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nice, is the sexy japanese dick-girl you?
nice pichus as well

interesting collage, hey is the guy on the top left mao? and whose girls boobs are those?
interesting combination of black-n-white photos with coloured ones as well!
keep it up.

man, what can i say? i LOVE this!
excellent character drawings (both patriot-clock's human face and realistic expressions, not to mention the epic expressions of the clock-eye, AND bb10's goofy and cheerful design...) and tha nice backgrounds, the good-and fun comic panels, and the epic design of the words, (like the word, ''harakiri'', you drew it like the pro's draw the action words, like the ''BANG!'' '' BOOM!'' or ''WOOSH!'' in the batman comics, for example.)
also, the humour was immense.
i was blown away.
seriously, great, hillarious, and awesome, please, please do more!
i see(si) great skill in your artworks! keep it up!

RenegadeClock responds:

Thanks dude! Keep working on that list. ;)

ho-man, i love this! excellent work!
i love the laser-rays on the bot's head, and how it has a red eye watching the action, and a huge gun to control the situation, but man i think the pic is blurry in the middle. was that on purpose?
if yes, then ok, its a nice pic
if not, then fix it , it is blurry.

(tho, in any way, better keep it clear rather than blurry in the middle, just blurry the back background, like the city buildings or something, and not the robot, it would be a great contrast if the robot was crystal clear, and the BG slightly blurry.

anyway, good art, it rocks so hard!

Tropicana responds:

Its slightly accidental. I just dont have time to sink into rendering everything.
Im glad you like it

nice robot. his face/red bandana reminds me slightly of the toon TMNT. am i right?
awesome bot, and nice weapon design, i like this alot.
i love the gun and the mechanisms on it, tho i think that the background should be less blurry, imho.
other than that, awesome work!

Tropicana responds:

Thanks bill, Ill sink more time in my upcoming stuff to make it not so blurry.

cool, whats the knight's story?
the shoulder-plates, and the medal, seem a bit out-of place tho, and seem too ''modern'' for a medieval knight. (i mean those red shoulder-guard-plates are a crystal sparkling red, and they have no damage or wear signs on them, unlike with the rest of his (awesome) armor and sword.
lastly, the sword is greatly drawn, but it needs a line in the middle to make it look more real, and to have the right depth effect(or the curving of the blade in the middle of every blade)
other than that, his armor is perfect, his face is epic and tired, and the cathedral is truly epic.
good work man!

Tropicana responds:

Knights story, I was messing around one day and drew a face.
Added armor to the face. Spent alot of time trying to design this piece so I lost motivation near the end and just decided to Finnish it.

If I could of I would of redesigned the armor. It needs more segments. I thought the pads should be pristine to give it some contrast but realistically they need to be just as tarnished as everything else.

as far as a story line the knight took a break, and found some respite inside of a beat up cathedral.
Right before he can really take a break he notices a small troop of enemy solders in the woods. Blow it up and look in the middle window you can see them.

excellent drawing, this robot looks bad-ass.
also its face looks like it has a >: I expression, which is fun :D

keep up the good work!

Tropicana responds:


amazing drawings, and everything in those is well-done.
i LOVE the expressions, great expressions in the faces, and in the ''eye'', i love how you can add emotion even to a clock-eye....thing. good job!
also lol, notice that every time rob-clock draws something, he never draws me. so much hate man?!

lol jk
anyway, good work man, do more!

wow, thanks! thats great!
tho bb10 would never kill the colibri birds... :(
i must say tho, that bb10 is an expert in fly-killing and in mosquito-killing.
he is the insect hunter!

thanks again, i feel very honored by this, do more if you want, please, :D

lol, hillarious, love the expressions, dude.
very funny, do more like thissss :)

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.

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