
radiot: ...what?!

and also:

radiot: how can you possibly lose your castle to animals?!
smeghead: well... *flashback about going outside to get cheap cable TV*
...someone broke our gates!!1

or the scene where radiotube says: ''we've sank our ship many times in the past, but please, do not sink it again!''

and the final scene was perfect, i really loved it!

all in all, your movie was great: good drawings of the clock-characters, nicely drawn face/eye/clock-expressions, nice, smooth animation speed, good backgrounds, it also had subtitles (a great feature to have in a CC movie!), and the whole story+script was really really funny!
(and im proud to have helped you with that, my friend!)

so, this was a good clockday movie, and your skills are getting better and better as you are making more new movies...

good job, alisters!
keep making good flash movies, and stay cool.
happy clockday!

yet another cool clockday submission, but with a more retro-feeling...
very neat stuff, keep it up!

PS: happy clockday.

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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