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really funny, and well designed.
good work sir!

hahahahaha so funny!
excellent work on imitating the artwork style of ''adventure time''. good cartoon, and you got the style of the drawings just right.
this is funny and cool.
lol, ''warning.. a vampire sexy lady!''!

keep it up sir.

pretty cool.
also nice accuracy on her butt, because its always big, haha!
good work tho, nice drawings on her face/expression, and on her body.
i like this drawing, but i must say that her legs should be leaning/pointing more to the left, because that way it would match more with the pose, and it would make her waist to match with her legs.
(imho the legs are pointing a bit to the right, and it makes her belly to look flat)

but nontheless, great work sir. i liked it.

good work, but i bet that this ''wild night'' was without her consent im afraid... :O
good drawing anyways, nice work on the bruises/blood.

great work as always, i love their face expressions, the one's wild smile, and the other grils angry face... also the outfits are amazing, and the girls look sexy.
nice work, you should draw more goblins indeed.


awesome, i love the sexyness of the girl, and the humour of the siatuation, clever!
good work, do more!

ok work, tho i would suggest you make the ''chin'' of the wolf alot smaller. its kinda pointy.
also make the body a bit less bulky, and more slender... and uhhh maybe add some colour in the next one?

other than that.. ok work, pretty good for your first 3-d!

Mr-Insanity97 responds:

Oh ok, thank you.

well the huge redhead amazon/necromancer woman sure looks hot.
nice muscles, nice bust, and excellent strength.
too bad that she strangles that elf..tho
why can't they get along?
whats the reason of this fight?

anyway, good drawing, and very enjoyable.
i would like to know the backstory on this as well

pretty sweet, smooth and elegant!
nice girl!

i love her looks/expression.

pretty cool, good work

i like this... very good work on her face, body and general stature/face expressions.
i think that you nailed her face expression, just right. thats ms peg bundy right here!
the only bad thing is her nipples size. i think that her nipples should be a tad smaller, to much with her (big) breasts, and to be more proportional...

but that's just me.

other than that, i loved it, and i like how you did here every detail good, from the hair, to teh wide hips, to the belt, to everything!
nice work, man.

PS: she also stars now in the sons of anarchy series...
maybe you could draw her like that as well? she looked stunning in a red dress recently in the awards...

good works!

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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