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excellent drawing, flawless work on his face expression, in his wrinkles, and on his eyes/face, while i also like the clever pun about the big political dilemma that existed in the people's minds during that time...

good work, nicely drawn, and with a clever thought in it...
keep it up!

Narmak responds:

Thank you so much!

woah! great drawing of how the jamba-clock joined the CC!
i really like it...

i am impressed by how you've drawn jamba clock and his face/clock-expression, while he is leaping up and he's holding the coveted CC-membership, a thing that is truly a great internet achievement.(i still remember the day that i got clockified/accepted in the CC).

i also like that you've drawn the other clocks in a hazy way.
it looks as if, everyone else in the crowd is being hazy/fazed/foggy, as if jamba-clock's moment dominates the scene, and its truly the most luminous event of the day...

good drawing, i hope to see many more stuff like this from you, you're good!
keep it up!

JambaClock responds:

Did I ever tell you that was actually from the ending of the Spongebob Movie 1?

perfect portrait of this character.
she has perfectly drawn, realistic eyes, a nice nose, a realistic mouth with vampire-like teeth/fangs, she also has a nicely drawn realistic neck, luxurious, wild hair, a nicely designed set of headphones, and the promising start of a cleavage.

also yes: please add tits.
it will be great.

great work mate, i love it.


i LOVE the way you drew her, she has bowser's most cool/recognizable features, but unlike bowser, this version is of a sexy fem bowser, with a cute face, a naughty smile, a beautiful face, a great+gorgeous body, and with some nicely placed spikes+horns, while she also has PERFECT boobs, perfect ABS, great legs, and a beautiful design in general...
i also like how wild her hair is, and the fact that she has pointy teeth is both cute+terrifying.

what can i say? thats an amazing drawing of fem bowser! i love it.
please do more like this/more of her.
its amazing, and you are a great artist. 10/10.

really nice use of battle puns for the ''panzer'' tank destruction guide, and really nice anatomy of the trap-girl...(not a girl, right? oh my)

still, would you consider making a female version as well?
i like how you drew the butt/hair/overall pose in this one.

good work, and clever humour.

lolz! excellent joke about hank's mental/physical condition...
he certainly isnt looking well...

good work, and a funny use of the traditional madness drawings of hank.
keep up the good work.

kirxee responds:

Thanks mate

hey! im not that lonely! >: (


great 3-D design of BB10, done with great details, great shining/lighting/shading effects, with a nice, realistic pool-table designed in the background, a nice 3-D (old-school) clockface, and a very good work on the BB10's surface/texture/shine....
i mean, its not only realistic in its design, it also has a nice shine that reflects the enviroment around it, just like a real spherical object would do in real life...

GREAT 3-D design of BB10, i've seen it earlier before(in cc), but im very proud to find it in here as well...

thank you, i feel honoured.

keep up the great work!
you make awesome 3-D renders!

absolutely magnificent!

i love the contrast between the ''normal'', realistically drawn batman, (nicely coloured too!), with his suit and with the determined look on his face, and the ''darker'' batman, the one who hides in the shadows, the symbol of the city, the protector of gotham, and the criminal's worst nightmare....

its a very, VERY good drawing, showing to us, the two sides of batman: the man behind the symbol, and the symbol of gotham itself...

really nice drawing sir, keep it up!

wow, they are too beautiful/too feminine to be boys, but indeed, they are male! (woa!)
interesting alternate design of xanavi... in human form.
what are those runes on his forehead?
and whats the backstory of the human xanavi?

either way, its a beautiful drawing of the three guys, and i really like how you drew their faces, their (detailed) eyes, and their (also detailed) outfits...
especially xanavi's suit is VERY nice and with an intricate pattern on it... its very elegant! :)

great drawing as always, keep up the great work!

beautiful drawing of merinda the brave... (see what i did there?!)
i like how you drew her fluffy, wild hair, i like how you drew her piercing blue eyes, her beautiful face, the nicely drawn mouth, and i also like the details on her clothing,with the many patterns in the fabric, the necklace, the corset and the belt, while i also like her elegant pose, and i also like the pose of her hand that is holding the arrow, showing one of merinda's greatest skills; archery.

truly a beautiful and nicely drawn merinda, shown as a beautiful young woman.
great work sir, keep it up!

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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