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hmmm i like the girl, i like the pose, but i wonder, what is that teddy doing there?
he sure looks scary.

also, i dont know if she is fat or not, but i like that you experimented with a different body type, because it shows that you have a large range of bodytypes to show to us. good work, and draw more!

SileNt-Sam responds:

honestly .. i kinda fucked up with the feet so i covered that with the bear ^^
thanks man i will :)

very cool, and sexy!
i like how her body is oiled up, and i like both the pose, AND the anatomy.
also, the butt-is well-rounded in this one. great work.
keep it up, and do more like this!

pretty, and elegant, really nice work, man!
this is very well done, and i like the body work, as well as the neat face expression, pretty cool, draw more stuff like this, you're good. :)

nice design, i like the colours, but i think the butt cheeks shoudl be slightly rounder.
nice butt though :3

cool, its both cute and sexy.
draw more of her, nice design... its cool!

while i DO agree with your words, and your meaning is good, i must say that Tom had to choose between his old site-principles (the problems of the future, today!) and his heart.
and today, he decided to go with his heart.

and, no matter what people might say, that he is ''ruining the site for everyone'', or that ''he sold out'', i must say:
his action about this, was much braver than it would have been to keep that game on NG.
because this game made fun of those people's suffering, and it was only made for profit, and not for intellectual use.(in short, this game doesnt teaches you something through the violence, like for example to ban guns, or to check minors for guns before they enter the school)

so, it was a useless game.
you might say then: ''what about pico? this game had violence, and still it stayed, wow, tom is unfair!''
no. he is fair, because this game(pico), didnt had any specific school massacre in mind, it had a generic massacre in its plot, and also, it had YOU (the player) being the hero, the kid that tries to save the school from the school shooters.
so, it tried to do something cool, and had some (minor) meaning, if any.

so, all in all, i respect your views and protest, but we have to understand something.
every violent game, and bloody movie on newgrounds is fun, and i LOVE most of the movies and games in here (some of my faves are in the ultra-violence sector, or in the madness series),
BUT, 1. this is tom's site, and 2. if a game, or movie gets TOO personal, and delivers no point, then it's useless.

keep up the good work, man, your posts are good.

Cyberdevil responds:

Was that game really only made for profit? I was under the impression it was made to deliver a message, albeit in a rather tasteless way. A game being useless or not is a matter of opinion, and opinion is part of freedom, and having this submission removed goes against those core values of freedom that I believe made this site such a great place. I can't help but feel this single action of sympathy may have a much larger effect than just helping these victims, maybe it won't be the start of a rapid decline, but it'll be a start of doubt, of carefulness; limiting artistic freedom on the site that thrives primarily on exactly this can't be a good thing. It's the one thing NG has that competitors don't, and thanks to this it also has a great community.

Yeah, I agree Pico is a different case. There are plenty of equally disturbing and insulting submissions as this recently removed one though, just take PiGPENs older stuff as examples. They're not all fun, and some of them are really pretty personal... but I believe there should be a place for everything... as long as its not breaking a law (or the site policy). Seems to me like the real problem is that NG isn't currently ready to handle potential controversy like this, but I hope they're ready the next time it happens!

I appreciate the review man, and your views... though I don't agree with all of it!

excellent artwork. the smoke looks incredibly realistic, the room is filled with excellent shading/lighting effects, the room is filled with an awfully huge feeling of claustrophobia, and we can see in the room, many famous faces, that got slain by the glorious, and just sheriff of nevada.
hank, sanford (killed by his own hook, woah!), deimos (probably killed by clown, because he got the street sign stubbed in his chest), jeebus, tricky the clown, and ofcourse, the elusive auditor.

(how could sheriff kill the auditor? he must've got some skills, man!)

and i really like the lighting effects that you did, when sheriff is lighting up his cigar. i also liked how you drew him, in his white outfit, with his hat, and his bandaged head, showing a visible injury, with green blood in the top of his face.

(does sheriff has green blood? that must explain his abilities!)

all in all, a great piece, and a very strong madness image.
great work, keep it up, and do more!

DieterTheuns responds:


excellent work, first in the drawings of the humans, then on their expressions (both on sanford and on deimos), also great work on the lighting/shading of this pic, and i loved that you did the characters in their human form.
this, along with their expressions, makes this a very vivid, and emotional piece of madness fanart.
great work!
also, the blood, and the mystery of the clown, make this even more frightening.

great work, my friend, keep it up!

Rhunyc responds:

Thank you so much for the review. :> I really appreciate it!

the sheriff rocks, too bad krinkels did not liked him.
but i, and shrinky agree: the sheriff was a great character, and surely had potential (just look at madness apotheosis!)

umm, great work, you drew the sheriff very well, with his belts, and hat, and strapped guns and all, and the background is horrifying. and eerie.

good job.

great work, amazing skills in the lighting/shading department, and i loved how you added ''cracked spots'' on his afce, like he's made from marble/stone, great job on that.
also, managing to display an expression on his face like anger, when he's faceless?
hard to achieve!

good work, and keep it up, man!

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.

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