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beautiful pic; i like how there is contrast between the large, rugged, strong, muscular guy, and the beautiful, elegand, slender (nicely shaped), and clever lady!

their face expressions are perfect...
i like how each one is ''reading'' each others mind (just like westwarren32 correctly stated below), and i like how they are waiting for the other person to make ''the first move''.

its a nice drawing, filled with many details, an interesting couple and alot of sexiness in the air.
the girl is amazing, and i love her beautiful face, her nicely shaped body, and her (awesome) cleavage.

great work, you should do more stuff like this.
keep up the great work!

wow, this is a very beautiful, elegant and sexy design of a protoss girl, i really like how you've combined mechanical elements with more ''fleshy'', human-shaped gel features...
i love her pose, i like her face(?) expression(?), i like her body anatomy, and all of the good linework/the awesome colouring in this pic.

great work, keep it up!

very... impressive. and awesome.

all of the characters are very detailed, with both anime and realistic elements in their design, with cool face expressions, and a combination of realistic, anime-like, and exaggerated face expressions.
i can recognize the nazi-skeleton in the uniform, thats shadman, right?
and obviously the dinosaur with the T-shirt and the highlights on his hair, is egoraptor.

i can also spot pico, nene and darnel (he's stabbed?!), along with tankman, a bald wade fulp(?!), afroninja and some anime girls on the right, that try to perform the art of harakiri, a dark thing... :(

its a very good drawing, and it obviously shows ''what would happen if...?'', and in this case, its ''what would happen if NG's forces would get defeated by the evil nazi zombie forces of the enemy?'' and the answer is: ''MANY bad things would happen.''

other than that, its a really good drawing, a detailed drawing, and i like it, despite its dark comedic meaning...(the fall of NG's status quo)

anyways, nice drawing, you are a great artist, keep up the good work!

very beautiful design of this darkrai creature, i like how you drew his face, his body anatomy+muscles, along with his hair, his nice face expressions and his cool pose.

would you consider drawing a female dragoness in the future?
i would love to see something like that.

you are a good artist, and this is an awesome drawing, keep up the good work! :D

oooh, SEXY!

i always like those twilek girls, but man, this is steamy, passionate and sexy as heck! :D

i love the twilek's face, her toned body, her big boobs, and her long legs. also, her pose is perfect.
i've gotta say, her face is very detailed, with nice alien features, such as the lines on her cheeks, or the two ''flesh horns'' that exist on her head, and her helmet that covers the top of her head.
also she has an awesome face expression.

oh, and the other alien-girl is very sexy as well, yes; beautiful face, nice slender body, awesome pose.

also, both their skins look sweaty and shiny, which is a very good detail.
very nice work.

as for one more (funny) detail, i like the drawing of the death-star that exists in the communication panel, and the ''shocked'' trooper who is watching the girls having fun. (so cool!)

overall, its a very sexy, hot drawing of two smoking hot alien babes.

its a perfect drawing, keep up the great work, and please do more!

awesome drawing!

i like the contrast between the red background and her slender, black figure, while i also like her creepy smile, and her shotgun.
what is that grey thing on top of her head, tho? (i got it, its demon heads/jaws...)
in the first few seconds, it looked like smoke from the shotgun, but its actually.... JAWS. jaws of monsters and demons, right? and she is about to shoot those monsters that are visible through that hole in the red wall, right?
it looks pretty cool, man!

very nice drawing, keep up the good work!

oooh, nice design of the (not so) blind man!
i like the grey, black and white basic colours that exist in this picture, and i also like the occasional appearance of the yellow colour in the drawing, thus adding a flair of mystery and horror in the whole picture.

the tentacles with the eyes on the top of his head look nicely drawn and creepy, and i like that this links with the yellow lenses on his glasses, while the man's face/face design is very good too.
(he kinda reminds me of bob dylan, which is always cool)

its a really nice, smooth and creepy picture(in an elegant way).
i like your art, so keep up the good work!

hmmm, sexy, steamy action!

i love seeing shrickta nude, and going into full action mode, while posing in a sexy way &
sitting pretty. (pun)

i like how you draw her hair(its nice, complicated and detailed), her whicked smile, her nice, muscular body, and her butt/legs. (even tho her butt is too big/too juicy for such a muscular body, but i still find it cool. im just saying my opinion)

all in all, its a sexy and awesome drawing, good work, keep it up!

hmmm, i dont know who this character is, but she looks rather charming!
(despite the 4-eyes/hands and the slightly big nose.)
she's very cute, she has a nice face/smile, and a really good body!

also, i like her outfit, she wears cool tights, a strange tunic-vest with padding on the shoulders and a bow-tie, cool gloves+forearm half-gloves, and some half-gloves on her other hands as well!

why does she have a crystal on her forehead?
either way, she looks cute, cool and likeable, so thats nice.
good drawing, nice use of pose/gestures, and a great work overall.

keep it up!

DoopieDoodles responds:

She's a character from Steven Universe. Her name is Sardonix! Thank you so much for your kind review!

a really impressive drawing of the sun-man, aka the ''red father'', who is guiding us through the dark paths of the illuminated mysticism.

i like how you drew his clothes+his hand, while he also poses in a religious manner, and his (sun)face looks quite creepy and impressive.

my only question is:
why does he have 3 eyes?
isnt having 2 eyes enough?!

good work, this drawing makes you think, and its a nice visual puzzle.
good drawing, keep it up!

P-cate responds:

tHANK YOU!, sadly i don't remember thinking of any symbolisms, i just got the image out of my head

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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