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well, amazing work as always. great textures, amazingly realistic fruits, so real that you can touch them, if you try to reach them a little closer.
what medium did you used for this? oil on canvas, temperaux, or digital works? either way, it's infinitely epic.

i love this, and i like how (since this is a dream), they hover in the air, like they are weightless and free.... amazing.

great work, do more sir. you have great skills, and a big talent in yo, keep it up!

RenegadeClock responds:

Thank you. This one is oil on canvas paper.

haha, nice orwelian-style dark age- new terror in the dystopia situation, m8.
good painting, i love the contrast between the colour-less apple, and the red, grim eviroment in the background.
i guess thats the impact mankind(or clockkind?!) had on the enviroment, by building too many factories and polluting the world.
good message here.
why that crack exists in the ground? for the enviromental message?

either way, a good piece, and despite it's own simple(?) style, it has a nice impact on the viewer.
nice work mate.

RenegadeClock responds:

The crack represents your butt. And the apple is poop. lololololololol

one of your most epic paintings.
i remember back in 06 (i think), that a high-quality print of this was the big prize in clockday of 06.
i was in awe when i first saw this, and i still get that feeling of excitement and the grandeur of epicness, because this is so well drawn, and has such epic lighting in it, that its amazing.

great work. did you do it with oil on canvas, aquarelles, or digital painting?
either way, its awesome, and im glad to be one of the first guys to review it.
great artworks, do more, you have great skill man.

RenegadeClock responds:

Thanks BB! The medium is oil pastels on black paper.

amazing, love the designs on both the red-hair lady, and on the robotic girl, but on the male butler as well. whats the story behind this, tho?

great drawing, you have skills, do more man.

well, that is a nice comic!
also, the protagonist is way too ungrateful for this, every creature in this post-apocalyptic society is O.K, and he keeps telling to himself that everything is terrible.
pffft! the mad max bikers are (relatively) friendly, the underground cannibal women didnt seemed too interested in eating him, and the giant-PC-worm moster was more interested in chatting with him, rather than eating him.
so, all in all, it's a good society...if you like mutands, and internet jokes.
and there's always the zombie killing, relax, duder!

good comic, great visuals, and interesting story!do more

haha, he seems too picky for a loner.
maybe after a few nights, he will rethink the rodents offer (ew).
good comic, and fun stuff with nice details, i loved the shadows that looked like a skull, nice touch.

interesting collage, hey is the guy on the top left mao? and whose girls boobs are those?
interesting combination of black-n-white photos with coloured ones as well!
keep it up.

man, what can i say? i LOVE this!
excellent character drawings (both patriot-clock's human face and realistic expressions, not to mention the epic expressions of the clock-eye, AND bb10's goofy and cheerful design...) and tha nice backgrounds, the good-and fun comic panels, and the epic design of the words, (like the word, ''harakiri'', you drew it like the pro's draw the action words, like the ''BANG!'' '' BOOM!'' or ''WOOSH!'' in the batman comics, for example.)
also, the humour was immense.
i was blown away.
seriously, great, hillarious, and awesome, please, please do more!
i see(si) great skill in your artworks! keep it up!

RenegadeClock responds:

Thanks dude! Keep working on that list. ;)

ho-man, i love this! excellent work!
i love the laser-rays on the bot's head, and how it has a red eye watching the action, and a huge gun to control the situation, but man i think the pic is blurry in the middle. was that on purpose?
if yes, then ok, its a nice pic
if not, then fix it , it is blurry.

(tho, in any way, better keep it clear rather than blurry in the middle, just blurry the back background, like the city buildings or something, and not the robot, it would be a great contrast if the robot was crystal clear, and the BG slightly blurry.

anyway, good art, it rocks so hard!

Tropicana responds:

Its slightly accidental. I just dont have time to sink into rendering everything.
Im glad you like it

nice robot. his face/red bandana reminds me slightly of the toon TMNT. am i right?
awesome bot, and nice weapon design, i like this alot.
i love the gun and the mechanisms on it, tho i think that the background should be less blurry, imho.
other than that, awesome work!

Tropicana responds:

Thanks bill, Ill sink more time in my upcoming stuff to make it not so blurry.

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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