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wow, what a great comic!
you did great depictions of iron-clock, miracle(fruit), and of the party guests...
and you did great job on drawing rob-clock as the delivery-boy, clever cameo right here....!
also, your drawing of iron-clock was super-accurate, due to the hollow-head, and he had a badass armour too!

i just loved how miracle-fruit did all those things for him, man!
free pizza? GET! (i thought for a second that you would do the ''screwdriver buys you a free pizza' thing in the comic, but it was far from it.) free beer? GET!
more...time? BOOM!

hahaha, good comic, its a good thing i wasnt invited in this party, it would be dangerous.
the comic tho, was delicious! do more, man! you have mad skills, and epic humour, top notch stuff!

RenegadeClock responds:

Actually, BB10, you were in the trunk of the car. LOL si u!

excellent, insane, and very detailed.
its nice to see an epic comic created from some random(?) memes....
also i loved how you added some memes cleverly in the panels, like the one of ''i KNOW that feel, bro''
lolz, or the ''i know rite'' meme, the doge meme as his pet, and etc etc etc and so on.
great expressions, and great way of turning this into a mega-story with a huge legend.

i quite enjoyed this.
you have skillz, so yeah, do more stuff like this.
also the ending was great!

sexy take on fin?
i like it, pretty original, and well-drawn.

do more of her, i love the pose, and her face expression.
also nice body.

SileNt-Sam responds:

thx ^^

excellent work!
i was there when this drawing was created/happening, and i must say that it was great, and that it looks even cooler with all this shading!

as for the character design of the astronaut, excellent drawing, epic work, insane details.
i also loved it that the comic had some scenes from the ''gravity''. clever.

as for the ending, hahahaha, astronaut sure had a sh*tty day.
now he has to fight them with his ''BEAR'' hands! (see what i did there?)
(i changed ''bare'' with...you know!)

anyhow, once again, renegade clock did an amazing comic, filled with humour, great shading, amazing artwork, and with lots of cool little details (like the red B on the ''nasa'' logo the astronaut had on his chest.

keep it up, you R good!

RenegadeClock responds:

Thank you, as always, BB10! Hey, where's your comics?

very nice, i hope that you will do more like this, keep drawing nice girls!
cool stuff.

odd picture.
but i cant help it:
i just LOVE seeing weaboo-knights, in templar armor, and being badasses, and following the commands of a nyancat(TM) and of their trusty leader, Ms. crazy purple girl.
her face expression looks like that of a fanatic, am i right?

good drawing, pretty cool.

hmmmm spicy! ;)
i like how you name the girls with whore's names. so, when will cinnamon, pepper, salt and oregano will dance around?
nice girl, draw more!

amazing. incredibly well done, and epic!
i love the drawings of the characters themselves, but also i LOVE how you did their face(?) expressions, i liked satellites confused look when pop-tart was summoning the evil thing (from lovecrafts books, you gotta see this guys!) and it was a clever take on the forums joke (like what would someone say if someone complained about the noise one man does with his blender).
EXCELLENT work, i can't stress it enough, i loved it.
so dark and twisted, and so well-portrayed.
bravo! bravo!
(also the drawing of the evil creature guy was epic, nice anatomy)
do more sir, you have skills.

RenegadeClock responds:

Thanks as always BB10! When are you going to make your Flash? Make it!!! >:(

nice work, once again, clever, fresh, and with lotsa humour in it! (my favorite type of comics!)
also, the designs on ms.sonic/ms.robotnik are very clean, well-drawn, and sexy, so i like this alot.
also the face expressions of her are spot-on, and very cool/funny.
i must also add that i loved the part where the machine tried to fix her tie, and shoved/shaked it deeper in her boobs... haha, and the expression, was...great!

your friend brellom also did a nice colouring, very good, and crystal-clear, so it did your art justice.
keep him in your collaborators list ;)
all in all, thats a good, fresh and neat drawing/comic, and i would love to see more things like this.
keep it up, mate!

neat-o! i love how you did her face, body, and expressions overall! very nice and fresh artistic style, i like that drawing style, it looks awesome, man.
BTW, i also like her different hair styles, very clever, thats a new thing, v. original, good job!
i love the part where the dude takes a photot of her being sexy with his mobile phone, thats fun, lol
anyways, good art, do more.. you have the skills.

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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