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wow, nice work!
it has neat details, both on the charming carla, and on the creepy-couch, as well as the nice contrast of darkness/VS counch/person.
her pose was simplu perfect, like her abs, and that smile was both scary and quite cool...
she looks nice, and this was a funny idea to draw. good stuff.

PS: what is a golshirian girl?
(i get the joke, i just dont know what W-o-W race is this....)
keep up the good work.

SurrealKatie responds:

Goldshire is a brothel on WoW RP servers..

so much detail, shading, face(clock?) expressions and epic action!
i can recognice many many good clocks, and many good people in this.
also im in it! woah! thanks man! bb10 thanks you!

glorious drawing, and nice tribute to the clock crew.
showing the current era, with heroes like pop-tart, radiotube, corpsegrinder, renegade, action clock, vuvuzella and many many more!

you rock, do more!

Luwano responds:

I am really glad you like it. Honestly I've been spending a good amount of time stalking your and Pop-Tart's user profiles these last few days, looking for who you collabed with or what you reviewed to find reference pics for the different clocks.

Thanks for the great review!

batman! dont cry!111oneone

i will saaave youuuu!11

amazing drawing. you have infinite skills. do you work in the comics bussiness as well?
if not, you should.

thats legendary, really, do more!

JohnnyUtah responds:

i work in the stupid idiot business


so, in this, cavemen drive a car?!
this image is perfect in every detail, from the tattoos that the man has on his arm, (-and they are the actual depictions of animals found in prehistoric caves), to the clothes of the couple, and the daisy flowers tattoed to the woman's legs, as well as the rat-pet being alongside them, this forms a memorable picture, to day the least.

now, are those people:

1. cavemen who stumbled into a car and managed to drive/learned how to use it?
2. cavemen who survived after WW 3, and after living for a long time as cavemen, eventually re-discovered the old invention of the car, and managed to master it?
3. old cavemen who stumbled into a car left behind by a time traveller?

please tell me whats going on in this story, and if it doenst has any story, it should definitelly have.

this si a great drawing, with lots of detail, from the splashing insects on the windshield, to the animals running away from fear of his new object.
also good perspective on the running view.

you have lots of skills, expand this story into a comic of some pages, and do more!

arosart responds:

Hello Chris! You have great observation skill! And great imagination also! I wonder if ones ability to observe is proportional to ones ability to imagine things! maybe... =) Thank you for the long comment on my piece. I'm glad you liked it so much! I can tell you all about it, though you probably will be disapointed. I made this drawing while my girlfriend was in Africa with her parents. That boy and girl are not characters from my imaginarium. Actualy, the guy is me, and the girl is my girlfriend. the little "rat" is my pet ferret called Ira ! And we have those tattoos for real. There is one thing that is out of date though, my girlfriend doesn't smoke anymore. And the veichle is a modifyed van that i used to have. Sadly, while i was driving around with my girl, journeying, we had a road accident with it and it was destroyed. i got away only with my nose bleeding but she oppened her head and had to go to the hospital to get some hard stiches! I'm just glad none of us died.
So after all, there is a story although the characters are not caveman =)
I must say i like all the 3 possible plots you said... eheh i don't know about the comic, but i sure will do more drawings! thank you for the motivation!

wonderfull samurai-bot!
i spotted all the little details, which made this EVEN MORE great.
''tom fulp'', ''mindchamber'', the NG logo on the flag banner, the mindchamber symbol on his arm, the ''F U'' on his knee, the 832C CREW (what does that mean? the 832C... do you meant teh clock crew?)
also the ''kill U'' barcode on his arm was genius, truly great.

every piece had a hidden detail, or some horror designed somewhere.
it was epic.
i cannot describe how awesome this is.

deathink responds:

Thanks a real lot man. "832 crew" refers to a group of my buddies I grew up with.

great work, man! very pretty, and very cool!
clever idea with the usa lipstick on her lips!

do more plz

lockebelmont responds:

Chris:- Thanks much for the comments anything you think i could make better please also let me know. I'm glad you enjoyed it too!!

wow....amazing artwork!
AMAZING. i just love the dark, gloomy atmosphere and how this looks like an ordinary poker night (except from the zombies/cyborgs), with the bar, the few lights on, and the rest of the area surrounded by darkness, while someone is serving the drinks in the back.

