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cool, whats the knight's story?
the shoulder-plates, and the medal, seem a bit out-of place tho, and seem too ''modern'' for a medieval knight. (i mean those red shoulder-guard-plates are a crystal sparkling red, and they have no damage or wear signs on them, unlike with the rest of his (awesome) armor and sword.
lastly, the sword is greatly drawn, but it needs a line in the middle to make it look more real, and to have the right depth effect(or the curving of the blade in the middle of every blade)
other than that, his armor is perfect, his face is epic and tired, and the cathedral is truly epic.
good work man!

Tropicana responds:

Knights story, I was messing around one day and drew a face.
Added armor to the face. Spent alot of time trying to design this piece so I lost motivation near the end and just decided to Finnish it.

If I could of I would of redesigned the armor. It needs more segments. I thought the pads should be pristine to give it some contrast but realistically they need to be just as tarnished as everything else.

as far as a story line the knight took a break, and found some respite inside of a beat up cathedral.
Right before he can really take a break he notices a small troop of enemy solders in the woods. Blow it up and look in the middle window you can see them.

excellent drawing, this robot looks bad-ass.
also its face looks like it has a >: I expression, which is fun :D

keep up the good work!

Tropicana responds:


nice eye, is it from MLP?
i bet it is!

anyway, good work, and keep drawing stuff

SexyFurryGal responds:

No my own! :v

nice work, i like her ''silly'' expression, and it makes her look cute, at least until we look on her bloody knife....lol

the body is drawn well, the legs and the waist is fine, you could work more on the shoulders area, and the hands...are not shown?
or the feet.

oh well, its a good picture, and the lack of a background is good, because this image needs the mystery.
good work, man!

SileNt-Sam responds:

thx ^^


when i saw this a few seconds ago, i said ''man, thats a photo'', but then i realised that its not.
VERY well-done, and an epic piece of art.

and its your first self-portrait? come on! XD
you're very good, man!

how did you do this? coal, and pencils? chalk? seems very well done. the face is scaringly realistic, and the shirt is simple on design.

but the face(and thats the point), is very well done, and VERY realistic!
do you use a reference when you draw portraits? i do it, unless if my friends pose for me.

anyways, excellent work, very well-done!
do more, you are talented!

wartynewt responds:

thanks! :) yes i use reference, i can also draw people in real life but i mostly work digitally

extremely well-done gore and realistic violence.
this piece both scares me, and impresses me.

VERY good work, i like it.
do more!

Rhunyc responds:

Thank you very much, I appreciate that. :)

very good portrait here, you did an EXCELLENT, and very realistic loki here, nothing more to say, you deserve the frontpage sir.

epic work.

you MUST make more.

ps. if i ask you, will you draw my portrait?

wartynewt responds:

Thanks! i do commissions but not for free.

excellent work.
truly flawless, epic, and it has a feeling, of a VAST, endless area, that belongs to a dystopian, minimalistic future.

i WANT to know the story behind this. its THAT good!

i liked the drawing of the sky, it was made in a very realistic feeling, and the colours were just right, as for the planets in the background/sky, they were the ones, along with the ground and the ''cross'' on the left, that made this even more realistic, in a surreal way.

it was epic, and i could see this in a cover of a music album,(it had that epic feel) or as an individual art piece.
very well done.

keep it up, and do more!
also provide us with a backstory of this, please.

Sulup responds:

I will post the animation when it's done :) It's related to 'The Jump' animation, but more elaborated and realistic and at the same time keeping the surreal feel. It's taking a lot more time than I expected, but I will have a trailer posted in the description soon.

excellent point-of-view of a 1337 MERC agent, facing hank.
one of the best madness pics that i've ever seen.

great stuff, do more!

Rhunyc responds:

Thanks man! I would like to return to these older madness pictures sometime with an updated vision! :)

nice. im blown-away (no pun) by the extreme awesomeness and the epic style that you did here on this piece.
first of all:
EXCELLENT lighting. its a very great artwork, and it shows what would happen in an explosion/fire/blast perfectly. i just love the lighting effect on this. you do epic lighting/shadows, so keep it up, fire and lighting/shadows is your area of expertise.

also: the ''body'' and the former head of the character had epic ''torn-away'' effects, that made its demise it look very realistic, at least to me.

overall, a very good piece, showing us the power and the devastation of the oblivion by fire.

great stuff do more!

ps. i would only advice you to add more stuff in the background, but considering that this was in the middle of a fire, i guess no background is needed in here :P
also, whats the story behind this piece? who was the hero? (i guess he had a sword :) b)
what happened, and how he ended up in this way?

good art!

Rhunyc responds:

Thank you a ton for the nice review! :) I'm glad you like the style I've got with this one. :)

As far as story.. What ever you want it to be! I didn't have too much in mind while painting this, other than "oh yeah this guy didn't see the apocalypse comin'" :) Sometimes it's just fun to let the music tell the story and paint what you hear. :)

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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