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yomuchan delivers another great game, this time, its a good homage to the old classic ''assasin'' games of NG!
its great to witness such a cool thing on our day and age, where any parody game, satire or attempts to dark humour are frowned upon by modern puritans of political correctness...

but i digress.
this is an excellent game, with good interactivity, beautiful drawings of lola bunny and of other characters, good options, many medals to win, and many easter eggs to discover in it!
its a clever satire on 2021's memes about the ''lola bunny redesign'' drama, that spawned out of a new, radical redesign of a popular cartoon girl that was ''edited'' for ''moral'' reasons (LOL!)

and now we can view an other aspect of her new self thanks to the satire of this game.
all in all, its wild, radical, funny and very nicely done.

keep up the good work!

this is a great dress-up game!

it has a sexy ghost/witch girl with nice curves and a charming smile, many cool outfits (amongst them, morrigan's suit from darkstalkers, tifa lockhart's suit from final fantasy VII, justice's outfit from ''helltakers'', jil valentine's outfit from resident evil, along with many more, including a horned demon girl's outfits, which makes the character's whole premise even better...)

apart from the beautiful girl to dress up to, the backgrounds of the game are nicely drawn and detailed, the music is good, catchy + groovy, and the interactivity is great, when you navigate through the UI or when you try to snap her clothes on, all of it works perfectly.

i know that this is a promotion game for the main halloween themed platformer game, but i have a feeling that this witch-girl should be the protagonist to a new, different game of her own.
perhaps you could make a point-n-click game where this voluptuous witch solves mysteries and looking good while's she's doing so?
dunno, but i have a feeling that she could easily star in her own game.

anyway, this game is good, groovy and sexy.
a perfect promotion for the main thing,
(which i will enjoy to play on steam, when it comes out.)
excellent work, keep it up!

this reminds me of the old days of the CC, back when shock spam was a customary part of the crew.
i like how you've drawn your character, (dingleberry clock), and the animation was smooth.

this is a glorious simulation game about how it is to be a young mexiclock (sic) in modern clocktopia and trying to pass the borders through the united states, for a better life, for a better tomorrow.

there, we see sarez/iron clock struggling to survive as he walks through the wastelands of his village in order to reach the USA, the promised land: so that he can start an illustrious career as a macdonalds employee, or as a janitor, or as a car mechanic.

but many obstacles stand in his way: from the US border patrol, to the dangers of the border town, to the horror of swimming pools.... (yes, he cant swim.)
but in the end, he emerges victorious and he is finally free to work as a janitor for macdonalds.
who said that dreams cant be true?

also on a more serious analysis about the game:
i liked that the part where you defeat the bear is a clever reference to your older games ''poly's mountain adventure'', a true classic series in epic CC flash games...

also, another fine detail was the cameos of durian, oldskoo and burrito clock, to name a few of the famous clocks that appeared in this great game.
(oh, thanks for the BB10 cameo BTW, i loved it! it was very funny)

another fine part where the many different paths and choices that one could make in this game, which could easily end up in many different, but equally hilarious endings.
all in all, this game was full of choices, inside-jokes, clever references and with many things to look or to select on.
a funny and creative game, full of humour and action.
10/10, i would deport it again.

keep up the good work!

pretty good interactive game about destroying bowsette.
good buttons +interactivity, good sound effects and a straightforward presentation in general.
good job.

you should add more scenes/levels with different ways of destroying bowsette.
other than that, its OK.

this is an extremely accurate simulation of the current state of flash crews+ of the usual content of the NG portal. (i mean its a parody yes, but some of those random movie titles are spot on!)

as for the game itself, its nicely scripted, with good upgrades, nice statistics and with some cool upgrades that keep the game interesting and good for longer playing sessions.
i like the gradual texts that you get when the crew gets stronger and with more movies+members, BTW.

its a nice touch, and i like the sharp humour in the whole game.
its good, nicely designed and with proper actionscript work, in all aspects.
keep up the good work, man, and have a happy lockday!

