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well, what has happened now?!
ink and pretty faced-mime-robots?!
the future is wierder than i thought....

good art! great face design, and nice stuff.

cool brawl, and nice fighting scene, it feels awesome, and dark...
i dont know who will win, usually rickarla is huge compared to her enemies, but this alive elf, serassia seems pretty strong amd muscular as well!

nice colours, great shading, and neat details on the blood/bruises.
also, is rickarla bleeding? i thought that the undead never bleed.
aaah... i noticed the huge sunglasses, obviously rickarla's..

good work, i liked it.

hmmm really creepy and gory picture, but kinda funny at the same time as well!
i just like how resigned, bored and ANGRY rickarla is in this picture.... (but tired angry, not full of energy angry, hence the slouching)
also i liked the little details, like the punch in the WALL, (by rickarla obviously), and the shirt on the couch, which has a spine mark, and therefore is a short made from skin. human skin. eww.

other than that, great work on both their expressions and their body anatomy and muscles.
uhhh merln seems genuinely worried for her friend.
also she seems considerably bigger. does merln work out?

hmmm, also why do behemoths eat humans? maybe they could try some wild boars, or some oxes, or some goblins perhaps?
lol! good image, i would love to see more of their adventures, in case this becomes a series.
you are good.

wow, this character of yours must be my second favorite, after hanavi's sexyness, and after rickarla's awesome brute strength.
(well, that makes it my 3rd fave, but lets not be detailist, haha :D ahemm)

i just love it how badass and incredubly INSANE she looks. the best part of your work, is in the eyes. you can see the sheer insanity emanating from her eyes.

also her hair, face, and body look great.
and i bet her magic trick is ''how to remove someones an arm in 5 seconds'', am i right?
so, no i dont wanna see her magic trick.

great work! keep it up, and do more! you are epic!

it happens to me as well, but on mondays.
this is a GREAT portrait, and done nicely, with a twist!
excellent work on depicting the surprise for the face-self caused-explosion, neat colours, nice shading/light tecnhiques, great work overall!

do more sir.

great work, man! very pretty, and very cool!
clever idea with the usa lipstick on her lips!

do more plz

lockebelmont responds:

Chris:- Thanks much for the comments anything you think i could make better please also let me know. I'm glad you enjoyed it too!!

great work! i love the knight's armor design, and the great outfit of the scientist/priest elf-girl...
great work. she looks like an explorer, and quite confused/smiling(?) despite the fact that they are lost....

great work, and i liked it alot.

hmmm, that orcess has a great face, and a greater cleavage... i love it.
despite the sexyness tho, i love how you did both the fire effects, and the flames surrounding them (did you draw them via photoshop, or with other medium? VERY realistic fire, and great flames....)
also, the purple and green entities of magic were very well-drawn, and quite detailed, it was epic.
as for the shading/lighting effects, those were amazing as well, and their face expressions were very, very impressive and amazing.

good work, i would love to see more like this!

whoah, very impressive and menacing, tho i might add, that her abs are quite sexy.
nice work, did you do it with photoshop, or in flash?
(if it was done in pencils, then, its really cool as well)

thats an interesting character, and i wonder what her backstory is, and how she ended up as a a zombie since she is so strong...
good work, keep it up, and do more!

while its obvious that newgrounds is WAY better than DA, this is kinda...shocking?
good work, and ummmm NG rules, so yay ng!

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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