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i like this... very good work on her face, body and general stature/face expressions.
i think that you nailed her face expression, just right. thats ms peg bundy right here!
the only bad thing is her nipples size. i think that her nipples should be a tad smaller, to much with her (big) breasts, and to be more proportional...

but that's just me.

other than that, i loved it, and i like how you did here every detail good, from the hair, to teh wide hips, to the belt, to everything!
nice work, man.

PS: she also stars now in the sons of anarchy series...
maybe you could draw her like that as well? she looked stunning in a red dress recently in the awards...

good works!

wow, she's very pretty, and model-like!
nice anatomy, nice abs, and nice face expression.
you gave her an odd mixture of sadness and worrying in her eyes, despite that fact taht she beated up a huge monster into submission :D
good drawing, i love evrything in it, the girl looks amazing, and reminds me of lara croft (vaguely), while the monster itslef is quite impressive.

great work, keep it up, and do more!
this is a nice character...

this is good, and done with a great sense of movement and speed.
(it has that speed& movement feeling when a character falls down, so its good in my book!)
also, the dark-red face, is a good contract to teh very bright background, and also the suit he's wearin' makes a good match with the red of his face....

pretty good.
i would like to know this characters story, and moreover... how he got in this situation...

Galejro responds:

About the character: The Dark Father, the Biblical Cain, in the World of Darkness/ Vampire the Masquerade universe he is the first and oldest vampire, reckoned by some to be 50 000 and by some others as 200 000 years old. Dracula got his dark gift from Satan, in Underworld it was a mutated strand of Yersinia Pestis, Cain received vampirism as a curse from God. In my comicbook he raises from his torpor to commence Gehenna, a vampire apocalypse, but the stories of doom and total extinction are legends and myths, and as it is often with myths and legends, they either lie or are far-fetched and not entirely correct :)

How he got into this situation. have a look at the comicbook from this page here http://www.inkblazers.com/read-manga/Vampire-the-Masquerade-The-Return-of-Caine-Chapter-3-Chapter-2/4159/2/39?lang=en or here if you can't view inkblazers content http://galejro.deviantart.com/art/BETA-pg-117-VTM-the-Return-of-Caine-406391201?q=gallery%3AGalejro%2F45614801&qo=20 but deviantart doesn't accommodate a user-friendly page flipper button so you have to manually pick the pages from here XD http://galejro.deviantart.com/gallery/45614801/VTM-Comicbook-Beta

great and horrifying (yet realistic, in some standarts) drawing of a mermaid...good work on drawing her(?) tail, and sensory organs, as well as showing us her diet: fish, crabs, stuff, bambi, and fishermen?
does that thing eat human fishermen?!
KILL IT!!11111oneone

well lol, but you get the idea.
also, the robot drone is pretty awesome as well, with all of its details, mechanical claws, and everything.
i bet it would be cool to see a fight of a mermaid VS that robot.

good work man. do more

epic, and quite sexy!
i love both their bodies, pose and face expressions....
pretty cool.
nice work.... would love to see more like this.

i love this so much!
epic body, nice shape, sexy face!
whats her backstory?

seems interesting, keep up the good work!
i would love to see more of her

this is epic! great pose, and incredibly cute face...
i love it!
do more!

sweet! is this spiderman, or spiderwoman?
because some parts of the anatomy look female (and thats good, if its spiderwoman).
if its not, then peter parker is taking the wrong pills...

good artwork, EPIC pose, perfectly done, with incredible style, and very good resemblance to teh marvel classics.
you should consider working at marvel my friend, you are good!

wow, nice work!
it has neat details, both on the charming carla, and on the creepy-couch, as well as the nice contrast of darkness/VS counch/person.
her pose was simplu perfect, like her abs, and that smile was both scary and quite cool...
she looks nice, and this was a funny idea to draw. good stuff.

PS: what is a golshirian girl?
(i get the joke, i just dont know what W-o-W race is this....)
keep up the good work.

SurrealKatie responds:

Goldshire is a brothel on WoW RP servers..

cute and daring...

i would like to see more of her.

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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