now, onto the characters. by the look of your undead elf girl, i can tell that she's almost screaming ''you are cheating! you %4#@!!!'' and her expression is perfectly protrayed, as well as her slightly destroyed (strong) body.
first question: whats her story, and how did she ended up as a zombie anyways? i means she looks like she could easily punch 100 zombies to death without trying too hard.
also: who is the guy with the robotic arm? you say he's insaru, and that he's human, but he seems kinda pale...almost like a zombie-man...
and: the guy on the far right, the ''cheater'' with the sunglasses is perhaps my other favorite character in this, apart from the undead elf, and from the scared waitress.
he seems so cool, and relaxed/confident about this, that you just cant worry about him. he knows he can escape this arguement easily. he just can. he will win.
i bet he's a zombie as well, right? whats his story? is his name merln? thats pretty cool.

good piece overall, it contains a huge story hidden in it, with many cool characters, and awesome designs. the shading, the lighting, but mostly the faces and the expressions, and the poses overall seem ABSOLUTELLY EPIC.

great stuff, please do more.

SurrealKatie responds:

Hm, where to start. Thanks i guess? :>

In answer to your questions though:
1, Rickarla was made undead through kinda just going overboard on a sociopathic murder spree when she was amidst her thug/gang life and ended up being ressurected by a scourge beast, there's a fair bit more to her but that's for anotehr time
2, Insaru is technicaly undead, infact all the characters on this screen except for the waitress or undead and share a certain corruption (all except for the barkeeper) that Rickarla gave them
3.Merln, the 'cheater', is probably one of Ricks closest friends, a brute like Rick, but not quite so monsterous, and Merln is infact a She, it's just not all that obvious :p

all the characters above are based off of mine and my friends WoW origional characters which we developed during our RP together.

but yeah, that's that, thanks again for the comment c:

hmmm.... succeful indeed!
GREAT work on the characters face expressions (especially on frankensteins bride, she looks as terrified/confused as a reanimated/restored person should be, and thats hard to depict), and also great work on the anatomy(no pun), as well...great body ms.frankenstein's bride!

very cool and creative art piece done in insanely epic style.
i want more like this, cant wait to watch more from your stuff, sir!

LinesToThePaper responds:

Thanks for the very kind words, I'm glad other people are liking it. I enjoyed drawing it so much I'm actually currently working on the first pages of a comic series based on these characters.

seems epic, and its very well-done, despite the 8-bit style, its great!
i would love to play a game like this, based on the artwork alone, i can say that it will be good.
too bad that the dark souls games are always too hard to enjoy/stick around.
im more of an ''oblivion /elderscrolls'' type of guy.

would you do such a game as well?

i love the armour, and the weapons that you did on the knights.
also the background is very well done. i will wait for your game, i bet it will be epic.
do more, you have good skills, sir

bluemagma responds:

Dude, 200+ hours on Skyrim, so you can expect a Dragonborn cameo. I won't be making an Elder Scrolls game though, sorry. D:

I loved my time in Tamriel like crazy, I just found the lore and gameplay of Dark Souls to be more thought out and fun. Skyrim to me wins at everything that isn't combat, loads of npcs and areas to explore, exploration through a massive sprawling world with random encounters with Dragons, Thalmer, Stormcloaks/Imperials, and the Dedra. It's generally peaceful in Skyrim until you want some questing.

Dark Souls to me is Skyrim + Online the way it's meant to be, not an MMO like ESO, but single player where people can invade your world or do co-op. :D

he was a great artist, and obviously an inspiration to everyone.
i loved his art and i love this one too.
you have great skills, do you know that?

i like this UBER-creepy drawing of the alien-monster that you did.... excellent work.
its good because both the human-shaped alien skull, and the robotic(?) surroundings build up the atmosphere for something dark and sinister.

also, the mouth-inside-a mouth, is the alien trademark.
nice work on them teeth, sir.

amazing. please, PLEASE, do more art. i like it and you are good at this.

Rhunyc responds:

Thank you very much for the nice review! :>

And I plan to keep on making more art!

Glad you like this one so much though, and glad you appreciate what I put into this! Thank you. :)

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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