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nice eye, is it from MLP?
i bet it is!

anyway, good work, and keep drawing stuff

SexyFurryGal responds:

No my own! :v

nice drawing of both jeebs and of the auditor.
if only krinkels concluded the battles....

oh well, nice art, and i like the gloomy background,s fits the madness style of the movies.
did you draw the characters all by yourself, man? they are very good. (especially jeebs)
if you did them on your own, then good for you, because it's perfect.

nice, do more!

hmmm... 4 versus one? unfair battle :/

anyway, i think dchuyv was the best combatant, since he single-handedly disarmed the giant, and thus made it easier for the team to defeat him.

other than that, the artwork was good, and the drawings were nice.
did you draw all the characters in this from scratch? if so, then YOU ARE GOOD.
if you used sprites, then meh, nice use of the sprites.

also the bodies of the madness guys have....man chests?!
that element seems wierd on them.

anyway, nice drawing, i liked it alot.

i assume she's an expert in sex training, huh ;)
i would like an assistant like that, haha

good drawing, its nice and sexy.

nice work, i like her ''silly'' expression, and it makes her look cute, at least until we look on her bloody knife....lol

the body is drawn well, the legs and the waist is fine, you could work more on the shoulders area, and the hands...are not shown?
or the feet.

oh well, its a good picture, and the lack of a background is good, because this image needs the mystery.
good work, man!

SileNt-Sam responds:

thx ^^

nice work, tho ther are some anatomy problems in this one.

i think that her breasts are way too wide for a normal body type (unless they are pressed by the spell-book), (and they had an odd shape, but if its from the book being pressed onto them, then it's ok.)
and the waist is also very wide for her body. i might say that her eyes are a bit too far from each-other
nice picture, i just think that your other drawings are alot better than this in anatomy-speaking.
dont worry about my comment, i just want to help out :D
keep it up man, you are very good!

nice drawing, i particularly liked the tank, it was very well made, and the angry guy looks very cool, and tribal as well.

from what game is he from?
anyway, nice drawing, and good style, you should draw more!


when i saw this a few seconds ago, i said ''man, thats a photo'', but then i realised that its not.
VERY well-done, and an epic piece of art.

and its your first self-portrait? come on! XD
you're very good, man!

how did you do this? coal, and pencils? chalk? seems very well done. the face is scaringly realistic, and the shirt is simple on design.

but the face(and thats the point), is very well done, and VERY realistic!
do you use a reference when you draw portraits? i do it, unless if my friends pose for me.

anyways, excellent work, very well-done!
do more, you are talented!

wartynewt responds:

thanks! :) yes i use reference, i can also draw people in real life but i mostly work digitally

extremely well-done gore and realistic violence.
this piece both scares me, and impresses me.

VERY good work, i like it.
do more!

Rhunyc responds:

Thank you very much, I appreciate that. :)

very good portrait here, you did an EXCELLENT, and very realistic loki here, nothing more to say, you deserve the frontpage sir.

epic work.

you MUST make more.

ps. if i ask you, will you draw my portrait?

wartynewt responds:

Thanks! i do commissions but not for free.

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.

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