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a really nice clock tribute.

i like the details in his hands, his clock/face, and the shading+lighting effects are really good.
also the picture is quite funny.

good job, and... strawberry clock is the king!!!
keep it up!

very impressive!

like mr. SwedeNotCabbage said in his review below me, this drawing DOES remind me of ''alice in wonderland'', mainly due to the hooded-figure's twisted smile, and squinted cunning eyes. so because of that, he reminds me of chesire cat.
he is very similar with him...

but that doesnt remove anything from the picture, if anything, it makes it even more awesome!
the hooded character looks very nicely drawn, with excellent details on his sinister face, with an equally sinister face expression, and some nice rugged clothes.

his claws/hands/nails look rather impressive elegant and creepy, nice work!

also the appearance of tea makes this quite cool, while the girl has a nice striped costume, a cute teddy, and her eyes look ''lost'' and glassy, so i assume that she is drugged now?
mainly due to the ''tea''?

anyway, this looks very awesome and promising, so if your comic is still a WIP, please complete it, and work on the sequels, it will be an incredibly good/wonderful comic to read!

keep up the good work, its r. nice!
you rock! :D

very nice drawing of a pretty girl!

i like the girl's beautiful face, the details in her eyes/nose/body, the microphone looks excellent, with awesome lighting/shading effects(same goes for the girl ofc), and i also like the texture/style on her skin/clothes.

looks quite realistic.

you did a great work, plz draw more like this!

this is a very magnificent picture!
a great drawing of gladstone/gastone, drawn with MANY, realistic details, and great shading/lighting.
it is SO good, and SO realistic, that it is quite creepy, in a way.
its a very nice, atmospheric, impressive and highly realistic/creepy artwork that brings alot of nostalgia back to me.

gastone always looked like the duck that would gamble his way in order to get money.
after all, he is very lucky, the odds are in his favor! ;)

i also like the details, such as the smoke of his cigar forming a 3-leaf clover, and i also like his face expression, which is smug/pleased, and i like the details on his clothes and on his trademark-styled hair, its pretty cool! :D

it is a really cool thing, and you should draw more disney's ducks like this.
its awesome!
(if you want, that is! :P)

excellent work, you are a superb artist.

DocLew responds:

Oh gosh, thank you so much! Glad you like it, you're too kind!
( Maybe I'll draw other ducks in the future, I found this so funny to do :) )


mario supports this coin 5/5

a truly dark, beautiful and badass drawing right there.
i LOVE the black and red details, and the fact that you used ONLY red & black as your colours in this pic, since the madness universe only shows us black, grey and red as colours(and the occasional yellow blood of the 1337 agents).

also, i LOVE the stature, and the realistic poses of hank & jeebs.
(is it jeebs? who is the guy with the revolver? i assume its jeebs, because he has the huge revolver, and he also said ''i managed to grab it back'', therefore he got his ''halo'' back from the auditor, who stole it from him.)

anyway, you drew both hank and jeebs with GREAT detail, great stature and with realistic poses, while their anatomy is so well-done, that they look like humans...

i also like hank's armour, the tarnished street sign, his glowing eyes and the awesome cape that he has.. also i like how he covers his eyes from the dusty-winds....

as for jeebs(or whoever that guy is), i like his pose, his trenchcoat, his gun and i LOVE how the dark halo glows in his hands, all that while hovering..

overal, its a GREAT drawing, of a GREAT event, taking place in the height of the madness series.
a seriously impressive work, of a seriously talented artist.

you are great, keep it up!
and do more like this, please!!

Rhunyc responds:

Oh wow, quite the lengthy review! I honestly do appreciate it! Thank you very much. :D Oh and yes that's Jeebs :)

a very sexy techno-warrior girl!
i love her body/anatomy, and her sexed-up face expression, its great!

cool stuff, plz do more!

wow, really nice drawing of marceleine!
also, great rack!

im loving this.. plz do more!

really nice drawing of a sexy elf girl.
i like her pose, her uncertain face expression, and her outfit.
the way she's facing in that direction, preparing for the next threat/battle and her face expression show us that she has to decide about her next fight...
as for the armour/clothes, they are very nicely drawn, as well as her sword/shield as well!
great girl, great body, nice drawing!

plz do more like this!

InnovativeHentai responds:

Why thank you! Yeah, I tried to put some thought into what this pose was going to convey, and I appreciate you thinking about that and commenting!

very nice drawing of a naga-girl....
i like her anatomy,her scary snake-like face/mouth and eyes, (especially the mouth, its very snake-like, while the eyes are also narrow enough in order to be considered ''snake-like''..)
as for her pose, its sexy, i like how she's leaning on the rock, and both her human body, and her snake body are very nicely drawn and posing in a cool angle.
it should be also noted that her breasts are really nice, and the colouring/anatomy is great.

a really nice drawing, you do cool stuff!

InnovativeHentai responds:

Thanks again! Yeah, I wanted to capture some of that snake-ness in her face/head. Glad you like it!

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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