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good game! awfully hard to master the controls, but it's pretty good, and enjoyable.
you must hit the red ''house'' that creates the red squares to win.
and each ''square'' animal that you produce, has a strength/weakness against an opponent.

i did great in this game, strangely, and my tactics, gave me a score of 3! eat my dust, people!
good game, sir.
do more.

ah ok, i dont understand it, and i guess it's an inside joke, but i can appreciate that it's a good, well-designed, and fun little game.

good job, do more, and add some backstory later.....

well, thats a very good and usefull gadget! i liked the simple, and sparten interface, the good, and easy-to-use controls, (enter, arrow keys to move) and the informations that you provided in it.
also i would like to say that you used the ''endless handbag loop'', which is a legendary and super-old piece of NG history, since i remember listening to this great song from 2002, both in the site, but also in the old, old NG fighting game. (the one that had pico vs haggard from the final battle, vs eskimo bob, and against many others, a great game, i think it was submitted on 2003)
in other words, this flash-thing of yours, isn't just usefull, it's also nostalgic, AND beautiful.
thanks man, it rocks, and so do you. a great piece of flash.

great ''game'' overall, i just have to ask for a couple of things:
1. will you do one flash about all the ''B/P'' ranks? we could use a list like this too, i cant find it on NG anymore.
2.what's that NG level with the jet, i think you labeled it as an ''????'' level. so odd. maybe it's for game-developers?!

anyways, great game, keep it up, and be cool, it rocks!

Cyberdevil responds:

I'd like to do one like this with B/P too, or better yet, a more complete guide with everything currently excluded from the regular wiki (like whistles... etc). After summer, hopefully. The jet is an unused/secret level icon. It's in the stylesheet image, but noone has it/can have it. Usability & nostalgia was the mixture I aimed to brew. Thanks for the review!

VERY clever idea! instead of escaping from astrange place, without any memory about it, now you know everything, and you must NOT escape.
excellent idea, very original, and quite amusing on the gameplay.
it was very hard(esp. when i had to mix the RIGHT ingredients to make him the ''weakness'' potion) and it was also hard to lock the window, but after that, i've managed to beat the game ''on a calm night'' and without any deaths, and i did it on my third try!
that;s a very good game, and i would like from you to make more stuff like this, your point and click games are awesome!
ps. that was qute an interesting drawing of a werewolf and of the moon, did you draw them by yourself?
great work!
keep it up, and do more!

scriptwelder responds:

Werewolf picture is an art by http://brakkenimation.newgrounds.com :-)
Moon is a stock photo with some filters on :-p

good game with decent action, and clever gameplay.
tho, i think that this was hosted on here before, in the assasin section, many years ago.
is this a redesign of the old original?

it has 3 levels, i played, won them all, ended the game, and it was good.
keep it up, dude.

it sure seemed interesting, and VERY surreal!
it was good on the elements of wierd, and bizzaro-world psysics, but still:
there was no purpose. no goal. no way of achieving alternate endings, or different scores, so it was quite pointless.

which is a shame, because the game has amazing physics, since the character could jump, run, and hover , in the air, or drop (realistically!) on the ground, after a long fall.

but what this game is, simply, a PURPOSE.
ADD some guests, ADD some alternate endings, based on what you do (like, if you choose too many agressive faces, too many neutral faces, or too many happy faces, and what will happen, if you react differently, say, to a good guy, or to a bad/dangerous guy.)
add some things that will add a storyline, and soemthign that will make the game to havbe a goal.
like if you talk alot, and are social, you move alot better, or, if you dont, you get lonely, and the storyline, focuses on your lonelyness, or if you are too agressive (ie if u pick too many angry faces) you will be avoided by people in the game, while if you pick many happy or neutral faces, in the right times and people, you will be followed and following people, and etc etc

that's it, man! you have the actionscripting talent, and the physics, just add a purpose/goal, and you will earn a front-page in no-time!
(and a worthy praise).

the talking(angry, neutral, happy faces) minigame was a good element. just use it well, and intergrate it itno something that actually happens, you know?!

one of the best games i've played, in terms of enjoyment, and one of the funniest i've seen in a few years.
despite the lack of a (real?) ojective, this one was a truly funny, and entertaining game, no matter what the choises would be.
tho, in most of the times i've played the game, i spared everyone, except brutus, i kept rejecting brutus to the lions, until i realised i had to accept in order to get the medal XD
still, tho, the game is hillarious and funny, no matter what ''path'' you may select.

caesar rules!

do more games like this, it was fresh and entertaining, keep it up!

it's a good game, tho alot depressing. i liked teh music, and the stick art, and hwo the money, and the weaopns, and everything evolved as you raised level in money and in the ''ranks'' of a criminal.
also, i liked the refference to lance armstrong, nice touch.

i think that this game is good, but it could have a few more missions, and a few different endings, perhaps?

ok, cool thing. do more.k

a GREAT game, it should be called nostalgia: the game.
i liked it, and despite it being in sprites, that added up to the awesomeness, and i must say, these are the best sprites of old-school (and new characters) charcaters, that i've ever seen!
great sprites, and great drawings overall, very detailed, i think it must have took you forever to do this.
i love the refferences to duck-tales, looney toons, sesamee street, big, hulk, and hulk hogan, the goonies, the he-man, and grey skull, skelettor, and sonic,(and new characters rorsach, alien honimid etc etc) nes, bob ross, and darth dude from space balls, hahaha, there are just so many things, and memories that spawn into this great little piece, truly, your art is amazing, and you rock.
keep it up, bro!

well, this game was very good, and well-done, especially if you consider that it managed to capture our attention, and interest in the story, despite all the characters being 1-pixel each, and a huge, pixely-designed universe, with large, vast-endless roads, and with the only thing that is bigger than1-pixel to be the buildings, and the guardian.

so, 10 for originallity in design. because despite it's lack of graphics, the story managed to captivate you.

again, 10 for the story, since it was so sad, so true, and so touching, since it was about friendships and life and death.

the ending was good.
i chose to avenge him.

still, the BAD thing of the game is:
the EXTREMELY SLOW gameplay. even the best, and most eager-of-gamers cannot stay and stick around with this game, for a while. i know, that sometimes, games are not for the action, but for the feeling, or for the lesson, that they can teach us, but this one was so slow, that i almost lost my interest in this.
and the fact that you have to play this AGAIN from the start in order to get the second ending?
it's incredibly hard, truly a test of patience.

my suggestions, would be, to simply make the boy/ and the guardian to move a bit faster in the landscape, to also make the ''berries'' quest to have some hints as to WHAT you must collect, since the ''berries'' were just a small tiny, ''white-flashing pixel''. noone can see that!
so, give us some hints, or a hints option, on how to find the ''berries'' in the ''berries'' quest.
lastly, the movement of the characters, should be faster, like the boy's and the guardian's, and ofcourse, if you completed the first ending, there should be an option, allowing, to replay the last chapter, and play the ending differently, in order to see the other ending.
maybe, something like a button with ''play from last chapter again'' or soemthign, to help you see the ending, WITHOUT having to play all the game, all-over again.

what i say is, that this game is GOOD, the story is GREAT and touching (it really is great), but this game is harmed by it's overall slow speed, and no option in repleying the last chapter.

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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