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i clicked it for the tits...and i got an epic surpise!
pretty sweet picture, despite the creepy spider head, it actually seems like she(?)'s smiling, right?
pretty cool, and i loved the boo-shading.

nice work, i say! do more!

no need for shame, the thumbnail got me here!
but apart from joking, this was a good drawing, nice details on the people, and nice work on the sky. very beautiful.

very nice work, i loved it!
nice body, nice face, awesome armour, and pretty cool wing-works!
i wonder tho, what were those little wing creatures that were flying around her?
her children?

pretty cool work, tho, do more!

this drawing has a strong message about depression and conflicting emotions...
pretty sad, cool and accurate on the issues of every generation's person who simply cannot fit into a group and is hated for it.
very nice work, and i hope that one day everyone can overcome the problems of depression through persistence and happyness for life.
live life, and ignore the haters, mate.
its the best.

anyway, nice drawing, i liked the 3-sides on it. the crazy hidden side, the sad, tortured side that's hidden, but -some- people can see it in the person's eyes, and the ''obvious'', ''fake''-happy side, that pretends that everything's ok.
very nice work.

very nice work, sir.
the hair are incredibly beautiful, seriously, the hair have incredible detail on them!
the eyes are also very beautiful, and nice, they seem pretty captivating, and interesting.
the nose is OK, pretty cool, but the lips should be a bit fuller (bigger, but just slightly. also maybe more red on the lips?)
other than that, your first portrait is an excellent portrait. you are good.
in the future, you should always maintain the same detail on the hair like in this, and do the eyes as good as this one, and in the next drawings try to experiment with different face expressions, or poses of a character, it will be interesting to watch.
also, try adding different shades in faces, and stuff. that always helps to create more different stuff.

i wonder, who is she?
she looks like katty perry.

you did a nice work, man, you are good. do more!

age of empires is one of my favorite games ever, so this fan-art is quite awesome and close to home.
i believe that AoE 2, was a great game, and it can still stand proudly amongst many modern games, despite that it's more than 10 years old.
a wonderful game, with epic campaigns, and a legendary history.

as for your artwork, its great as well! nice work on drawing the characters/heroes and i like how you have them set in their natural enviroment, showing either their cities/country/landscapes, or the places of their greatest wars/victories.

i love how strong and menacing william wallace looks in this, with the scar and the sword and all.
i also like how joan d'ark looks gothic in her style/face and ready to battle in a difficult siege.
saladin is awesome, ofcourse, and both his armour, and his face expression, are epic.
as for jenghis khan, he is pretty cool and blood-thristy, showing a bloody, and recently invaded great wall, THE great wall in fact.

and barbarossa, standing in the middle, reigning his land, and dominating the center of this drawing.

all in all, an awesome artwork, of great kings and warriors.

Manguinha responds:

Thanks for these words man :)!

very well done.
also fin should be a gentleman and put his intestines back together, to insert them back in his torso.

good work my sir, nice dark tones.

very nice and cool, but needs more boobs, my good friend. :)

good work, the art style does remind me of a simplistic comic style, like a sex-related peanuts comic, or a dilbert drawings style, but it is OK.
and the story/humour in it is epic and awesome like always, so, that's always good:

and uhhh carl has an epic sense of humour! you go carl!

great comic, do more.

hahahahaha, totally a good cliffhanger, with soem ncie plot twist at the end!
very clever, and sadly true, as stated by the people below.
good work, and nice work on the face expressions/angles.

great comic, do more, they are fun.

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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