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of all the locations in the antumbra 2, this has to be my favorite. this, and marrow forest.
this is a magnificent endless sea of stars and water, and i love the part where ''every star is a huge universe'' because it all adds up into a huge, massive-universe-within-a-universe...
which is quite cool and exciting to observe.

yet, the part where ''legion comes to learn the name of the dark half'', quite troubles me.
if this realm/the sea is the home of the ''evergiver'' (aka the good god), then why would the legion learn the name of the evil half in here?!

either way, this is a strong image, and a good depiction of an endless sea of stars and grandeur.
nice works

DroneLocker responds:

Not really. Eskalion is the true lord and ruler of Sorma'Ksul. He had lost this position due to his Dark Half raise to power. Evergiver is a totally different being. He is the God above Gods. The Archsmith and Creator.

wow, unfulfilled dreams...
this is a place that connects with real-life...
and it must be a bland and vast enviroment....
full of resigned wishes....

good work man, it has cool dark vibes in it, and the ''blue'' wall of tears is a nice touch to such place, good stuff.

DroneLocker responds:

Many of Real Life and Real World references to be expected from this place :)

wow! a glorious scenery there!
this looks like a peaceful enviroment to live into...
and the clouds seem alive, and always watching us....
i wonder, do those clouds bleed? and are we safe from them?

many questions, which shall be answered in antumbra 2....
good work mate!

DroneLocker responds:

Thank you! :D

wow, the magnificent library of knowledge and horrors....
i like how illuminated and bright the enviroment looks in here.
this is a bright room, full of light, yet it seems threatening.
like (almost) everything in atumbra.

really nice work in the lighting+stone walls+library, its a cool drawing to observe.

DroneLocker responds:

...and interact with! :D

woah... nice!
the saloon's interior looks like a haunted house interior....
i like that the table looks like a pentagram, and the scary face in the painting in the wall, are some nice details.
scary, yet in a good way.
its atmospheric.

nice works, man! can't wait to see antumbra 2!

DroneLocker responds:

Imagine that this room is based on real life photo of my old house saloon hehe

the beginning of it all.
the start of antumbra.

a great logo, that i really loved from the first time that i saw this game.

the flaming ''sauron''-like eye, along with it's 3 legs, and the halo of fire, all add up into a strong image of an interesting game.
the black background adds up to the image by creating a powerfull contrast between light/darkness.

i wonder, what is this creature?

good work tho.
i will be waiting for more.

DroneLocker responds:

Thats the eye of Eskalion :)

wow, this is perhaps the best juri-han fanart that i've ever seen!
excellent body anatomy/details, cool pose, a VERY realistic face with awesome little details, like the colour of her eyes, and a playfull look on her eyes/face expression overall....

what can i say? and apart from the amazing body with the lean ABS, the hair look like juri han's usual look, and the skin looks v. v. realistic and it has an extremely detailed texture.
it looks like real.

very very good work.
whatever you do, please do more works like this.
i love how you draw the women. kep up the good work.

RimKeLLo responds:

Thank you very much for such response!
It' make me so motivated =^.^=

age of empires is one of my favorite games ever, so this fan-art is quite awesome and close to home.
i believe that AoE 2, was a great game, and it can still stand proudly amongst many modern games, despite that it's more than 10 years old.
a wonderful game, with epic campaigns, and a legendary history.

as for your artwork, its great as well! nice work on drawing the characters/heroes and i like how you have them set in their natural enviroment, showing either their cities/country/landscapes, or the places of their greatest wars/victories.

i love how strong and menacing william wallace looks in this, with the scar and the sword and all.
i also like how joan d'ark looks gothic in her style/face and ready to battle in a difficult siege.
saladin is awesome, ofcourse, and both his armour, and his face expression, are epic.
as for jenghis khan, he is pretty cool and blood-thristy, showing a bloody, and recently invaded great wall, THE great wall in fact.

and barbarossa, standing in the middle, reigning his land, and dominating the center of this drawing.

all in all, an awesome artwork, of great kings and warriors.

Manguinha responds:

Thanks for these words man :)!

ok work, tho i would suggest you make the ''chin'' of the wolf alot smaller. its kinda pointy.
also make the body a bit less bulky, and more slender... and uhhh maybe add some colour in the next one?

other than that.. ok work, pretty good for your first 3-d!

Mr-Insanity97 responds:

Oh ok, thank you.

this is good, and done with a great sense of movement and speed.
(it has that speed& movement feeling when a character falls down, so its good in my book!)
also, the dark-red face, is a good contract to teh very bright background, and also the suit he's wearin' makes a good match with the red of his face....

pretty good.
i would like to know this characters story, and moreover... how he got in this situation...

Galejro responds:

About the character: The Dark Father, the Biblical Cain, in the World of Darkness/ Vampire the Masquerade universe he is the first and oldest vampire, reckoned by some to be 50 000 and by some others as 200 000 years old. Dracula got his dark gift from Satan, in Underworld it was a mutated strand of Yersinia Pestis, Cain received vampirism as a curse from God. In my comicbook he raises from his torpor to commence Gehenna, a vampire apocalypse, but the stories of doom and total extinction are legends and myths, and as it is often with myths and legends, they either lie or are far-fetched and not entirely correct :)

How he got into this situation. have a look at the comicbook from this page here http://www.inkblazers.com/read-manga/Vampire-the-Masquerade-The-Return-of-Caine-Chapter-3-Chapter-2/4159/2/39?lang=en or here if you can't view inkblazers content http://galejro.deviantart.com/art/BETA-pg-117-VTM-the-Return-of-Caine-406391201?q=gallery%3AGalejro%2F45614801&qo=20 but deviantart doesn't accommodate a user-friendly page flipper button so you have to manually pick the pages from here XD http://galejro.deviantart.com/gallery/45614801/VTM-Comicbook-Beta

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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