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epic battle scenes, and nice ending, even when you lost to darius.
an old time classic.

where's he-man in this?

good space defender game, the first level confused me a bit, but after that, everything was ok.
the controls could use slightly better psysics (the ship could move a bit better sideways with the arrow keys), but thats ok, no problem.

nice stuff. do more!

nice design, even if its minimalistic.
the psysics are O.K. in this, tho the character feels a bit heavy when he jumps....
but other than that, ok, a smart little game.
nice stuff do more.

Zayns5ahmed responds:

Thank you very much for playing, advicing and rating. I think i have solved the problems in this new update. There are 4 levels. Thanks for encouraging me to do move with improvement! :)

ok game, but it needs:

-more space/moving area for the ship to shoot, the place was too crowded for me to shoot properly, and my ship kept dying after one point.

-needs an ''upgrade ship'' option. it will add more interest in the game, trust me.

-why the ''coins'' object was an ''enemy''? when i touched the flying golden coins, my ship died.
is a stack of coins a zombie enemy? that was confusing.

overall good game, but needs more stuff into it.

sloach responds:

thanks for you input. Your right about the coins, they shouldn't kill you. I will change this thanks.

ok cool game...
i liked how you should eat the flies and the dragonflies, but you had to avoid the acorns, and the bees.
nice game overall, keep it up!

ok, good game, and challenging, it was fun blowing those bubbles.

good game, challenging, and very addicting...
despite the simple design, it;s mechanics,a nd physics are well-done, and a fun game overall.
i scored a 2075, and got the best 2nd score of the day.
not bad.

also the medals idea was good.

haha, good little dress-up game/flash!
the drawings were truly beautiful, and i loved how you did the words ''SOBE'' in the background to flip, and be in radiant green, like the letters that appear in huge screens in concerts!
(how did you do those letters? photoshop, or 3d-studio?)

in other news, i found the easter egg :D
nice story in it, as well.

good stuff man!

Pop-Tart responds:

I did the letters right in Flash. Drew the letters than used the line tool (in green) to outline them. Then used a mixture of FBF and tweens to create the concert laser effect.

The easter egg featured a fun cover of one of Sobe's fave bands... but also served as a small homage to Orangeclock's Run To The Hills. Double win!

strangely, im worth 220 dollars and 11 cents. good bread!
nice stuff, and an interesting little gadget to count your profile value, pretty funny!
do more stuff!

a cool, well-designed, and interesting platform game.
i especially liked the neat design of the gentleman-soul-man charcater. he was cool.
nice game overall, with challenges, and many good levels.
keep it up, and do more!

SoulGame responds:

Thanks for your nice review!

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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