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i remember hearing this joke somewhere, many years ago!
to this day, it still makes me laugh.

as for your movie, its amazing as always.
the backgrounds of the sea, and the external view of the aircraft carrier, along with its detailed+realistic inside view, its incredible.
everything is highly detailed, the characters are nicely drawn, and the voice acting is great too!

all in all, its a great movie with solid humour, and a true gift for all of us out there.
keep up the excellent work, and have a happy clockday, my friend!

switch clock might've forgotten about clockday,
but he still did a great lil movie about it! ;)

good job, man! nicely drawn character, smooth animation, good voice-acting, and some good humour in it too...
a great lil movie, have a happy clockday, and stay awesome!

wow, that was a cool action movie, full of many epic moments!
the duel between strawberry clock and peter pan was suspenseful, epic, and hilarious!
i loved the moment where the attack of peter pan met SBC's inner resistance: his old flintstones-shaped vitamin tablets that were in his body from 20 years ago!
LOL, that part was truly hilarious.

and the final scene was great too.

great work, my friend, keep it up, and have a happy clockday!

this was a great movie, smeghead!
i really like that over the years, your animation style+pace keeps getting better and better.
plus, i loved the humour in your movie (about procastination and distractions), and the background that you've drawn of SHC's building/apartment was very detailed and beautiful!

all in all, this was an excellent short movie, and im always happy to see new movies by you!
keep up the good work, be well, and have a happy clockday!

wow, thats an adorable movie!
good job at animating a very cute character, (the brainsnail thing), with a smooth animation speed+pace in general, good transitions and with some very good voice-acting too!
this was a nice short movie,
so keep up the good work, and have a happy clockday!

wow, that was an epic movie full of action!
i liked how SBC was getting more and more annoyed by the pube muppet characters banging at his door...
and the many jokes in the movie were hilarious!
(from the ''i did this joke ages ago!'', to ''this isnt politically correct! or.. is it?'', to ''im a very busy man''...)

good animation, great action, amazing humour and a solid story in general, we are all happy to see new art coming from you, mr SBC!
keep up the good work, and have a happy clockday!

wow, that was a truly magnificent movie, phono!
i loved how it started eerie, with phonograph going into the dark, abandoned building, and then moving on into the big confrontation, and to the even more epic fight later!
what a great fight, i loved how smooth the animation was, and that it was a clever parody of dark souls in its aesthetic aspect...

all in all, it was a suspenseful and funny movie, full of action and quality animation in it.
great work as always, so keep it up, and have a happy clockday!

a trippy and cool movie about clockday!
good work, sir!
nice, fluid animation, cute characters with good linework, and a funny short story in general.
keep it up, and have a happy clockday!

this is a nice tribute to one of the most impressive aircraft carrier ships of USA...
you've done a great work at delivering a quality movie (again), which has both beautiful visuals, nice features and an educational purpose in it, thus creating a great film that doesnt just entertain people, it teaches them stuff too.

first of all, your drawings of the aircraft carrier were amazing, both on its (huge) exterior view, showing us its immense size, and on its interior, which was super-detailed and realistic, which adds even more to the movie's immersion about this glorious ship.

as for the ship's history, its impressive that, even after 30+ years of active service, and after it was destined for some explosion tests, that it stayed strong for 4 weeks and that it never sunk.
this was a truly resilient, strong and formidable ship.
what a great ship!

its nice that they've put her to rest in the cape hatteras position, so that it can serve as a man-made coral-reef for the aquatic life of the area.
(and the fact that the USS america is currently the largest warship to ever be sunk in the world, is truly impressive, imho.)

all in all, you've done a beautiful and informative movie, with gorgeous visuals, great realism, with good narration/voice-acting, and with some solid info to add about this veteran ship's final moments.

keep up the good work!!

what a spectacular movie!
i loved that it made fun of the well-known pirate ships videogame, and that it used cool combat and funny comebacks in each moment of the movie...
''it serves you right for spawning in a sloop!'' was one of the funniest punchlines in this movie, and a personal favorite of mine.
i loved voice-acting as the pirates, and i really liked the whole story of the film, the adventure, and the epic ending! (lol)

needless to say, the way you draw ships, both the pirate's frigates, radiotube's sloop, and the other, more sophisticated battleship, is flawless and very realistically done.
excellent work, my friend!
keep it up!

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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