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a fun compilation of video-game art, parodies....
i liked that you guys added my parts, too! also, i must state that i LOVED the parts by pop-tart, blob, and by grey, along with by topcatyo's character parts.. hahaha
great job,b toppy!

UHH.. we should make fun of brawl next time. 5/5

good game

a simplistic, and small game, but excellent in pure entertainment.
also i liked the intro ''fighting those ''FUGGIN LOCKZZZZ'' oh yeah! got me in the mood, combined with the doom theme/fights, still you could add more music tracks into it...

anyway, if you make a next one, make the character move in directions, or make a setting in an abandoned spaceship lab, where you fight undead members of the glock-group, and the locks group!
could sound fun, mait.s

errr good game, just do more, and keep at the doom theme.

fun game!

good game, but i think there's a major issue on about where teh character stands. if he's on the wrong position, you can't hit the enemies, and so, the character can't hit the clocks, and take the candy. in odrer to do that, you must be in around the same position as your enemy, and try the front, or back-wards hit.

perhaps you could make him(the character) only move left an' right, but other than that, it's an amazing game!

also, it should have a goal, like get 100 ''candys'' if you want to end the game, and have a bonus scene, or a fun little ending, like his enjoying the candie's, or getting caught by the police afterwards...

it's a good game, and worthy on being in the cc collection.
good stuff, do more!

nice take on maple-story

excellent take on ''maple-story'' and the whole games situation. liked the logos, ''writings'' on buildings, was p. clever.
now, while i dont approve of making fun of old/disabled people, i still found this an enjoyable game, and i must say, it's a nice way to use your wrath..(if ur mad at stuff)..
nice design of thor-clock, it's a shame you didnt do a real game, even if it would be short.
anyhow, it seems fun, and the song was awesome.

BTW, when i played this game i instantly thought i was in netherlands, can you explain to me why it happened?!

good short.

should have more clothes/selections tho.
all in all, good submissions, and dew could make a game, to help you.

very good flash.

it's a neat NG dress-up! and i like the switch on the characters.
also the song is great.

i think you keep beeing sketch clock, it suits you.
great games

good game.

now, this was a great game, in terms, of combining the gaming of a platformer/puzzle, and using your mind to get the riddles right, and to find your way, out of there...

tho, there is a feature i hate, and i must declare it:
the ''start over'' elements. why
starting over when you find the ending no.1, for, example, of the 3 endings?
why not putting a check-point, like, at the level ''attrium'' or at ''welcome'' and you can follow, the rest of the endings... (or revelations.)

so, while this is a GREAT game, it hurts the players/user;s patience when you uncover the one horrible truth behind an other, and you eventually get to start over. it's maddening!

so, in the end, it seems the rocket (or bomb) is used to prevent wars, and the scientist who created this, AND the super-soldier (the player), is havin done, a HORRIBLE mistake.
it appears, that the state of the testing facillity, is now derelict, and devoid of life, except: from the protagonist, and the guy who opened the (player's) dude's door.
-if anyone wants to know the story behind-
so, we know all the truth: the player, when administered the dose of medicine, he became violent, and accidentally kills his loved people... with that in realisation, he accepts to die in here, and a note appears, ''this is YOUR place.'' .
then, we have the scientist dying, cause he can no longer forgive himself, and when u even escape, the city is bimbed either cause you are TOO powerfull, or because of the war.

sad, sad, but good game.
i think you should do more games, like this, and develop this character. it has potential

i am amazed.

this game portrays greatly the life, and choises we make. as silly as it may sound, the point and meaning of the game is differrent to anyone. for me, it pointed out, that one, should BATTLE to survive. the man, who was the scientist, was working on a cure every day, and i made him fight it to the very end. the cure was found. i felt good.
everyone must fight to survive. ending in madness or violence would be futile, since all would die. that is all.

great game.

good game.

very good game, i like the choise-making games, and this was good. despite the black-n-white, drawings, they were EPIC. so, congrats 2 the man who did them.

anyway, i did most of the endings, and won(eventually, mh) my fave ending, was.. gambling fever, when they got at the ship. haha. also, loved the rooster joke.

Hyptosis responds:

hey thanks for the comments ^_^

i must say, this..

..was rather entertaining. very good game, and only in a few hours?! WTF!
good stuff, you got there, man, good stuff..... i loved the intro, and the upgrades, only bad was that i couldn't understand the visor upgrades, and the fact that u could not save your game, but ok, good defence game, and in only three days!!1@

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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