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this is an actually pretty good game,and i think that it's alot better than what it's title or visuals suggest.despite the pixely art and the simplistic graphics, it's actually pretty well-done, challenging at parts, and entertainting.
this was a part you did for a collab, or an individual, non collaborated part of yours?
either way, it's great, and i hope that you will do more fun and great games like this.

Dir3kt responds:

Thanks a lot for the kind words! Hopefully other players will also notice that actual work has been done being the simplistic look and feel ;)

I did the game 100% solo. I auto-generated the music using some software though.

this game was O.K, but it lacked a story, a purpose, a goal, and some more levels.
i suggest you also, to add some better ''hit-boxes'' because i clicked, and it needed to click elsewhere in order to hit the right ''villain''.

good, but try to add more.

a glorious game, that i played with, on a friends pc, a couple months ago, but never reviewed it.
time to rectify that.
it's a great game, and quite original, since it combines the ''overcome an obstacle'' and ''solve a puzzle'' issues, with the use of short-lived items (seeds) and with the abillity to WAIT.
our friend, has such a granite patience!

incredibly well-thought, and pretty entertaining, it was a good agme to play, and i enjoyed every aspect of it, with only bad parts being the hardness to get to the hidden tombstone, since it required two chestnut seeds, alot of good timing, and ALOT of patience.
(i dont know,maybe the seeds should last for more time?)
otherwise, is was a GOOD game.

but anyway, it was good, so don't chance it.
ironically, i just beat it, and did all of the achievements in just 30 minutes. i was well-trained.
good game, keep it, up, and do more, it was great and original!
PS. the tombstone said that atraveller of worlds was resting there.
is that a distant refference to the space-traveller from ''a small talk?'' if so,
that's highly interesting, to see his fate.
good game!

a great game!

well, i have to say, that this is a GREAT game, and it's quite touching to see how much the computer, despite his/her lies, and attempts to hide the reality, cares about the user.
it's very nice to see that the computer cares and loves the user, and tries to hide him the horrors that wait for him at the end.
ofcourse my choise, was to leave, and try to survive, even with the slim chances that i've had, resulting to abandon the AI that i so much loved.

tho, like the previous reviewer said, i have to say, this could have some more choises/options/awards.
like, for instance, a more interactive enviroment, where you could click and check from a close-up view the food dispenser, examine the food, have a close up on the AGS, the ESC pod, try to pry open the window, and more.

also, i've had a few alternative endings, and there was no reward in finding them (like when i was using ''bad'' words) while it could have a few medals for more alternate endings/choises, i still enjoyed it for being what it was. a grand game of mystery, deception, and choises.

if you will do a game like this, make it a bit longer and with more options, and a different storyline, like a survival/mystery game, where you have to find the clues in order to explore your area/survive.
also, a bit of backstory would improve the feel in the game.not a huge backstory, rather than a few hint's on the heroes past/mission situation.

i think you should do more games like this, because you're really talented, and i find them highly entertaining.
keep up the good work!

an excellent game.
even if it is a bit small (in monster types and categories), it's perfect. the combinations that existed were quite epic, and some of them unexpected, (for me, at least.) the epic classes of warrior, bersheker, fatzombie, exterminator and pyro where amongst the most impressive.
also the healer character was quite cool.

the fights where ok to moderate difficulty, at the first 3 rounds, but at rounds 8-10 it got insanely hard, and the final round was really really hard.

tho i managed to beat it.

the hunting option was also good, because when i ran out of cash, i was getting it from hutnign, since i was too weak to go to the arena, so this was a good addition :)

all in all, a great game, and very cleverly and beautifully designed. keep at it, man. it rocks.

cool, an ice king game!
will you do a sequel to the ''game'' game?
the designof the secret santa was good, i liked the preloader drawings here, they seemed fitting for the occasion, and the game, was easy at the beggining, but got quite hard, afterwards!

a good game, all in all.

very well done!

a good game, and fun a too!
it's very fun, and tricky (when you try to move in the maze), but at least it's some good fun, and the difficulty is reasonable(in the final level, you get to choose amongst other ''paths''.

also, i hope you can unlock the ''scenes'' page somehow, since i saw a hint/nudge towards it.

the girls were sexy, the tips/info were/was usefull, and the whole game was enjoyable.

do more!

Veinom responds:

Yes lvl 10 is hard but its a multi-path, thanks for bringing it up!
and yes there is a way to get to the scenes directly but its a secret! ;)

good movie/game

tho, let me tell you:
@sherclock: how can i make games like this? plz help me in AS, so i can finally make a short-insupin pumpus mini-game.

@insulinpump: let me tell you something KID, YOU CANT KILL CHRIS THE STICK 2.
that's it.
and strawberry's nephew. so his bloodline is sacred, and epic.

@romancollar: god, come back from the army, and do movies , plz.


a good game, with nice graphics, even tho the back-ground, is simply black, or TOO fuzzzy. and the whole target of the game is fun too, to make triangle fondrette the III to destroy biological-clock.or is that the world? only carrot-clock knows.

HOWEVER. the re-do level button, has a glitch. if you click it, it starts the game over, and not the specific level.
i think ou should fix this.

other than that, a good game.

MUCH better than the first one

as i said before, this is MUCH better than the first one.
it's got difficulty levels (hated when i was dying every two rounds/second time i played by a horde). at least now, you can choose your diff. lvl.
ALSO! i loved the e ''equip'' button, because i could upgrade each soldier/person, and help him as i can.
also, hospitals, and technology parts were good.
i also liked the moral choises.
i ended up killing the evil cult, and just defending myself, until the chopper was built.
anyhow, i loved also, the ''learn skill'' abillity, when the soldiers/citizens-survivors, KEPT the skill(or more) they've learne'd, and keep upgrading their knowledge, instead of forgetting their previous skill, like in tha first one.
also, i liked the '',oral-choises''. very good part of the game, and kept my interest/attention r. up.
uhhh also a r, nice part... was, the ''alternate endings'' choises, and the ''keep playing function''
i hope this game has a save function.

overall: very good game, keep it up! very good work.

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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