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this is a fantastic drawing, mate!

i really like how nicely samegame is drawn, and especially the great details on his suit, tie, and on his lock-face as well.
the amount of detail and shading/lighting effects in here is amazing.

good formation of the character, nicely drawn, with clean lines and a good use of colours.
superb work, keep it up!

i cant even begin to say how much i love this drawing of my OC, BB10 clock.
thank you my friend for this huge honour, and keep making epic art!

i really like the shading+lighting details on the BB10's surface, as well as the details on his clock/''eye'' expression (i like it that he's happy in there!), and the colours look lovely too.

excellent design, keep up the good work!

amazing work!
great dark colours and a superb pose, really nice drawing,
keep up the good work!

wow, what a suspenseful duel between two powerful opponents: from one side blitzo of the famous ''helluva boss''s fame, VS goku from DBZ.

one would expect for the mighty goku to win, but alas, blitzo was stronger and better prepared than his adversary.

interesting designs, good humour and some truly meme worthy moments in there.
keep it up!

a fantastic pic, showing us mo krevorssons adventures in his house, as he casually sits in the sofa and he plays with his nintendo switch console...
thats a nicely drawn sofa and the main character looks cool too.

keep it up

Danishclock responds:

Thank you very much, what a lovely comment! :)

a superb drawing of the cheerful, yet conflicted hero of poland, mr christov christianson, who in 1948 tried to save his hometown from a wasp invasion due to a misplaced honey+jam sandwitch.
his face is nicely drawn, his eyes are ecstatic, his hands are OK, and his smile is fearsome, especially if you will combine it with his eyes and the lack of a nose.
his hair are alright and his blue uniform is nicely drawn too, bravo my good sir.

all in all, a splendid drawing, plz draw more pics like this one.
keep it up!

Danishclock responds:

Okay thank you Chris

this looks fantastic, my friend!
clean lines, good colours, and a nice clock/eye expression for BB10, thanks for the cool cameo, its a lovely picture, keep up the good work!

ShrimpClock responds:

Thanks, I will be sure to post more clock art.

fantastic work: this character is super original, fresh and with a unique outset in his entire ensemble.

good details on his face, hair and on his outfit too, while the shading is very nice and the picture is simply neat.
good work, keep it up!

fantastic work, moe looks extra chubby in this one.
and the blue sunglasses with the red shirt make for a nice contrast in his looks.

good work, keep it up!

Danishclock responds:

They are glasses, not sunglasses

Thanks Chris

its a masterpiece, its as evocative as the old gabriel drawing, but with a receding hairline and a larger forehead, while the classic yellow shirt remains a strong element of the drawing.
very good work, bravo hiii111!

Danishclock responds:

Thanks Chris

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.

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