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nice tribute to mista-meme's cool character, long-legs man!

the character is nicely drawn, with a nice walking gesture, while he is also drawn with good linework, and with interesting colours...

as for the sun, i like his face expression and his general design.
the background is nicely drawn as well...

all in all, its a cool drawing, and a nice tribute to a classic character.

RealRedbookClock responds:

cool, thenks

to you request of not eating them, i shall reply with only one answer:


but joking aside, this is a really nice drawing of two ditto's as (fused?) ice-cream/jelly hybrids that are melting away on top of the ice-cream cones, while they are enjoying the cherries on top of their heads (or at least one of them does).

i like that the blue one has sprinkles on his body, while the other one (pink), has the desire to eat the cherry.
also, another good detail is that the cone's lines+hue matches with the colour of the ditto that stands on top of it: the blue ditto has a blue-ish ice-cream cone with blue lines+linework, while the pink one has a red-ish ice-cream cone with red lines+linework.

the ditto's face expressions and poses, along with their shading+lighting effects are superb, while the chess-like background is awesome as well, and it adds even more things to an already complete picture.

in short: its a great drawing of 2 ice-cream ditto's!
keep up the good work.

-who orders a salad in a fast food place?
-''a healthy man, thats who!'' *hmph*
(lol jk).

once again, we witness a great comic by renegade clock, full of humour, great drawings and nice angles.
excellent work.

apart from the obviously well-drawn +detailed characters (BB10, renegade, redbook), the comic has many awesome details, hidden in each pannel:
notably, i liked the drawings of slurpee clock in the menu of the fast-food place, the picture of hamburger clock as a character from the fast-food, another great detail is the ''Bc B's (which can be read as 'Mc B's, alternatively) on the trays of the food-joint, the cleverly named slurpee machine with the ''slurpee-butt'' flavour, etc etc.

as for the main characters, damn, that was a finely drawn BB10, shown with excellent details, a nice clock +a BB10 ball body, and i also liked that, in each different clock-eye/face expression, his clock changed a bit, depending on his ''face'' expression.

renegade was perfectly drawn as well, and obviously, his design is far more complex because he's a 5-radius/5-''legged'' star shape and you're always drawing your cool character with a great amount of detail, but also with the great effect of ''elasticity'', which means: ''of an object that stretches+moves in unique elastic/flexible ways'', despite it being from a solid material: in short, renegade's character displays awesome flexible/elastic abilities as he moves/makes a gesture, despite the fact that its a star character made from iron.

furthermore, the ''toss the salad'' pun was unknown to me, which was a funny event that culminated to this sweet idea, and it because a kick-ass comic!
im happy that i contributed to his ''happy accident'', man!

lastly, i liked how the story went on:
BB10 talks about tossing the salad, he seems oblivious about it, ren laughs alot about it (for good reason), and eventually BB10 reveals to him that he knows, which ends the joke instantly.
but the ending... the ending was genius! comedy gold!
i loved it, great ending.

all in all, you've created a detailed, nicely drawn comic, with awesome characters, good face expressions, many hidden details in each panel, and a great amount of humour in it.
excellent work as always, keep it up!

in short:
10/10, its a GREAT comic, keep up the good work!

this is another great comic by renegade!

excellent linework, detailed backgrounds, great clock-eye/face expressions, good character designs, and an amazingly drawn yeti!

also, the scientist's group of pineapple, cherry and silver clock were very detailed as well, while their lab coats were also a ncie touch that added more to the comic's general setting+picture.

like i said above, the yeti is very nicely drawn: he is very detailed, with a cool face, a nicely drawn body, and the ice surrounding him is also very detailed as well...

as for flounderman-clock? he is drawn in a perfect way, from his dark-ball body, to his red spikes/fins, everything's great. same with his clock-eye/face expressions.

lastly, that pun was PERFECT. i've been laughing for a long time with this comic, man!
also the 2nd pun on the description page is great as well...

