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excellent game, with a hillarious story (based on the real-life feud between NG (here) and kongregate)
nice work, original, funny, and with excellent gameplay, medals, and a touching ending....
(the boss scene was the funniest and most intense thing that i've seen in 2 years)

and also, i loved the humour in the credits scene, (and in the controls, the control keys spelled out the word A-S-S, lol, good one!) everything was funny!

you should definitely do more games/movies like this, it was very funny!
ps. like cyberdevil, and nameplz said, you should totally upload this in kongregate too... haha
keep it up

squidly responds:

What's a Kongregate?

nice RPG/dating sim crossover.
i liked the character's drawing, and faces, and you did great work with the visuals overall.
the drunk quiz was also a nice touch, and i liked how you could take different choises in this.

all the characters were cute and likeable, and i especially liked the ending where the hero gets ''close'' with poppy.

nice work, man, i like your stuff! you have skills, so do more!
its nice. 10/10

Ferdafs responds:

Thank you! With comments like this, how can I stop? Hope you like chapter 3 when it's out.

hahahaha, funny game, nice and unique design, and a great storyline/idea:
dwarf miners searching what's beneath the surface of their mines....
this would be a GREAT idea for an EPIC game, or for an EPIC movie, but instead this was a much-more simpler thing, and overall a game with nice interactivity, and a grim, but still somewhat funny ending.
nice puns.

do more,you are good... tho i would love to see more under this same concept.

wow, i thought that this game would be a simple game, but no, it was creepy as all hell, so i played it with no sound, and i managed to hide in all places, to pee in the WC (lol that was actually creative and funny), and i got 2 notes, while i avoided the killer, UNTIL....
i saw his face. that f***ing face.

you should really add an 'enable screamer face/disable screamer face'' thing on the menu, because seeing that face after every game-over can freeze your blood.

other than that, the game was good, and the interactivity was excellent (such as the searching, and the walking/entering rooms/ and or the ability to hide).
overall an O.K game. you are good.

cool game, great story, and despite the lack of drawings/and or visuals, and the simple gameplay, this game is hard and challenging.
worth a shot.

also the cinematics are epic.

good work as always, tho im stuck with 3 jewels, a lighter, and a stone lid in my inventory.
also, im in the temple, i unlocked the left side of corridors, but i cannot fix teh broken lever in the right corridor.

is this beatable like the previous submachine games, or is it an april fool's joke?
(any help is appreciated)

anyway, its a good game, like always, so you rock man. do more!

good game, and good visuals, but its VERY hard to dodge the bullets, or to kill the bad robots.
it takes 10 hits for em to kill an enemy robot, while the enemies can kill my guy in 4 hits.
maybe add some difficulty settings, or make the main character a bit harder to hit, and the enemies slightly easier to hit/or tot ake less hits to kill them.

other than that, a good game.

Galdon responds:

Thanks, I'll try to work on adding difficulty levels. Not sure why I didn't think of doing that before..

creative game, it s cool, and addictive!
also the game idea, and general gameplay is very original, and quite easy-to-play.
good game, man! congrats...
keep it up, and do more stuff like this!

jliias responds:

Thanks for your encouraging words! We have started our game development activities about half an year ago, and this is the very first game that we dared to upload to newgrounds.

New projects are under work, so be tuned! :)

lol, hillarious and insane, just the way i like it.
also sexeh tiemz!11oneoneone

good stuff.

good game, and awesome visuals!
also, nice work in adding a story behind solitaire, i liked that, it was original.
umm, the only problem is, that you should add a ''SAVE'' function, so that you can save your progress if you leave the game.
solitaire always needs a save function since the game might stretch for a few hours, lol :D

anyway, good game, and nice artwork, i liked it. keep it up!

Veinom responds:

It should auto-save and auto-load. You can even delete your progress.

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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