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wow, a sexy lady!
living to tell the tale, huh?

i will accept that challenge!
then i will be the best snake-charmer!

good drawing man, keep making stuff like this

wow, a very well-designed female orcess(or goo-fems if you prefer), with a nice body and face expression.
the anatomy is perfect. and i like how you did her armour/tired look on her face.

good work, please do more like this!

wow, thats quite...creepy and cool.
so, is this thing a horseman? hmmm, odd.
first of all, his head seems like a hole. does he/it have a head?and if so, does a face reside on top of it?
also, while the main drawing is awesome, full of priapism and quite detailed/creepy, i believe that the only thing that is not shown clearly here is his head/face. and thats bad.
the preliminary sketch on the right side shows a more detailed depiction of his head/body posture/size in general, even if it is less detailed.

i would love to see his female counter-part, this would be interesting!
good drawing, man.

good work for a mushroom sketch, it sure looks a happy mushroom!
you should also try to draw mario and/or maybe add a few shadows/shading/lighting effects here and there, and perhaps to add more in the background.

its an OK piece.

Noobmaster5000 responds:

Thanks. I'll keep it in mind. It's about a personal joke between me and Mr.wife.

quite sexy, with neat colouring!
do more

truly epic!

the mother of all BBQ's!

do more

a really awesome krystal drawing, sir!
i like the shading/lighting effects, the colours, the pose, and the whole anatomy of the lady.
however, i have to agree with the reviewer below (VANZEMALJAC), and i have to say:
why did you cut off the fingers, and the hair on the left-hand area of the drawing?
this would be much better if it was completed, and/or at a bigger size.
other than that, ofcourse, the picture is perfect and weightless.
its awesome.

you have skills, my good sir! keep up the good work!

very nice work!
if something captures the essence of the medieval battlefield, this is it.
it has the motion, the emotion, the blood and the action.
nice face expressions on both the warrior woman, and on the solider(s) that she has attacked...
good work sir!
do more!

nice work! i like the look of her face, and the blurryness on the area behind her back.
quite nice...
do more!

wow, what an amazing fanart for the clock crew!
i recognize (and i can name) almost all the clocks!
wow, SBC, orange, leek, flounderman, chalk, pineapple, brit, adrenaline, radiotube, soup, bb10, me, screwdriver, biological, iron clock and patriot to name a few.

i loved it how SBC is reading the tale of B to all the little clocklings, it felt so cute!
great art piece, i loved it!

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.

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