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i would like to help those kalops, their village looks beautiful and their story seems sad.
also the idea of having a suicidal king for a huge nation of warriors, is quite clever.
this will be a good quest/area to explore in the game.

the scenery looks nice BTW.
good colours and nice setting.
good work!

Vilehead responds:

Well their kingdom was very advanced and well build, but the never war that lasted for centuries destroyed most of it. Its a huge concrete jungle, where vegetation are slowing breaching in. Eskalion sends you here to find a way to change the King's heart. But who said it has to be the current king...? :3

of all the locations in the antumbra 2, this has to be my favorite. this, and marrow forest.
this is a magnificent endless sea of stars and water, and i love the part where ''every star is a huge universe'' because it all adds up into a huge, massive-universe-within-a-universe...
which is quite cool and exciting to observe.

yet, the part where ''legion comes to learn the name of the dark half'', quite troubles me.
if this realm/the sea is the home of the ''evergiver'' (aka the good god), then why would the legion learn the name of the evil half in here?!

either way, this is a strong image, and a good depiction of an endless sea of stars and grandeur.
nice works

Vilehead responds:

Not really. Eskalion is the true lord and ruler of Sorma'Ksul. He had lost this position due to his Dark Half raise to power. Evergiver is a totally different being. He is the God above Gods. The Archsmith and Creator.

wow, unfulfilled dreams...
this is a place that connects with real-life...
and it must be a bland and vast enviroment....
full of resigned wishes....

good work man, it has cool dark vibes in it, and the ''blue'' wall of tears is a nice touch to such place, good stuff.

Vilehead responds:

Many of Real Life and Real World references to be expected from this place :)

wow! a glorious scenery there!
this looks like a peaceful enviroment to live into...
and the clouds seem alive, and always watching us....
i wonder, do those clouds bleed? and are we safe from them?

many questions, which shall be answered in antumbra 2....
good work mate!

Vilehead responds:

Thank you! :D

wow, the magnificent library of knowledge and horrors....
i like how illuminated and bright the enviroment looks in here.
this is a bright room, full of light, yet it seems threatening.
like (almost) everything in atumbra.

really nice work in the lighting+stone walls+library, its a cool drawing to observe.

Vilehead responds:

...and interact with! :D

woah... nice!
the saloon's interior looks like a haunted house interior....
i like that the table looks like a pentagram, and the scary face in the painting in the wall, are some nice details.
scary, yet in a good way.
its atmospheric.

nice works, man! can't wait to see antumbra 2!

Vilehead responds:

Imagine that this room is based on real life photo of my old house saloon hehe

the beginning of it all.
the start of antumbra.

a great logo, that i really loved from the first time that i saw this game.

the flaming ''sauron''-like eye, along with it's 3 legs, and the halo of fire, all add up into a strong image of an interesting game.
the black background adds up to the image by creating a powerfull contrast between light/darkness.

i wonder, what is this creature?

good work tho.
i will be waiting for more.

Vilehead responds:

Thats the eye of Eskalion :)

ohhh, thats a nice drawing of her, i love her face expression, the lighting/shading effects, the body anatomy, the armour and the spear/weaponry design, everything is perfect.
also she is a sexy character, so plz draw more of her.

what does ''VN' stand for?
is this your main comic?

overall, an awesome artwork, of an awesome (and unique) character!
do more! you rock

wow, a truly cool drawing! so vibrant colours and such a funny scene going on!
why is that demon so fond of that bird?
is this the start of an odd friendship?
*reads the description*
oh, i see, the demon is your laziness, and the bird is your creativity/you!
you are a good artist, and this was a funny lil drawing.
excellent work, my friend!

do more, draw more!
you are great, and its a shame that this piece has only 2 reviews, you are one of the best artists on NG! i have been watching your movies since 2003!

you are great dude, keep making art.

wow, very well-done, mate!
good vibe of making pico with crazy anime hair, his face expression is also v. good.
nice work

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.

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