Sir-Davey responds:

Happy lock day to you too bro! Thanks for 5

a tragic (yet true) internetic tale of a fallen hero. (lol).
thats a good game about the fate of BB10, done in a cool interactive mini-game, with beautiful drawings of BB10, VCR and of SBC, all used in proper fashion for the game's storyline.

both endings were funny, and i enjoyed your excellent work once again.
keep it up! 5/5

considering how dress-up games are an age-old tradition of newgrounds (since its early years), this is a tribute game that pleases both NG veterans and CC enthusiasts!
indeed, i loved how you could dress up SBC, apple, orange, raspberry, and the many item/oufit/hat choices in each character, but i also liked the cool eastern eggs/hidden buttons and things in the game, which earned you more scenes+cool stuff in this game.

as a game, it was short and sweet, with good features and many funny medals to earn.
i really liked this CC tribute, so keep up the good job, mrs rena, and
have a happy clockday!

Little-Rena responds:

Thank you very much! I had fun making some of those items, Clock Day is always a blast! Happy late Clock Day! :)

i was too late to review this, but im finally on the right path, and nothing will stop me!

once again, this is a great game by yomuchan, and a nice celebratory game by the forkheads team.

i like how the story starts, with our hapless hero smashing his car in a wild ride, and having his pal yomuchan trying to fix it, while our hero tries to deliver some cool presents in norway in the meantime...

in one of those graphic, frozen towns, he witnesses cool people like: madassgamer, tronkies, deadlyfox, chaos, BB10, konigwolf, lightningTS, wild mushroom, diet-coke, joshex, arch_enemy and many more, each character with his/her own unique story, and with a unique gift given to him/her, by our secret santa!

i really liked the dialogue choices, the cool jokes, the unique+clever gift ideas and the cool dialogue options that emerged when you clicked on the characters again, after they've received their gifts...
(not many people think of that option, so that was cool).

all the characters were nicely drawn, the story was nice, the dialogues were funny, and all of the buttons/areas and the inventory options (in this case, the ''gifts left'' option in the inventory), were all nicely coded and very refined within this cool xmas game.

i loved this game like all of your previous games, and i thank you dearly for the epic cameo of my character.

all in all, this was a great FH game that will stay on my top-favorite games of the season, and in my personal top-tier flash games of all time, along with all of the catty mc sl*t games, or the other FH games that you make.

it was a nice game, and it's always fun to play it again and again...
keep up the good work!

this game took a long time to be completed, but it was well worth the wait!

as an old fan of forkhead's ''sex kitten games'', i found that this game was excellent as always, while both its crazy quest, its craazy catgirl (named slutty mc slut), and its whole design+gameplay, was very cool and entertaining as all of the older ''sex kitten games'' were, if not even more!

in this game tho, we can see the many cool stats+extra details that make this a worthy sequel of the older game(s), it has a magic bar (except from the familiar HP bar), a quest log, a money counting machine, an inventory, your memory screen(where you have to remember the catgirl's phone number) the character's IQ number (which obviously helps in later quests, depending on its increase), a detailed map of the school and a mute/unmute button for the music's settings that we all know.

furthermore, all of the dialogue scenes with the characters are fresh, funny, and exciting, while there are many choices to do in the game, and you can take many different paths, depending on your quiz answers, on your stats (HP, IQ, magic), and on your items that you collect on your journey. the porn mags are an important item of the game (obviously), and you will have to sell them or use them wisely in other situations. also, since the game has many choices, it also has some different endings as well.
the game also has many inside jokes, cool anime references, and puns that make the dialogue with the characters very funny!

also, i liked both the easy AND the hard quizzes, especially the parts where you needed to know a foreign language in order to proceed: for example, if you spoke to the german officer lady in the staff room, you had to know some german in order to win that quest. i won that quest by translating some of her words! :D (also, the math quiz was easy, thankfully!)

all in all, this is a wonderful, large, and enjoyable journey, which is almost impossible to fit in a 6 mbs file, yet it manages to achieve that task. and in a flash format, no less!

indeed, yomuchan is a great storyteller, and a great game-maker.
i always liked his works, and this sequel of ''sex kitten school'', doesnt disappoint; its GREAT!

i loved this work, as all of F.H.'s+yomuchan's works, and i will play this game again soon.
keep up the great work, yomuchan!

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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