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absolutely fantastic animation, very fluid animation in general and good pace too,
the background is very detailed and nicely formed, while the main character is a beautiful faun/deer girl, and i loved her cute face expression, her whole design, her outfit and her entire set of poses+movements...

all in all, this was a short, but masterfully done short movie, and i absolutely love how style of drawing and the smooth animation.
keep it up, and do more cool stuff like this!

this was absolutely perfect.
the lolmetaknight MUST return in your future movies, man!
i used to love watching how your old character, lolmetaknight, fought VS hiii111, or how he founded the ''waldo world'' and kept on making hilarious movies, and on how you always did good spammy loops, or full fledged parodies about random NG things, madness, or about hiii111's latest antics...

this reminded me the good old days... good times!

good drawings of the characters, funny face expressions, nice sounds effects, and i loved the humour in it, just like the part where lolmetaknight kisses krinkels, LOLZ!

perfect movie, the lolmetaknight returns! 10/10.

i absolutely loved that movie!

good parody of SJW's, nice puns on the gender of the protagonist in the title screen, and a great non-battle scene in the first chapter of the movie!

the pink ''object'' that mr SWJ used as a weapon was a hilarious choice too, hahaha!
good visuals, nicely drawn+or used characters, good use of music+sounds, and solid humour.
all in all, a good movie.
keep it up!

this was a truly beautiful and emotional journey in the current state of the locklegion, and on its possible future.
i like how you've designed the old LL HQ on its broken down form, with the many old trophies of TotW, or the old LL vault being empty, and the portraits with the LL's founder's, admins, slumlords and of their most influential members.
i also liked the depictions of random CC graffiti that was shown in some of the LL's old walls, and that as we moved on, we would see the new haven of locktopia: the discordium lands.

the final scene with all the locks, both new and old, having a good time was beautiful and emotional to me.
i also liked the beautiful and (very well hidden!!!1) easter egg, where you spoke about your experience in the LL and what are your thoughts on it.

it was a very nice and charming movie about the impact of the LL on the internet, and a hope for its future.
fantastic work, keep it up, and have a happy lockday!

its great to see the lock legion still standing strong, and to be celebrating its 17th lockday, no less!

i really liked what you did with this vid, and it was a truly brilliant re-imagining of a classic collab, done cleverly, with nice visuals and with a very funny and creative way, especially in the music/sound department.

all in all it was great, and i salute you!
keep up the good work, and stay cool! happy lockday!

this 3D animation was nicely designed, with good details on a cartoonish mario, on banjo and kazooie and on the whole cast+environment of the whole movie.
all of the movies assets were nicely used, the voice-acting was spot on and funny (great use of the ''my spagget!!1'' meme sounds), and a very funny movie which had a hilarious ending scene.

all in all it is a great and well-formed, funny movie.
plz do more movies like this, keep it up!

a nice take on the CC archetype of ''letter movies'', which is based on the iconic ''B'' or the long-lost ''A'', but its a g, and what a g it is...

a minimalistic movie in general, it did the job just right, and the ending scene in the last few seconds was excellent.
it gets 5 g's out of 5.

this is a very beautiful and haunting movie, for it makes the viewer to think about the beauty of life, of nature, but also the horrifying part of life, when things go dark and hopeless sometimes.

i liked how the movie started with inkwell clock walking into an empty room, and thinking ''is there a meaning in this? or did i do all this hard work for nothing?''
and then the whole room+ inkwell clock fade away into the void.

and there we see, the dark scenes where a person is down and crying, as the darkness surrounds him.
and upon that horrible darkness of despair, suddenly, the majesty of colours, the splendor of nature emerges in order to provide a necessary contrast to the darkness: light, and life.

and so the movie moves on, on the duality of darkness and light, of sadness and the joys of nature, of hopelessness VS hope, and so on.

as the battle of despair and hope rage on, we eventually reach a point where nature ''wins'', or at least provides the protagonist with enough hope to stand up again.
life. nature. trees, hope.
and a little cat stands in there inside a jar, curiously watching the person.
and while things are not fully fixed (can they ever be?), life finds a way, and the light shines inside.
in my mind, what happens next is that the person finds the courage to get out of the darkness and to start walking forward again.
he is wounded, but not defeated, for he must carry on, and he must stay strong, despite the harsh adversities that he has faced in this trip.
for now he has hope, and life (nature), showed him the way.

the movie had excellent animation, very good animation speed+pace, while the linework and the whole design of the heroes (from inkwell clock, to the depressed person), to the live-action video shots+photos of the forest/of nature, which where nicely weaved into the animations whole layout, everything was masterfully done, and beautifully created, in not just a visually beautiful movie, but also a very true, and emotional one as well, with a touching message about a familiar struggle that many people face in life.

thank you for this excellent movie, inkwell/foxcato.
you are a good person with a kind heart and with an exceptional talent.
be well, and remember: the light always finds a way to beat the darkness.

be well, and keep up the good work!

FoXcatO responds:

Thank you so much, BB10. Your reviews are always a joy to read. And you really caught on to what I was trying to convey here too. So that was great to see as well.

in this thrilling battle of titans, thor clock bravely fights VS the dark-side of the clocks, and against their leader, no other than thdrkside himself! (sic)
i liked the drawings of everyone as they were designed in the dark versions of their clock characters, (i did the evil-BB10 pic!), i found that to be a unique detail in this movie's sequence.

after that, we witness the downfall of mighty thor clock, as the forces of evil win.
SBC took back his kingdom, but at what cost?

all in all, this has been another quality thor clock movie, and i liked every part of it.
keep up the good work!

PS: the ''man, im pretty!'' part was hilarious, hahaha

Ushnor responds:

oh, doggo never said you drew that, he just posted the picture (unless i missed it) so I didn't know it was your work. I sent a coauthor request

an excellent development in the ''corrupted CC movies'' saga.
i liked the drawings of all the clocks in there, including the visual pun of having an abandoned blockbusters building as the CC's HQ's.

i liked the alternate version of the ''satty 'n the pop'' series, which was transformed into a parody version of it, named as ''patty n' the trop'', showing to us once again, that a robot has started to corrupt the old CC classic movies.

this theme is going on well, and its incredible that even your parody versions of your (already great) CC movies are funny and unique as well...
you are a great artist, and i always liked your movie ideas.
keep up the good work.

Pop-Tart responds:

It's cool that at least one person remembers the movies I'm parodying. :)

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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