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great work, man! very pretty, and very cool!
clever idea with the usa lipstick on her lips!

do more plz

lockebelmont responds:

Chris:- Thanks much for the comments anything you think i could make better please also let me know. I'm glad you enjoyed it too!!

great work! i love the knight's armor design, and the great outfit of the scientist/priest elf-girl...
great work. she looks like an explorer, and quite confused/smiling(?) despite the fact that they are lost....

great work, and i liked it alot.

hmmm, that orcess has a great face, and a greater cleavage... i love it.
despite the sexyness tho, i love how you did both the fire effects, and the flames surrounding them (did you draw them via photoshop, or with other medium? VERY realistic fire, and great flames....)
also, the purple and green entities of magic were very well-drawn, and quite detailed, it was epic.
as for the shading/lighting effects, those were amazing as well, and their face expressions were very, very impressive and amazing.

good work, i would love to see more like this!

whoah, very impressive and menacing, tho i might add, that her abs are quite sexy.
nice work, did you do it with photoshop, or in flash?
(if it was done in pencils, then, its really cool as well)

thats an interesting character, and i wonder what her backstory is, and how she ended up as a a zombie since she is so strong...
good work, keep it up, and do more!

hmmm... interesting, and menacing at the same time.
i love how you did small details like shrickta's left arm (the severed one) being less muscular than her right arm, due to the lack of excersize (due to the lack of lower arm), pretty clever, and i liked how you showed her insane smile despie her wisdom(if i am correct and she is wise)

also, krazik seems pretty strong and confident about this, considering how calm she is for a student that is pinned down by their teacher.
also she has a great set of boo- i mean eyes. yes!

do more of them, this seems like an interesting story, waiting to be unfolded.

so sweet!
excellent work!

i love all the details, and dee-dee certainly looks like a harder claymodel to make... :O
woudl you also do crash bandicoot, or the PPG's? (also the reviewer below, had an excellent idea: johnny bravo! an excellent character to claymate!

anyways, keep it up, good work!

hey, nice! i love dexter, and yes indeed, it was a GOOD old cartoon.
nice claywork, do more!

very well done, GREAT shading, great detail, amazing face expression (sultry, lusty) and great body anatomy, this was is very attractive.
please, please do more. you have lots of skills, and this is awesome beyond words.

you do epic elf girls!

wow, nice face expressions (mostly of the wolf guy), great colours, nice shading/light effects, and nice work on drawing the clothes of both characters, i mean they have great detail, and that suit the wolf is wearing is pretty fancy. smashing, i would say!

also the elf-girl has a cute face and sum nice curves.
nice curves sir!

great piece, im sure that the client was satisfied. do more please!

wow, pretty cool! both characters are awesome, tho rikarla can EASILY be the female counterpart of duke-nukem. she's so awesome.

too bad she's an undead, even tho i have to wonder how she became an undead. i mean, yeah.
good artwork man, its epic!

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.

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