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well, this game looked simple at the beginning, but later on it became an interesting and cool avoid-obstacles game, it was challenging, funny and hard!(at times).
i liked the ''rum'' power-up, it got me out of nasty spots safely, while the ''repair tools'' power-up was a life-saver(literally), and the vortexes/rocks were my worst fear.

eventually, i looted many shipwrecks safely, i drunk alot of rum, and i ended up as ''henry every, the peaceful elder''. not bad!

good game, and quite challening.

good game, nice visuals, the gameplay weas good, and the ''satisfaction''+the upgrade mechanics were good, but the game was too hard.
i mean, at some point, there were 20 flying beavers in the screen, and 15 in the ground, and i had to shoot all the bombs from the flying beavers, just to manage to shoot the ground beavers in time, and they were still arriving quickly at my dam attacking it, so until the next wave, i was a goner.
good game, but it needs to tone down the difficulty a bit.
(or to add more upgrades for the dam's hotpoints/damage resistance)

a nicely drawn, well-organised game, it was challenging and cool...
good work!

wow, this was a very good pixel-day submission, and a really cool space game!
the visuals of the game were nice, the story was simple but interesting, and the slowly more frequent signs of dead/murdered astronauts that appeared as you walked deeper into the planet, was a clever touch that gradually raised the fear level as you progressed in the game...

also, the astronauts, the planet, the escape pods, and the enemies were nicely designed, and the jump/walk/run mechanics and the physics of this game were excellent, i mean, i had to calculate each jump and step, as the lack of gravity, the smaller ground areas, and the enemies increased.

overall, it was a great game, and i found it nicely drawn, challenging, and with good physics.
keep up the good work, sir!

Tropicana responds:

Thanks for the review bb10

wow, this was a nice space-game, it had a really nicely designed 3-D spaceship, and everything happened in a nicely designed huge enviroment, with LOTS and LOTS of meteorites, and you had to steer your ship in a good way in order to avoid the meteorites.
in a way, all this meteorite avoidance vaguely reminded me of my old ''asteroids'' days, but your game is new, different, and unique, so its GOOD!

as for the game controlls, i liked that the ship goes towards the red arrow direction, and you have to press the <--- and the ---> arrows in order to steer it away from the asteroids and towards the space-ship upgrade.

it was quite new and original, and i liked it.

i also liked the fact that, with the more levels you won, your ship was getting larger, the enviroment became wider, and the meteorites became more and smaller, making this a difficult and challenging meteorite-dodge space-game.

i eventually reached the final level, and i got the message:
''you did great for your homeland! congratulations!''

it felt great!

overall, it was a fun, and a challenging game.
nicely designed, with good use of 3-D.

cool stuff!

well, this is a nice dating-game, and i liked that it was just like real-life, which means even if you chose all the kind/right/honest options, if you apologised for any naturally good move and if she just didnt like you, every way pointed out to rejection.

i mean, i chose the romantic comedy, i talked about society and how we're making progress with the awesome speech option, i played truth or dare, (in ''truth'', she just didnt like the protagonists advances, while in ''dare'', the protagonist was funny and smooth while dancing, but she still didnt liked him when he did his move later on...wtf?!), and then she had a great time, but ''she really had to go'', which ended in a few failures in my first 2 playthroughs of the game.

eventually, i tried to take the exact same path in my 3rd playthrough, with one major difference:
in the end, right before she wants to leave, i tell her that i would like her to stay in there for a bit longer, then i tell her that i really like her, and then, i did the craziest, most risky thing that a protagonist would do in such a game: i leaned in to kiss her.
and... it worked!
she kissed the protagonist back! i won the game!
she stayed for ''a bit more'', like she said.

so, in conclusion: women are a complete mystery.

and this game truly gives to the player this (accurate) experience.
and its well drawn/designed.

the square dude and the square girl looked like they were 3-D, and their walking movements were fast and quite nice!

this was a good game.

but i would prefer to add a ''scene selection'' option, so that i dont have to wait for the credits/intro to finish...

i would like to be able to choose to play any chapter/part of this game, in a fast way, so that i can choose for more options.
so yeah, a scene selection function would help.

other than that, it was a good game, and it was nicely designed.

good job!

