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absolutely stunning drawing!

the details, such as the human bodies/the anatomy/their poses/their faces+their skin texture, are amazing.
everything in this drawing is so realistic, that you could say that this is a recoloured photo, with new, more cheerful/lively colours drawn on top of it.
its that good!

i like how the young man ''nurture''(?), hugs the seemingly distant lady, which is ''ms nature''.
(i assume that the man is nurture, due to the family taking care of the child, shown in his crown, on the top of his head, while the woman has roses, and a pair of DNA double helix elements on top of her head, thus, making her ''the power of nature'', in this analogy.

their pose, and their embrace looks beautiful, and VERY natural/realistic, thus making this a beautiful picture, with a very strong message inside.

i guess, when it comes to the human nature (on our personality), its mostly nature+a (smaller) part of nurture that does the work.
i guess we have alot of things to learn, but still: people are a mystery, and they always are worth exploring.

overall, this is a GREAT, realistic+beautiful painting, and i would love to see more pics like this from you in the future... you are a very good artist, so keep up the good work!

PS: last but not least, i have to say it: the young couple's faces, vaguely remind me of ''king tommen'' and of ''queen daenerys'', from G.O.T. (a popular TV fantasy series).
its a beautiful (even if slight) resemblance, and i like it alot!

zephyo responds:

Thank you for the great message! Your assumptions on their identity are correct :)

i wont lie to you; you draw impressive/fearsome/charming dragons.

ofcourse, this dragon is torched/damaged/malnourished, and it's meant to represent the general decay that reigns in the D.S universe....
but still, i would love to see a ''strong'', well-formed, solid dragon drawn by you.(or even a dragoness)
it would be awesome!

(also, would you consider drawing a DS1 dragon? it would be great as well!)

now, once again, this is a great drawing, and i like the dragon's glowing eyes, its muscular/famished anatomy+its interesting pose, its glowing/flamy hands+body, and the excellent shading/lighting effects, along with the realistic texture and the vivid colours.

its truly an awesome drawing!

you are very good, keep up the good work!!!

themefinland responds:

Thanks mate! I do in fact probably have what you are looking for in my deviantart gallery:
I haven't uploaded everything here on newgrounds so you may find some new things there! You know, now that you mention it, I think I may just draw the dark souls 1 dragon form once again sometime soon!

wow... this is a very AWESOME, detailed, and beautiful drawing!
its so dark, and so mysterious... i like how you cleverly use nice shading/lighting effects, and that the creature is tall, impressive, and scary, with nicely drawn scales, strange horns on its head, 3 eyes (two on its face, closed, and 1 large on the top of its head, open), many fingers, and with glowing runic signs on its body.

also, despite the creature's fearsome appearance, its pose/gesture, indicate the nature of a calm, reasonable intellectuall, a wise creature that is here to teach things, to enlighten people, and not to destroy them.

hence the matching title, ''antithesis''. (the opposite(s)).
wisdom and stoicism, in one creepy package.

i like how it holds its hand in a V shape/gesture, and it thus makes the ''enlightment'' movement, in order to teach everything to the viewer/ to the narrator.

also, the story is great as well: i loved all the details, and the nice/atmospheric narrative.

overall, you did a GREAT work, please do more stuff like this, keep it up... you rock!

themefinland responds:

Thanks a lot for the very in depth comment man! It was very nice to read that, and hear your interpretations on this, which were pretty much spot on. Worry not however, as I will keep on drawing and you will most likely see stuff like this in the future :)

wow, this is VERY impressive!
great work, man!

i like that you've drawn everyone's character as a clock-pokemon-combination: so, topcatyo looks like a pikachu, flounderman looks like a fishy pokemon, phantomcat looks like a haunter, soup looks like the pokeball-shaped voltorb creature, and strawberry clock, is shaped like the onix rock-pokemon...

indeed, its impressive, VERY creative, and visually pleasing, as a result.
i wonder, what pokemon would BB10 be, if he was pokemon-combined?

nice linework, good drawings of all the characters, clever use of clocks as pokemons and of rob-clock as ash, good shading, and vivid colours.
once again, you have created a great tribute for the clockcrew, and i am really touched by your dedication to the CC.

keep up the great work, and remain awesome!
you rock!
(happy clockday!)

