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this looks amazing, my friend!
i am proud to have it on my art profiles, and it is an elegant and beautiful design...

thanks again, and stay awesome!

TheKursedOne responds:

Np my frined.

Anything for the best knight of clocktopia ^_^

this is an amazing portrait of gabe, which captures the essence of hiii111's charm and intellect, especially in his eyes.
very nice and detailed work, plz draw more of gabe/hiii111.

kokkare responds:

thanks, maybe one day

she's absolutely gorgeous.

great pose, awesome (shy/anxious) face expression, she has a beautiful face, with nice details on her eyes/lips, on her luxurious hair, and i like that this sports outfit wraps nicely around her slightly plump, yet juicy+sexy body.

her boobs are nice, and her slight belly pudge is cute.
she has a nice pose, and i like the red ''blushing''/stress spots around her body+face.

its a really nice drawing, and she's a cute, sexy and unique character of yours.
good work, keep it up!

GreenRachelJelly responds:

Aawww, thank you!! I'm so glad you like her! That really means a lot! 💚

excellent drawing: good linework, nice angle, great details in the girl's face/eyes/expression and in her mouth, as she is about to eat that hamburger.

(also she has a great cleavage, and the colours used in this pic are all wild, vivid and psychedelic, but in a good way.)

if there is any strong image that made spencer's (strange yet good) movie even better and more noticeable, that element was definitely your perfect and sexy drawing that was the best avatar for his movie...

flawless and sexy work, keep it up!

GreenRachelJelly responds:

Aaaah thank you so much!! That means a ton! 💚

excellent linework, great shading effects, and vivid colours.
i like that this pokemon blushes due to its (perhaps) embarrassing costume?
ah well, its a great drawing, and very funny too.

keep up the good work, my friend!

nuclear-smash responds:

Thank you very much! And yea it's blushing due to the costume, haha

woah, a new clock?!

thats a really nicely drawn clock-character, with nice thick linework, a cool clock-eye/face expression, some nice rays going on in the background, and with some nice colours...

all in all, its a great CC character pic, and a nice beginning for you!
keep making cool art, my friend!

BattleBlockClock responds:

Oh BB10 you silly clock :P

nice tribute to mista-meme's cool character, long-legs man!

the character is nicely drawn, with a nice walking gesture, while he is also drawn with good linework, and with interesting colours...

as for the sun, i like his face expression and his general design.
the background is nicely drawn as well...

all in all, its a cool drawing, and a nice tribute to a classic character.

RealRedbookClock responds:

cool, thenks

excellent character design: from the deep scar on his head, to the HUGE, black, iris-less eyes (also soulless), along with the vampire-like ears, the pale, stretched skin, the wide, gaping mouth (which seems teethless in the first glance, but apparently isnt) and the flat nose, all of those interesting features make this a formidable, horrifying creature.

its face is simply haunting, and a large credit for that goes in its HUGE, soulless eyes, and to its mouth.

as for the body, it follows a strong, yet very lean anatomy build, which, if it gets combined with the fact that his skin looks very stretched on his frame (which adds to the horror value), and if you also add this horrifying face, then you've got yourself a proper horror character that is hard to forget...

apart from that, the anatomy is good, the veins, the collarbones and the abs of the creature are nicely designed and they add more realism to this unreal creature, and both the lighting/shading effects are excellent in this work of yours...

i've also seen the movie, and it was good. scary, and quite surprising.

you did a great work here, mister, and you should be proud of it.
keep up the good work.

MiddleFingerRings responds:

Wow, what a detailed review! Thanks for the kind words. :)

woah, thats an EXCELLENT drawing (or photomanip) of strawberry clock as the ''vitruvian man''...

say, did you do this in photoshop? and if not, what program did you used for this?
its excellent, with nice linework, good use of the photos of strawberry+the other 4 founding clocks, along with all the other clock-characters in the pic, including pop-tart, golden, silver and BB10.

with that being said, i like that you've added the 4 founding clocks on SBC's arms (orange, raspberry, pineapple, apple).
it gives a nice sense of symmetry in the picture, and thats a great thing to achieve, especially when you design a ''vitruvian clock''...

i also like the old-time styled clocks that you've added on each clock-character in the pic, this further enchances the pic's charm+beauty.

all in all, its an excellent drawing, and i love it.
keep up the good work!

RealRedbookClock responds:

Yeah, Photoshop

thats a nicely drawn tribute to BB10, and i thank you for that.

both bb10, and the other clocks are nicely drawn, with cool clock-eye/face expressions, nice poses and lively colours.

i like how you've drawn the cake, and BB10's chair, as he wears his birthday hat...

a few corrections tho:

-BB10's birthday is on the 26th of september.

-cat-ears? a tail? BB10 is not a furry, my friend.

other than that, the pic is good.
i like how you've drawn waffle clock, pop-tart clock and orange clock.
its a good drawing, and you have my thanks!

RealRedbookClock responds:

haha srry, thank you for your review and your five stars.

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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