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hahahahaha! that's an unexpected twist, that's for sure!
also, im certain, that his female counterpart is quite sexy, if i may say...
now! about the picture, i like the texture of the drawing, it almost looks like it was done with pencils, and watercolours/oil painting, rather than being a digital painting.
how did you do that? i must've been hard.

you didnt draw this on canvas, did you?

also, the next thing that strikes the viewer, is the similarity with a real pin-up calendar, from the flirty pose, to the happy smile on her face.
great work on depticting that. it almost looks like an old pinup picture, and it's good.
very cute work, sir.
got more like this?
keep it up! you're good!!!

Sabtastic responds:

Hey thanks for the sweet review!

I actually did this 100% digitally, through Photoshop CS6. I used two layers; one for the solid colours, and the second one for fine details, like the chains.
By using a simulated oil pastel brush, I got the basic colours and shapes down, then added a little more texture as I went -- pretty much stuck to the oil pastel brush the whole time, though! (Oh, and the background was just a generic texture pattern pasted in)

amazing. i love how you drew the human, and the animal, but i have to agree that the details put on the human, are more detailed, and generally more, while in the animal, the colouring/lighting is kinda less detailed.

tho, you drew the animal very well, dont let my comment on the colour to sadden you, it's very well done, the face, the glowing eyes, the paws, the armor(or saddle) on it, are very well depicted.

also, i love how you drew the girl. she's greatly drawn, and her afce is flawless, with all the expressions portrayed perfectly, with nice anatomy on her body,a nd great work on her clothing/armor.

also, i like the background, you drew the stars very perfectly, how can i make such a shine effect on a drawing?
(like, fe, in the animal's eyes, /or in the saddle, or in the stars..?)
great work, keep it up.

KattyC responds:

Hello, thank you for lovely comment!

for shine effect try this little vid http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHB3vLwX0IE
and stars are simple gradients :)

well-done, it has quircky, strange colours, but, it's very well done, and the ''middle finger'' pose is actually quite funny.
i like how you've drawn him.
keep it up!

AndRocker responds:

thanks for the comment chris-the-stick2, is a joy to read your words!

it worked, nice drawing, love the details in color, faces and body.
i expect more tits in the future. :)

TheSaladbutter responds:

I'll try more tits.

epic. i like the comparison to the younger, more ''intact'' owner hammpleflapps, (in the poster it's his young version, and care-free, while now he is completely horrified, and aged.)
also, i like the lighting, the expressions, and the whole thing.
i must add that the addition of pico, of meow, and of mickey mouse is awesome.
great job. v cool

deathink responds:

Thanks man...I am glad you like it!

what game is this from? can i play this game?
also, nice art and badge, like the expression. is it anubis?

maficmelody responds:

It's for a small project I've been fiddling with, I'm in the asset building stage. Aiming to demo something in June 2013.
I was going for a troll-face Anubis and dropped the ball somewhere between that and a leer, apparently.

cute art! i saw it on the christmass collab, and i thought it was nice. good job, sir!
do more!

maficmelody responds:

Thanks! More work is definitely on the way!

pretty girl, and pretty idea, you should draw more, nice abstract subject/enviroment

FoXcatO responds:

I can't believe I never responded to this comment. I'm glad you liked it. I might submit more drawings some time, but right now most of my time is spend on some pretty huge projects.
So we'll see.

that's REALLY good!555

great drawing! each time i see it, it seems very good-looking (unlike wolverine, LOL!) and very... fitting. i can't help but imagine popeye like hogan, and be all-wolverine -like, and saying ''im wolvey-e the wolverein man!'' SLASH SLASH and he slashes the screen logo, into an ''X'', like x-men! hahahaha!
you're very creative, and fun!

lastly, you could do the same with some looney tunes, characters, or with *shudder* sonic! haha
or simply draw disney characters.

you're good man, keep at it! 55

Dekathos responds:


good one!

quite scary, and good-looking!
nice one! you could try drawing peter, or jonah j. jameson! (as i stated before in your other drawings...)

you have talent, just show it to the rest of NG!

Dekathos responds:

UHHHHHHHH. I think Newgrounds would disagree!!! In fact for ten years I think it has. Hahahha

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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