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this is a very good movie!
its nicely animated, with well-drawn characters and a funny (old) meme! its always nice to see people still using the old classics when it comes to memes...
a cool and funky lil movie, well worth its 5.
keep up the good work!

those are great news!

i cant wait to see the full game out there, it will be magnificent!
excellent designs and a good concept too, i love how you do atmospheric horror, man...
keep it up!

im not a cat person, but this is a great survey.
10/10, would cat again.

keep up the good work!

what a spectacular movie!

to see thor clock become the worlds best cyclist, as l1fty will attempt to take over the clockcrew and to install a bicycle-based religion in clocktopia... now thats good writting!
so much shock, so much suspense, and its all packed up nicely with good humour and solid action!

excellent work, keep it up!

excellent job as always, redbook!
this was a funny movie, it did good use of the ''franklin roasts'' meme from GTA, and it was clever to add BB10 and MFC in such a particular scene, since MFC is a big prankster...

i also liked the final part where BB10 said ''check out my new haircut'', the pun was fantastic!
(or should i say... pun-tastic? hahaha)
all in all, good designs, smooth animation, and a very funny movie, 5/5
stay awesome!

absolutely fantastic work. truly a CC classic movie, full of humour, smooth animation and cool moments...
excellent work, keep reposting your old movies!

an interesting movie: good visuals, nice designs, and some really good music in it!
also this ghost-like fox with the green glowing eyes is a very cool and unique character...
all in all, very cool work, you should do more things like this.

BlackUniGryphon responds:

Thanks. I'd love to do more like this. I'm kinda stuck working on a project for my brother tho. It's taking longer than expected because he's picky. I like the project, but I'm often frustrated. It matters to him a lol tho.

well, i like your artwork as i find your character designs to be very beautiful and with good poses too, along with a good details on their shading/lighting effects as well...

apart from the good artwork tho, i liked how you've visualized the ''art VS artist'' meme into a video/animation form, and the music in it was groovy too, so that's an extra bonus for your movie as a whole...

good work, keep it up!

this was so clever and so nicely done, that its a modern CC masterpiece.
the animation was smooth, all the characters in it were nicely drawn and cleverly placed as neon genesis evangelion characters (with SBC playing as shinji), sexy girls and giant clock-battlemechs, as they face an unbeatable evil force...

this was a perfect parody-tribute to neon evengelion with clocks, and it was so awesome, great work sir!
(also thanks alot for the BB10 cameo, i feel honoured by this)
excellent work, keep it up!

this is a flash masterpiece full of honey roasted peanuts, and you should all praise raspy for his artistic genius.
this movie is even better than the first honey roasted peanuts movie... imagine that!

5/5 peanuts

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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