Jasonario responds:

Thank you very much for your thoughtful critique and review! And yes, that's kind of the point I was trying to get across. Relationships are more complicated than "saying all the right things". And sometimes it seems like you're doing the right things, when you're actually not.

a really nice game!
it was cool, challenging, and very fun to play!
i liked all of the logic riddles that it had, and i reached level 31, on my first try! :)

the design was simple and minimalistic, yet the game was perfectly designed, and with alot of details implemented in it....

good game, and a nice logic training exercise.

keep up the good job!

wow, this was once again, a huge, massive and FUN hentai game!
great job, yomuchan! you rock! (also neokimika did a good job as well, and same thing applies to all the people that helped for this game to happen)

this game had MANY cool hentai characters, cool hentai-trivia, (i found some on my first try, while others were a bit harder and required a 2nd try), it also had some random trivia (like the camera-zoom question, (which i got on my 1st try), and i also liked the crazy quests such as the basement witch quest with the sacred item, the perfect sandwitch quest, and many more!
i also liked ''somebody else'' cameo, the polyhedron clock cameo, and the BB10 cameo+quest! thanks alot for that, man! i feel so proud!!! :D

i also enjoyed the sexy presence ot ms ''sl*tty mc slt''(cat-girl), and of the australian scientist girl, who was sexy and cool!

im glad to say that i have completed all the missions, and i have won the secret document item, which in turn gave me the 100% complete ending, and the secret sl*tty mc sl*t OC hentai!
(i mean, thats the ''special'' thing shown in the credits, am i right?)

anyways, this was a legendary HUGE game, and i enjoyed it alot.
it also had sexy girls, hot action and hentai. what more to ask?

keep it up, and do more!

wow, this was a nice, fun challenging and enjoyable game!!
i LOVE point-n-click games, so this was obviously a game genre that i would like.
also, the first thing that i noticed in this game, was the nicely drawn characters(really!), the many cool dialogue options with the other game characters(i could talk about many subjects with them, and there were many funny options to choose from in the dialogue box), the excellent tribute-drawing of the pirate guybrush threepwood, and the clever dialogue options with him! (hehehe, i found the ''rip-off'' topic really cool and funny!), but i also liked the subtle tributes to movies such as indiana jones(statue swap scene), king arthur(sword on a stone), lord of the rings(general stereotype of dwarves using only axes), and so many details that kept me entertained for hours!

i also liked that there were 2 main ways to beat the game: one is by cheating, and the other by playing in a fair way.(while thinking outside of the box).

i won by the ''cheating'' way on my first try, and i even found the drunkard(and his debugger item) on my FIRST try! that was amazing...
also, i got the ''fair'' ending with some help from the video walktr., but still, i was just stuck at the ''hero duel'' part, so i played the rest of the game fair and square.
as for the third, ''secret'' hidden ending, it was easy to figure it out.
all i needed was a wizard and a door... (hehehe)

overall, this was a HUGE point-n-click game, with alot of interesting and adorable characters, everything was nicely drawn, you made fun of everything, and in a cool way, you added many good jokes, tributes and references, while you also added some cool dialogue choices, nice hints and cool hidden info about the storyline of the game...

and it had some really cool puzzles. i liked solving them.
the owl+squirrel one at the forest was cool, and i got it! i felt happy when i solved it!

so yeah, i dont know what your opinion about your games, but i totally recommend you to do MORE games like this, and to create more games with your own drawings/drawing your characters on your own...

i mean, its alot better to draw your characters on your own, instead of (just) using sprites.
i mean, sprites are cool and very enjoyable as well, but drawing your characters has some cool ''magic'' in it...
thats all.

all in all, you have nice skills in creating cool and funny point-n-click games, you make good jokes, cool puzzles and adorable characters that will remain in my memory...
i loved seeing ron's crazy adventures in his quest to get back home!
i liked the ant-guards! i also liked the character of zog the troll(the one that was stuck running in the right side of the room), he was clever!
so yeah, you have created a wonderful game, and i would love to see more games like that in the future.
keep up the good work, man! 10/10

Muja responds:

Hey, thanks a lot for your great review, I'm really glad you had fun! This is a game I made for all the point-and-clicks fans out there, like you and me, so I'm very happy you appreciated it
To answer your "questions":

- I'll never go back to sprites!
There was a time when I thought they were my only option, that's why I used them.
After this game, many other users said my drawings can improve, but all in all it seems they're decent enough for you people to enjoy my games, and I'll definitely try better next time.

- Don't think my next game will be another point-and-click game.
I mean, I'll surely make another one in the future, but for now I'm working on two very different projects: an interactive comics series, called "Zombie Society", and a martial arts oriented rpg settled in feudal Japan, that will be titled "Grim Ronin" - the spiritual sequel of another game I made years ago, called "Street Fighter LoA".
Feel free to like my facebook page if you're interested in these games, too, or follow me here on Newgrounds!

Once again, thank you for sharing your thoughts with this very nice review, and thanks for playing!

wow, its a really nice work art-wise, and it has epic legendary robot drawings, but the movie/game(?) is too short.

maybe you could try adding more robots/biographies/info about them?
its a nice project, man!

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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