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an incredible movie!
in it, we see floundermadden as he deals with hunger issues and he claims some hot dogs for himself.
the ''i have a gun-'' scene was awesome, and slurpee's butt in that scene was indeed beautiful, just like the older reviews claimed.

nice visuals, good animation, splendid humour, you scored a home-run again, floundermadden!

this was a great movie about the MVP of clocktopian (american) football association, floundermadden clock, as he run through the field for an epic home run.

what a nice walking cycle animation! nice drawings of the characters, and good visuals, as the character marched on for the superb home run in the green field's goal.
spectacular work, good visuals, and a nice music track.
keep it up, sir!

an incredible journey to the bottom of the earth! (or at least to the bottom of the mine-shaft)
as i also know, smegmining business is one of the toughest jobs out there, and it needs from people to have strong arms, good stamina and a good shovel, while a perfectly angled mustache is also a necessary precaution.

i loved it when the flounderman smegminer tried to enjoy his nestle (TM) candy bar in peace, and when he encountered the bedn, that he truly had an epic battle royale against him.
what a great scene, what a nice movie!
perfect work as always, this movie gets 10 coals out of 10.

this was an excellent movie, man!
i loved how banana-clock tried to scam SBC into giving him a full refund for the ice cream that he ate, and their exchange of words+insults/comebacks was amazing.
i like it when banana said:
''i will sue you, buy the dirt, i will plant azaleas in there, and then i will sue them too, for making too much oxygen in my dirt''
also the part where he said:
''i will #metoo you on twitter'' was hilarious as well,
and the ''expensive shoes+steaks'' part was also funny, focusing on banana clock's arrogance and silliness.

the whole movie was amazing, full of many funny moments, good one-liners, and with many things to love in it.
excellent work, keep it up!

what a thrilling start on an epic space war series!

the movie starts wonderfully, as we see the brave and bold space cadet flounderman clock running his spaceship, the floundermannius 3000 into the deepest vestiges of space, as he tries to explore new, fascinating worlds and to explore new cultures with only his wits and brawn as his only ''weapons''.

ofcourse, what happens next is a mystery, but i should state a disclaimer: (SPOILERS BELOW)
that space captain BB10 is an excellent driver, and that he would never steer like that in the spaceway, so whatever must've happened, it was definitely a driving mistake made by flounderman clock, who doesnt even have a space-driver's license. im sorry, but i had to set the (space) record straight.

apart from that, the whole movie was funny, wild, and full of epic space adventures to be had.
i wonder what will happen in the next episodes of the series!
(inter)stellar work as always, flounderman, keep at it!

a haunting look at the life of a constipated man.

as the movie begins, it shows us a magnificent title screen and we are thrown right into the action, as we see polyhedron clock battle VS the porcelain throne, for the ultimate battle:
who will win?
(the answer: noone. this is a battle of attrition.)

but the best scene in the movie was definitely the car chase scene in the end, it was quite the idea, i didnt expect it at all.

all in all, a funny movie about polyhedron.

now thats a good movie!
it had hand-drawn brush designs of the main characters, smooth animation AND a funny story too!
i liked how octopus clock's talked to his wife about ''dat booty'' (haha), and it was interesting to see how his perfect day actually got ruined by that ''lucky'' clover.
one could ask many questions after seeing this movie:

-is grey clock so charming?
-are the PF chang's good restaurants?
and why do bagels cost 7$ at NY?

we might not know the answers to those pressing questions, but i know this thing:
that this was a funny, clever and nicely animated movie.
keep up the good work.

i am utterly confused by this movie, but all the monsters were extremely nicely drawn, with good horror features in them, (of the eldritch abomination kind), with alien-esque elements in them, and even with a bit of humour here and there (the barking and the ''doll'' part).

the corpse was realistically drawn, and as such, it was a horrifying sight to behold.
the small hole, big monster theme was definitely interesting to explore, and the surrealism in this movie was nicely shown.

all in all excellent work, great drawings, smooth animation, even if i didnt understood much of its story/meaning.

this IS going somewhere... ;)

well, that was both an excellent, funny and clever parody of dark souls, with cool scenes and with (very) nicely drawn characters, from the titular knight protagonist of the dark souls game(s), mr knight, to the very nicely drawn gwynevere, the queen of sunlight!
i just love how nicely you've drawn+animated her, she looks accurately drawn, impressive, and very very sexy.
excellent details on her face (especially her starting, middle and final face expressions, lol), and great work of her size and body features, including her titanic cleavage.. (epic)

all in all, this was a great dark souls parody, featuring the sexy queen of sunlight.
keep up the good work!

needless to say, this was another excellent animation by mr speedo.
the fighter girl (seth?) was sexy and limber, while her body, her body movements and her face expressions and designs were very sexy.

for a strange reason, despite the male voice acting, the character was still hot.
go figure.

also the other character was having funny face expressions, as seth was about to ''interrogate'' him...

lastly, the scene were fang, juri and bison are shocked/happy/excited by all this situation, was the cherry on top of a very nicely animated, funny movie.

keep up the good work!

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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