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wow, this is a really accurate drawing of david bowie in his ''ziggy stardust'' stage, i like how you drew his eyes/face/nose/mouth, everything on his face looks VERY realistic, with some really realistic lighting/shading effects.

his eyes look really life-like; same thing is true about his mouth as well, it looks like a real mouth from a photo, and thats why this shine on his lips is such a good artistic move, its because it makes the human lips to look alot more life-like, just like we draw the eyes with a ''liquid, teary-like'' state, so that they are vivid, and liquid, just like the eyes in a real-person.

overall, his face is PERFECT, and really life-like, especially the eyes/nose/mouth parts, while his neck is realistic and has a nice shine on light on it, and his hair/facepaint look really good, and nicely drawn as well.

all in all, i have to say thats its sad to see people go, and its also sad to see pleasant, cool people and good artists like david bowie to leave this earth, so early like that.
may he rest in peace.

you did a good tribute.

wow, what a nice and festive drawing! :D
i like it alot, it seems that those two elves are having alot of fun building a huge snow-statue of rickarla!

i gotta say, rickarla looks awesome+sexy at all times, even when depicted in snow-statues.
i like her muscular build, her large boobs, as well as the cool, yet always ''angry'' face of hers.

also, those 2 elven/troll girls look cool(ofcourse the blue one is your femboy orc hanavi, but still, he's/she's nicely drawn), and its designed with good colours, nice shading and a cool pose for each character.

PS: who's the red-hair elf? she looks cool.

overall, its a nice festive drawing.
good work, and have happy holidays!

such violence!
only a french person would appreciate all this massacre!
sacre bleu!

i felt bad for the poor animal, but im certain that rolling stone and R.E.M stone will avenge this animal's sacrifice!

also thats a badass drawing of a stone wizard.
everything, from his stone-skin to his stone-hat, to his scary eye, and his general brutallity/design, is perfect!
i also liked the rolling stone's reflection on the stone-wizard's eye. nice touch.

all in all, this was perfect, and it was a magnificent promo/ad/guest strip for the stones of anarchy.
yes, you are drawing magnificent drawings, and i love your works.
(you should draw more clock comics tho, if you want, because they are hillarious and awesome!)

good work, keep it up!

a really sexy drawing of a lean, athletic girl.
i love her wide shoulder, her boobs, her nice belly, her face and those toned thighs!
she has a nice pose, and all the linework+colours are nicely drawn.

overall, its a really cool drawing of a female scout/medic, and i like it.
is this from the team fortress game or from an anime show?

either way, its good.

GregoryShitcock responds:

thanks. It's from Evolve.

this is a great drawing of my character, BB10, and i love it.
i shall repeat myself, and i will say in my review that:

this was a GREAT tribute!
i love this drawing of BB10, it is so detailed and nicely drawn...
i loved the shading/lighting effects that you've added in this pic, and i liked the great shading that you did to BB10's body/costume, while everything, from his costume, to his pose, to his sword, everything was perfect!

also, your drawing of BB10 has an ''anime'' feel, so it felt like he was an anime character from a japanese show, and i liked that alot!
i might add that the clock on the sword, and the clock-face in the background were also nice and clever details as well.

overall, a great drawing, and a really nice, detailed drawing of my character!
BB10 approves!



PsychoticRat responds:

Thanks man! Glad you like it. Also, thanks for writing a comment about it. They really help me figure out what I did right and wrong, and make me want to draw even more. Thanks again!

wow, this is a really nice drawing of a classic coffee-shop building, complete with arches, elaborate window-tops with brick decorative elements, a crest on the very top+sides of the building, and some cool logo's and banners on the middle-to-bottom side of the building!

also, the colouring is nice, and the overall drawing is pretty and nice to watch.
this will make a good background for a flash game.

also, i should tell you that you must add the tag ''frappe'' in your drawing tags, because it's a special kind of coffee (frozen coffee, usually enjoyed without anything fancy, like the freddo coffee does.)

other than that, you did a perfect job!
good drawing, mate!

those are some versatile boobies! :D
splendid pic, i would love to see more like this! :)

you did a great job, sir.

woah! very impressive, cool and powerful!
she's a strong orcess, and i like her build/pose/style!

also the details on her leather armour, her bandana, her hair/face expression, and on her abs, are amazing!

very cool work, i would like to see more orcess pics...

wow, those are some hot goblin girls!
they match with the sexy look of a pin-up model, and each of them has her own unique style/pose/attitude!
nice work mate... plz draw more goblin girls/more like this...
you rock!

wow, thats a really nice artwork of a cyborg-dude!

i like strange colours on his mechanism/brain in the dome, while his eye's/face expression looks rather cool and matches with the DBZ spirit...

the flames and the burning buildings look awesome and done in great detail, the mechanism on his head looks also very elaborate and VERY detailed/complicated, (so its v. awesome...), and his clothes look cool. (the dark cape around his shoulders).

oh, and i love the transparent effect on his dome, that reveals his brain/mechanism, its a really cool thing, and you've done it correctly.

you once again did an awesome drawing, and you should draw more DBZ characters, i like your style!
keep it up! :D

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.

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