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this was a great movie indeed!

i liked how you've drawn strawberry clock, as he's watching that cool Jitterbug commercial on TV.
and speaking of Jitterbug, what a cool company!
i should definitely use their cellphone lines services, they sound perfect for that! ;)

all in all, this was a good clockday movie, filled with suspense, action, and Jitterbugs.
keep it up, oh thor, mighty god of thunder, and have a happy clockday! :D

Ushnor responds:

In this movie review, which is objectively the best movie review ever made, BB10Clock watches StrawberryClock watch a commercial for the Jitterbug line of cellphones and then review it.

once again, an exciting and fearsome movie by grey clock:
in this installment, we see grey clock and arganorakl discuss about clockday celebrations, the stock market and about sexual encounters, until all this conversation gets interrupted by a sudden phone call.
a stranger insults our hero, and his clock-eye becomes red from rage.
the rude stranger leaves him a clue for a lost treasure: ''go to the orinoco river, and then walk 300 steps southwest.''

then, the phone line drops.
in this eerie silence, grey clock has to leave his beloved kingdom of bondravia and to go far far away, down to the mighty river of orinoco, to find the treasure of his long lost father...

this is a true masterpiece, and many people will be anxious to see grey clock's fate in the wild jungles of venezuela, as he will try to find what is lost, and to restore his family's name as mighty explorers and treasure-hunters.

good movie, i enjoyed it alot!
have a happy clockday!

well, i've witnessed this projects birth, evolution and final stage, and im extremely happy and proud for that.

iron, my friend, you've once again created a masterpiece.

because, yes:
this was a true masterpiece: the epic visuals, the 3D designs, the superb 1980's VCR aesthetic in your film, the magnificent music, and the whole splendor of the movie, as the giant D letter was crossing the sky...

this was a perfect retrowave movie filled with awesoness and grandeur.
keep up the excellent work, man, and have a happy clockday!

PS: i would love to see a similar version of ''B'', but as a tribute to the archetype that started it all!

hey, that was an awesome and very funny short movie, about the frequent issues and problems that a game developer (and programmer) faces every day, while he tries to complete his projects, and to make ends meet.

i liked how smeghead-clock was angrily moving the ''player'' tile in his game slowly, and that each step in his games development made him work more and... ''4 hours later'' appeared frequently after each step of his work... (a tragic truth in such jobs)

i also liked that the posters behind smeghead clock featured his old pals from 2007 (namely our team of friends, smicorules, saltshaker clock, BOOM-clock, and me, to name a few people)
also the photos on smeghead's desk with him, shaltshaker and me were truly a nice and beautiful detail in your movie.

the final scene where BB10 appears and asks him for his help was pure genius!
your movie has excellent humour, and that final scene was a great climax to the whole thing...

all in all, excellent work.
keep it up, and have a happy clockday!

a quick short movie that goes back to the roots of CC's humour: butt jokes!
a nicely drawn, smoothly animated movie, with funny sounds and quick twists and turns, with an ending that is... uhhh well, sad, but surprising, and it means that you've done it right on that department. (the wild surprise factor, combined with the butt jokes too)

the music was very nice and enjoyable, and i congratulate mr sikopath for his excellent work!
the final succubus clock surprise at the credits part was great as well. (very clever!)
all in all, this was a good movie.
happy clockday.

wow, that was a really nice clockday movie!
i liked how you've drawn both mr stephen hawkings (R.I.P.) and SBC in the ''simpsons'' style, while you also used the voice clip from that episode cleverly and in a very creative way.
a smooth animation, filled with nice visuals, a good transition, and a good use of a scene's comedic voice acting.

excellent work, keep it up!
happy clockday!

what a beautiful movie about strawberry clock's adventures in art!
i liked how he had studied the classics (botticelli, raphael, da vinci), and then the awesome statues on mount rushmore, and he eventually drew a funny portrait of robin williams from one very specific (and great) movie of him!
the final scene+the punchline was great too...
apart from the really nice drawings, the smooth animation, and the clever humour, what impressed me in this movie, was the beautiful music.
what a nice song!

all in all, it was a splendid clockday movie, and i salute you for your excellent work.
have a nice clockday!

this a very cool movie, talking about the reviews that people left on your various movies+games.

i really liked your characters response to each one, while my favorite parts where with ericho's review and you saying ''i appreciate your constructive criticism'' with ace ventura's clip, and then, a second later, when a mexican guy wrote some swear words in spanish, and you've replied with '' mi gusta es muy grande, pro favor!'' (once again with the ace ventura clip, but with a clever twist!)

and then, you've added the funniest intro for ''the longest NG review ever'', where it unfolded in the star wars intro style, and i laughed alot with this.
for a moment, i was thinking that you were going to talk about one of my reviews, since i also leave long+detailed reviews, but alas, mr mix-master won on this one!

all in all, this was a hilarious review to your reviewers comments, and i loved it all.
you should do more little movies+clever replies like that, it was very enjoyable, clever and unique.

good stuff, keep it up.

another cool redbook movie!
its good to have you back, bro!

i liked how redbook returned, and now he's a... pink book?!
OK, but i also liked how you've drawn wafer clock, our newest recruit.

good introduction, smooth animation, and a funny little movie.
nice work, mate!
keep up the good work.

RealRedbookClock responds:

oh yes, i will keep up my good work as you say.

really good 3-D version of golfingno's old sonic parody!
you clearly did a good job with the characters face expressions, their movements and with the way you synced the characters lip-sync and with the way they moved (in sync) with golfinho's audio...

it was wild, it was funny, and it was nicely designed+animated, so i really liked this parody.
keep it up, and do more stuff like this.

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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