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very neat and sexy.... nice work on her face/body anatomy, do more!

wow, thats amazing! i love this!
the face, the moustache, the face expression, the tension....ALL OF THIS IS EPIC!

do more

hahahahaha, if i ever saw an ''awesome, yet laid back'' picture, this would be the one.....
the aztec ruins, the endless jungle, and inside all this crazy background.... a CAR!
and not just any car, but an awesome racing asphalt car, conveniently located in the middle of nowhere.

very very clever.
also, i loved the little details, like the ''later bro'' in the licence plate. VERY good.

wow, this is perhaps the best juri-han fanart that i've ever seen!
excellent body anatomy/details, cool pose, a VERY realistic face with awesome little details, like the colour of her eyes, and a playfull look on her eyes/face expression overall....

what can i say? and apart from the amazing body with the lean ABS, the hair look like juri han's usual look, and the skin looks v. v. realistic and it has an extremely detailed texture.
it looks like real.

very very good work.
whatever you do, please do more works like this.
i love how you draw the women. kep up the good work.

RimKeLLo responds:

Thank you very much for such response!
It' make me so motivated =^.^=

hmmm, that sha-ling is quite hot!
nice flirty gesture, a cool pose, nice curvy body, and all wrapped up in some cool kimono.
(i assume that the dress is some kimono, because it looks of asian style).
i have to ask: who is the monster? her guardian? her pet? or something...worse?!

good work, once again. please-do more.

hmmmm, this was BOTH funny and delicious!
nice design of the face expressions (and especially your she-orc's insane smiling face... :D yes)
and i also liked the great anatomy of the bodies.
say, the orcess has a killer body! wow, she's hot!

i wouldnt deny her offer! (plus, she's crazy, so you can't really deny her anything, haha)
yep great comic, plz do more

i dont get it.
plz tell me what happened.

good drawing nontheless!

clever, GEX was indeed an iconic 90's videogame hero.
also crash bandicoot, he rocked so hard.
nice drawing, and i liked how you drew mr. GEX.

i liked it alot, it was clever and i liked the punchline in the end.
you should do more like this, i love videogame humour!
nice drawings, and epic face expressions.

excellent work! keep it up!

excellent work, top-notch shading/lighting, nice colours, and very serene/beautiful face to match with this heroic woman.
nice armour, i might add.(and the stallion was impressive...)

excellent work, do more!

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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