i guess i will have to add all of my researches about your comic to the team of Planetary Erudite Neological Identity Society.

in short:
10/10, great comic!
keep it up!

excellent character design: from the deep scar on his head, to the HUGE, black, iris-less eyes (also soulless), along with the vampire-like ears, the pale, stretched skin, the wide, gaping mouth (which seems teethless in the first glance, but apparently isnt) and the flat nose, all of those interesting features make this a formidable, horrifying creature.

its face is simply haunting, and a large credit for that goes in its HUGE, soulless eyes, and to its mouth.

as for the body, it follows a strong, yet very lean anatomy build, which, if it gets combined with the fact that his skin looks very stretched on his frame (which adds to the horror value), and if you also add this horrifying face, then you've got yourself a proper horror character that is hard to forget...

apart from that, the anatomy is good, the veins, the collarbones and the abs of the creature are nicely designed and they add more realism to this unreal creature, and both the lighting/shading effects are excellent in this work of yours...

i've also seen the movie, and it was good. scary, and quite surprising.

you did a great work here, mister, and you should be proud of it.
keep up the good work.

MiddleFingerRings responds:

Wow, what a detailed review! Thanks for the kind words. :)

woah, thats an EXCELLENT drawing (or photomanip) of strawberry clock as the ''vitruvian man''...

say, did you do this in photoshop? and if not, what program did you used for this?
its excellent, with nice linework, good use of the photos of strawberry+the other 4 founding clocks, along with all the other clock-characters in the pic, including pop-tart, golden, silver and BB10.

with that being said, i like that you've added the 4 founding clocks on SBC's arms (orange, raspberry, pineapple, apple).
it gives a nice sense of symmetry in the picture, and thats a great thing to achieve, especially when you design a ''vitruvian clock''...

i also like the old-time styled clocks that you've added on each clock-character in the pic, this further enchances the pic's charm+beauty.

all in all, its an excellent drawing, and i love it.
keep up the good work!

RealRedbookClock responds:

Yeah, Photoshop

thats a nicely drawn tribute to BB10, and i thank you for that.

both bb10, and the other clocks are nicely drawn, with cool clock-eye/face expressions, nice poses and lively colours.

i like how you've drawn the cake, and BB10's chair, as he wears his birthday hat...

a few corrections tho:

-BB10's birthday is on the 26th of september.

-cat-ears? a tail? BB10 is not a furry, my friend.

other than that, the pic is good.
i like how you've drawn waffle clock, pop-tart clock and orange clock.
its a good drawing, and you have my thanks!

RealRedbookClock responds:

haha srry, thank you for your review and your five stars.

people might be laughing with him now, but we will be very popular with the ladies when he will grow up...

he will have the ''nose'' for such things! (lol!)

cool lil drawing, man, nice work.

RealRedbookClock responds:

lol, a original character! and thank you

ah, this is such a great drawing!

indeed, with the rank of the super moderator being used as the ''pun'' title of ''super momerator'', i am a high-ranked user on the CC chat...
with that being said, im always friendly to all the members of the group, old and new, experienced and novice alike, for we are all friends in this group!

as for your drawing, i like how you've drawn the goofy bluestone clock, with his messy hair, the random .swf file on his head, and the rubber-ducky loated next to him: he is so funny!
i also like how you've drawn waffle-clock, jamba clock, UFO-clock and you, redbook clock!
your clock-eye expressions are awesome, and i love that you've drawn BB10 as the ''super mod''/super ''mom'' of the group, hence helping all the members with their animations, with the chat's rules and generally being helpful.

its nice to help other people and to show them around in the group.

you are a promising flash animator, and a good artist, so this is a great tribute to me, and i thank you very much.
keep drawing+animating cool stuff like this, and remain awesome!

RealRedbookClock responds:

Thank you boi.

great drawing of the ugandan knuckles meme, and both the colours, the linework and the shading/lighting effects are perfect on this little character.

in short:
U seem 2 know da way!11

10/10, perfect work, mate.

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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