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this is an amazing portrait of gabe, which captures the essence of hiii111's charm and intellect, especially in his eyes.
very nice and detailed work, plz draw more of gabe/hiii111.

kokkare responds:

thanks, maybe one day

wow, what a beautiful tribute to my clock, BB10-lock...
thank you sir!

its a smooth animation, with good pixelated art on my character and in the forest around him...
excellent work, 5/5!
keep it up!

this is a cool character, a unique combination of a madness dude (in his hands+body) and jason vorhees (in his hockey mask+knife features), and apart from those things, i also like how you've drawn his hair, his hockey mask, the hoodie, along with the LL t-shirt that has a ''LOL'' punchline in it (clever!), his gloves and the serrated knife.

all in all, its a cool drawing of your wild OC, and its stylish too.
good work, keep it up!

an excellent portrait of the warrior, artist and adventurer, sir Dingleberry Van Clorerke, lord of netherlands and hero of butte.
splendid details on his eye/clock ''face expression'' and on his bird-like beak/mouth movements too.
his feathered hat looks super stylish too.
keep up the good work!

those are some great drawings of absinthe clock and nintendo!

i like that they both look unique, with power poses and strong bodies (good muscle details, in their general anatomy), while another fine part is their victory/loss poses; in the
''losing poses'' we see a broken absinthe clock with a dali-like melted clock (clever detail!), and nintendo clock's broken/twisted arm behind his back.

their victory poses are nice too: from absinthe clock twirling his moustache triumphantly ( a glorious dali-eque moustache), to nintendo clock giving a thumbs up.

all in all, those are great drawings, that made a good game, even better!
very nice work.

a nice drawing of rob clock's favorite clockette, mrs succubus clock!
true to the character's name, she's drawn accurately as a succubbus/clock creature, with a nice body, good ABS, nice boobs, shapely hips, and wide shoulders, along with some nicely drawn clavicles as well.

another nice detail is her tail and her hair, along with her bat-like wings.
she also looks good in the gym outfit, even if its indeed less skimpy than a succubus's typical attire.
the sport's bra and the leggings are nicely drawn, and with good colours too.

as for the whole pic, it has good linework, nice use of colours, and a blurry, but cool background.
its dark that succubus clock is eating someone's heart (and the victim seems to be a dead clock, judging from the skeleton's skull in the BG, since it only had one (clock) eye.)
but its a cool drawing, and its nicely designed.

good work.

she's absolutely gorgeous.

great pose, awesome (shy/anxious) face expression, she has a beautiful face, with nice details on her eyes/lips, on her luxurious hair, and i like that this sports outfit wraps nicely around her slightly plump, yet juicy+sexy body.

her boobs are nice, and her slight belly pudge is cute.
she has a nice pose, and i like the red ''blushing''/stress spots around her body+face.

its a really nice drawing, and she's a cute, sexy and unique character of yours.
good work, keep it up!

GreenRachelJelly responds:

Aawww, thank you!! I'm so glad you like her! That really means a lot! 💚

excellent drawing: good linework, nice angle, great details in the girl's face/eyes/expression and in her mouth, as she is about to eat that hamburger.

(also she has a great cleavage, and the colours used in this pic are all wild, vivid and psychedelic, but in a good way.)

if there is any strong image that made spencer's (strange yet good) movie even better and more noticeable, that element was definitely your perfect and sexy drawing that was the best avatar for his movie...

flawless and sexy work, keep it up!

GreenRachelJelly responds:

Aaaah thank you so much!! That means a ton! 💚

excellent linework, great shading effects, and vivid colours.
i like that this pokemon blushes due to its (perhaps) embarrassing costume?
ah well, its a great drawing, and very funny too.

keep up the good work, my friend!

nuclear-smash responds:

Thank you very much! And yea it's blushing due to the costume, haha

woah, a new clock?!

thats a really nicely drawn clock-character, with nice thick linework, a cool clock-eye/face expression, some nice rays going on in the background, and with some nice colours...

all in all, its a great CC character pic, and a nice beginning for you!
keep making cool art, my friend!

BattleBlockClock responds:

Oh BB10 you silly clock :P

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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