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ah, this is such a great drawing!

indeed, with the rank of the super moderator being used as the ''pun'' title of ''super momerator'', i am a high-ranked user on the CC chat...
with that being said, im always friendly to all the members of the group, old and new, experienced and novice alike, for we are all friends in this group!

as for your drawing, i like how you've drawn the goofy bluestone clock, with his messy hair, the random .swf file on his head, and the rubber-ducky loated next to him: he is so funny!
i also like how you've drawn waffle-clock, jamba clock, UFO-clock and you, redbook clock!
your clock-eye expressions are awesome, and i love that you've drawn BB10 as the ''super mod''/super ''mom'' of the group, hence helping all the members with their animations, with the chat's rules and generally being helpful.

its nice to help other people and to show them around in the group.

you are a promising flash animator, and a good artist, so this is a great tribute to me, and i thank you very much.
keep drawing+animating cool stuff like this, and remain awesome!

RealRedbookClock responds:

Thank you boi.

hahahaha! i remember this episode of powerpuff girls, so it makes your drawing even more recognizable+funny...
i LOVE this pic!

you've drawn the 3 criminals perfectly, and i like both the details on their PPG-costumes/masks and on their angry mouth expressions, on their gestures and on their poses.
redhead criminals angry face and skinny hands/body are nicely drawn like in the cartoon, while the blossom's mask has a large wave of (fake) hair, i like how they wave as the redhead ''blossom'' criminal moves around...
also the other muscular thugs are nicely drawn as well, and both their design+poses are accurate as well.

the linework is nice, the drawings are really accurate and true to the original cartoon, and everything's nicely executed, in a way that makes this pic very, very funny.
excellent work, man!

also, its worth mentioning that the silly jokes+the wild stories like this one are some of the reasons why many people watched the powerpuff girls show.
it was funny, wild, with many cool jokes, references and many crazy stories like this one with the criminals dressing up as the PPG's.

the old PPG cartoon was great, but sadly the new PPG ''cartoon'' is a broken, unfunny SJW-funded show, a show without any humour, art or creativity in it.
its not worth it to kill humour+creativity for the sake of some SJW's who dont even watch the show in the first place...
anyways, i digress, but thats my opinion and i wanted to share it here.

as for your art, its amazing, man!
keep up the great work, you are awesome.

HugoVRB responds:

Chris!! Sorry for the late response, but thank you so much!!
I am very glad you like my work. And I totally agree about the new ppg show. This would`ve rocked even more haha.
Your opinion is welcome.

thats why i never trust vegans, lol!

ah, once again, you've created a visual masterpiece, ren!

the clock's ''faces''+eye/face expressions were great, their bodies/objects were nicely drawn as well, the linework was nice, and the colours were vivid.
but what is more impressive, is/are the (many) small details in this comic.

i noticed, that, as renegade clock made fun of leek's ''hippie coffee'', leek's ''hair'' (or leaves) got darker, dirtier and more withered, if i may say that.
the same thing happened with leek's clock, which got a darker ''eye'' expression, and a more detailed, darker appearance as well. (in the clock-eye's general design).

things got even worse for leek's appearance as he approached his ''pantry''.
you've managed to portray the insanity+darkness of an evil person into a clock's appearance. impressive!

apart from this obviously nice progression between ''peaceful'' and ''absolutely evil'', i liked the design+the appearance of the other clocks as well:
the friendly, and cheerful renegade clock (who wore an adorable xmas/winter hat), the brave bb10, who is incorrectly shown as dead (since all clocks are immortal), the surprising (yet beautiful) cameo of bluestone clock (whose stone-body and hair are drawn with incredible details, great work!), and the brave vuvuzella clock, who stood silent in all this horror. (but was nicely drawn as well).

every single character in this comic was drawn perfectly in this.
you are a great artist, ren, and i love the humour in your comics.
its always an honour to appear in your comics, even if my main OC plays the role of a corpse, lol!
still: its a great comic, full of many cool details, and with a great design.
the linework, the character's expressions, each part is flawlessly drawn into perfection.

you should make more CC comics, if you want, you have mad skills!
keep up the great work!

RenegadeClock responds:

tl;dr Thanks BB!

wow! what an excellent story, what an excellent idea, and what a cool way to reshape this idea, into a cool MGS parody!
i loved your flash movie, i liked this idea (it was funny), and its needless to say, that i love this poster as well...

great linework, the portraits of the characters are great and very similar to the MGS artwork style... also, i love that you've drawn both the main hero with the night-vision goggles, AND the smaller, more detailed drawings of solid owen and liquid owen, because you've drawn them PERFECTLY, and they really look like owen wilson...
great details, great job on the face expression of the actor, and its a really funny thing to behold.
also, its cool as heck.

what can i say?
its a great drawing, with great poses, great linework and great face designs+face expressions of owen wilson.
also its a great idea, an idea that poked fun at some wild rumours about owen wilson starring in action movies in the 00's... hahaha.

perfect work. 10/10.
keep it up!

