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a fantastic pic, showing us mo krevorssons adventures in his house, as he casually sits in the sofa and he plays with his nintendo switch console...
thats a nicely drawn sofa and the main character looks cool too.

keep it up

Danishclock responds:

Thank you very much, what a lovely comment! :)

a superb drawing of the cheerful, yet conflicted hero of poland, mr christov christianson, who in 1948 tried to save his hometown from a wasp invasion due to a misplaced honey+jam sandwitch.
his face is nicely drawn, his eyes are ecstatic, his hands are OK, and his smile is fearsome, especially if you will combine it with his eyes and the lack of a nose.
his hair are alright and his blue uniform is nicely drawn too, bravo my good sir.

all in all, a splendid drawing, plz draw more pics like this one.
keep it up!

Danishclock responds:

Okay thank you Chris

this looks fantastic, my friend!
clean lines, good colours, and a nice clock/eye expression for BB10, thanks for the cool cameo, its a lovely picture, keep up the good work!

ShrimpClock responds:

Thanks, I will be sure to post more clock art.

fantastic work, moe looks extra chubby in this one.
and the blue sunglasses with the red shirt make for a nice contrast in his looks.

good work, keep it up!

Danishclock responds:

They are glasses, not sunglasses

Thanks Chris

its a masterpiece, its as evocative as the old gabriel drawing, but with a receding hairline and a larger forehead, while the classic yellow shirt remains a strong element of the drawing.
very good work, bravo hiii111!

Danishclock responds:

Thanks Chris

the mighty rocky madness man...
nicely drawn character, with cool face expressions and with different poses/angles too!

good job, keep it up!

Danishclock responds:

Thanks Chris :)

this looks amazing, my friend!
i am proud to have it on my art profiles, and it is an elegant and beautiful design...

thanks again, and stay awesome!

TheKursedOne responds:

Np my frined.

Anything for the best knight of clocktopia ^_^

this is an amazing portrait of gabe, which captures the essence of hiii111's charm and intellect, especially in his eyes.
very nice and detailed work, plz draw more of gabe/hiii111.

kokkare responds:

thanks, maybe one day

she's absolutely gorgeous.

great pose, awesome (shy/anxious) face expression, she has a beautiful face, with nice details on her eyes/lips, on her luxurious hair, and i like that this sports outfit wraps nicely around her slightly plump, yet juicy+sexy body.

her boobs are nice, and her slight belly pudge is cute.
she has a nice pose, and i like the red ''blushing''/stress spots around her body+face.

its a really nice drawing, and she's a cute, sexy and unique character of yours.
good work, keep it up!

GreenRachelJelly responds:

Aawww, thank you!! I'm so glad you like her! That really means a lot! 💚

excellent drawing: good linework, nice angle, great details in the girl's face/eyes/expression and in her mouth, as she is about to eat that hamburger.

(also she has a great cleavage, and the colours used in this pic are all wild, vivid and psychedelic, but in a good way.)

if there is any strong image that made spencer's (strange yet good) movie even better and more noticeable, that element was definitely your perfect and sexy drawing that was the best avatar for his movie...

flawless and sexy work, keep it up!

GreenRachelJelly responds:

Aaaah thank you so much!! That means a ton! 💚

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.

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