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epic, and i love the perspective, and the way you did his face expression/gun.
excellent! do more!

RidOff responds:

Thak you. Since I've been scouted, I'm gonna do alot more art, but my mortal enemy - lazines can be in my way)

great work, you combined the king of the hill, with the madness world, an epic mix-up, great job!
i like how you did it on the right drawing style, good job.
keep it up!

ArcadeHero responds:

Thank you sir! :)

great drawing! i love the shading/light in the enviroment, and in the faces of the protagonists here, and i also love how you drew hank's figure, with his nice trenchcoat, and how you protrayed his agile and fast look.
i also love how you drew jeebus, with an expression like ''what will we do now, hank?'' on his face, his cool sunglasses, and holding his big sword, ready to go on a battle.
i must also add that the MAG agent surely looks huge, muscular, and menacing, really nice details on his hands, and face/scars/wounds, great work!
i also like the other characters, like the zombie agents,a nd tricky the clown.

really, a great pic, that emphasizes on the universe of madness.
can you describe the madness world in one pic? yes, in this one.

great job, keep it up, and keep drawing, you rock!

excellent work!
i loved this so much!

it was the well-drawn skeletons, the EXCELLENT expressions on the skeleton guys faces, the epic puns, and the sexy smokin' hot babe that was their prisoner....and then, the ''boner'' pun.
an artistic finisher in the pun battle.
well-done, sir, well-done!

i loved every aspect of this, and i wold advice you to do more comics like this.
it has both humour, style, and sexyness in it.
and you excell in those arts.

keep it up!

EXCELLENT. great work, man!

to put this in hamburger's words:

you heard the burger, keep it up!

perfect, just PERFECT.
the expression, the angry face, the distorted mouth, the shiny eyes, everything looks epic!
great work, i think that even angrycat would smile with this.
it is purrrfect!

anyway, great artwork, keep it up! you're good...

hahahahaha! that's an unexpected twist, that's for sure!
also, im certain, that his female counterpart is quite sexy, if i may say...
now! about the picture, i like the texture of the drawing, it almost looks like it was done with pencils, and watercolours/oil painting, rather than being a digital painting.
how did you do that? i must've been hard.

you didnt draw this on canvas, did you?

also, the next thing that strikes the viewer, is the similarity with a real pin-up calendar, from the flirty pose, to the happy smile on her face.
great work on depticting that. it almost looks like an old pinup picture, and it's good.
very cute work, sir.
got more like this?
keep it up! you're good!!!

Sabtastic responds:

Hey thanks for the sweet review!

I actually did this 100% digitally, through Photoshop CS6. I used two layers; one for the solid colours, and the second one for fine details, like the chains.
By using a simulated oil pastel brush, I got the basic colours and shapes down, then added a little more texture as I went -- pretty much stuck to the oil pastel brush the whole time, though! (Oh, and the background was just a generic texture pattern pasted in)

amazing. i love how you drew the human, and the animal, but i have to agree that the details put on the human, are more detailed, and generally more, while in the animal, the colouring/lighting is kinda less detailed.

tho, you drew the animal very well, dont let my comment on the colour to sadden you, it's very well done, the face, the glowing eyes, the paws, the armor(or saddle) on it, are very well depicted.

also, i love how you drew the girl. she's greatly drawn, and her afce is flawless, with all the expressions portrayed perfectly, with nice anatomy on her body,a nd great work on her clothing/armor.

also, i like the background, you drew the stars very perfectly, how can i make such a shine effect on a drawing?
(like, fe, in the animal's eyes, /or in the saddle, or in the stars..?)
great work, keep it up.

KattyC responds:

Hello, thank you for lovely comment!

for shine effect try this little vid http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHB3vLwX0IE
and stars are simple gradients :)

typical for you, maybe, but epic for me, sire!
great depiction of the angel vs demon battle, and i like how calm the agnel's face is, compared to the frantic look that the creature has.
also, the differences, in appearance, clothing, weapons, and in powers/mindset are amazing.
great work my sir, you rock, do more!

ps. the angel reminds me slightly of link, but his face is epic, the calmness, the serenity, the colours, it's all great!
keep it up!

this was great. the animals, their expressions, the dizzy/trippy colours, really, everything was great in this.
an accurate portrayal of what happens to your mind, when you do drugs.

great job, man, keep it up!

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.

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