CatFat responds:

Thanks for the review!

So P O S I T I V E! :D

excellent drawing, flawless work on his face expression, in his wrinkles, and on his eyes/face, while i also like the clever pun about the big political dilemma that existed in the people's minds during that time...

good work, nicely drawn, and with a clever thought in it...
keep it up!

Narmak responds:

Thank you so much!

woah! great drawing of how the jamba-clock joined the CC!
i really like it...

i am impressed by how you've drawn jamba clock and his face/clock-expression, while he is leaping up and he's holding the coveted CC-membership, a thing that is truly a great internet achievement.(i still remember the day that i got clockified/accepted in the CC).

i also like that you've drawn the other clocks in a hazy way.
it looks as if, everyone else in the crowd is being hazy/fazed/foggy, as if jamba-clock's moment dominates the scene, and its truly the most luminous event of the day...

good drawing, i hope to see many more stuff like this from you, you're good!
keep it up!

JambaClock responds:

Did I ever tell you that was actually from the ending of the Spongebob Movie 1?

lolz! excellent joke about hank's mental/physical condition...
he certainly isnt looking well...

good work, and a funny use of the traditional madness drawings of hank.
keep up the good work.

kirxee responds:

Thanks mate

absolutely stunning drawing!

the details, such as the human bodies/the anatomy/their poses/their faces+their skin texture, are amazing.
everything in this drawing is so realistic, that you could say that this is a recoloured photo, with new, more cheerful/lively colours drawn on top of it.
its that good!

i like how the young man ''nurture''(?), hugs the seemingly distant lady, which is ''ms nature''.
(i assume that the man is nurture, due to the family taking care of the child, shown in his crown, on the top of his head, while the woman has roses, and a pair of DNA double helix elements on top of her head, thus, making her ''the power of nature'', in this analogy.

their pose, and their embrace looks beautiful, and VERY natural/realistic, thus making this a beautiful picture, with a very strong message inside.

i guess, when it comes to the human nature (on our personality), its mostly nature+a (smaller) part of nurture that does the work.
i guess we have alot of things to learn, but still: people are a mystery, and they always are worth exploring.

overall, this is a GREAT, realistic+beautiful painting, and i would love to see more pics like this from you in the future... you are a very good artist, so keep up the good work!

PS: last but not least, i have to say it: the young couple's faces, vaguely remind me of ''king tommen'' and of ''queen daenerys'', from G.O.T. (a popular TV fantasy series).
its a beautiful (even if slight) resemblance, and i like it alot!

zephyo responds:

Thank you for the great message! Your assumptions on their identity are correct :)

i wont lie to you; you draw impressive/fearsome/charming dragons.

ofcourse, this dragon is torched/damaged/malnourished, and it's meant to represent the general decay that reigns in the D.S universe....
but still, i would love to see a ''strong'', well-formed, solid dragon drawn by you.(or even a dragoness)
it would be awesome!

(also, would you consider drawing a DS1 dragon? it would be great as well!)

now, once again, this is a great drawing, and i like the dragon's glowing eyes, its muscular/famished anatomy+its interesting pose, its glowing/flamy hands+body, and the excellent shading/lighting effects, along with the realistic texture and the vivid colours.

its truly an awesome drawing!

you are very good, keep up the good work!!!

themefinland responds:

Thanks mate! I do in fact probably have what you are looking for in my deviantart gallery:
I haven't uploaded everything here on newgrounds so you may find some new things there! You know, now that you mention it, I think I may just draw the dark souls 1 dragon form once again sometime soon!

wow... this is a very AWESOME, detailed, and beautiful drawing!
its so dark, and so mysterious... i like how you cleverly use nice shading/lighting effects, and that the creature is tall, impressive, and scary, with nicely drawn scales, strange horns on its head, 3 eyes (two on its face, closed, and 1 large on the top of its head, open), many fingers, and with glowing runic signs on its body.

also, despite the creature's fearsome appearance, its pose/gesture, indicate the nature of a calm, reasonable intellectuall, a wise creature that is here to teach things, to enlighten people, and not to destroy them.

hence the matching title, ''antithesis''. (the opposite(s)).
wisdom and stoicism, in one creepy package.

i like how it holds its hand in a V shape/gesture, and it thus makes the ''enlightment'' movement, in order to teach everything to the viewer/ to the narrator.

also, the story is great as well: i loved all the details, and the nice/atmospheric narrative.

overall, you did a GREAT work, please do more stuff like this, keep it up... you rock!

themefinland responds:

Thanks a lot for the very in depth comment man! It was very nice to read that, and hear your interpretations on this, which were pretty much spot on. Worry not however, as I will keep on drawing and you will most likely see stuff like this in the future :)

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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