Luwano responds:

Flounderman is Magikarp and I considered Magnemite for BB10. I worked to slow to add another row (3 more characters) of Pokémon / Clock crossovers though. Sorry.

Thanks a lot for your review and the kind words. Happy Clock Day!

dear BREAD, thats scary as hell...

i like the details on its soulless eyes, i like the shine on its black pupils/the empty holes for a nose(or the lack of a nose), i like the (extremely) long+scary mouth with the pointy teeth, and i like the overall ''wet'', and slimy look on the monsters skin/face/claws.

it has a very nice face expression (haunting), and both the creature's pose/skin texture/shining/lighting+shading effects, its grotesque anatomy and its pose are perfect.
you've even drawn it with some (strange) white hair on its head! nice touch!

you have incredible art skills, and im impressed (and scared) by your great drawing.
ignore whoever tells you that you art ''isnt good''. IT IS GOOD.
you are one of the masters of the horror.
you should draw H.P. lovecrafts characters one day in the near future...
it would be nice.

anyways, keep up the good work!

awesome drawing!

i like the robots (final) face expression, its so disturbing and scary...
i also like the fact that this image is changing colours, between blue/red and grey... clever detail!
(is this a .GIF pic? also, how can i do that to my drawings as well?)

the robot has a cool pose, some really nicely designed arms/body/hands/circuits and a creepy face, while the gun+the words written on the robot are also nice details as well.

my only question about this, is: WHO is batty, and whats the backstory in this drawing?
oh, and the swastika means that he's an evil robot, right?

really nice drawing, you did a great job as always, sir.
your robotic drawings are spectacular.

deathink responds:

Thanks a real lot Chris.
Yeah, this is a .gif animation.
As for batty, batty is the main antagonist in "Blade Runner". He is a synth. If you haven't ever seen it, definitely do.

nice landscape...
i like the snowy surface of the ground, and the detailed drawings of: the (snowy) trees, the distant mountains, the small cottage in the middle of the pic, and the curious moose that appears from the viewer's left side.

all in all, its a nicely drawn pic, with excellent brushwork, good use of few colours, and with good shading/lighting effects.

keep up the good work!

it might sound cliche as well, but dude...
this would indeed look awesome as a horror pixel game! its awesome!

i like the creaking door's animation of the small cabinet (the door that is moving in the cabinet), the blood dripping animation is excellent, the rain-drop animation from the window is also excellent, and the gory details on your character's death are very cool and nicely designed... (the (still) beating heart in his right hand, the severed left hand, the broken neck/the blood dripping from his mouth, the exposed ribcage, and the moving guts, to name a few things...)

your great pixel-work reminds me of the old (scary) game of ''horror house'', where the protagonsit shot undead people ina dungeon. messy stuff, bad stuff.

anyways, you did a GREAT drawing/GIF, and you should find a programmer to collaborate with, because you have good skills!

keep up the good work.

i won't lie, your character has a nice bikini body!! XD

nice drawing, all of the characters look awesome, and the black-beard guy has a HUGE censor-bar, which hides his equally huge manhood..(lol)

also the white-beard guy looks OK.

whats the story behind the drawing?
who are those characters? (except from your character)

nice pixel-work, good drawing.

DiamondEclipse responds:

Story is when i was betting with friend at the bar that i can drink 5 gallons of beer and i lost, so i had to wear a bikini for 24 hours
Characters, The black beard is actually my friend who plays TF2, he plays alot of engineer
White beard... That is not a beard, but a mask, procedure mask and again, this is medic from TF2.... Too bad he got a sunburn slap on the kidney by engineer, you see that he has a metal hand, yes he slapped him with it
About me... Well, i am just a puff of smoke who can shape shift.... What? It's not like you wanted boobs or something without making it look awkward
In the background is just ED-E (Eyebot) from Fallout and a shark

uhh, i dont get the joke in this, but both characters are visually interesting, detailed, and nicely drawn.
good mini-comic.

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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