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pretty interesting and challenging physics game...
i loved teh gravory/physics in it, it seemed very realistic, and it added much into the game.
good game, do more my friend!

great point-n-click game, very enjoyable, with good challenge, yet possible to beat, and with nice action scenes, and with awesome sexy scenes as well!
it also had a cool, and interesting story, that had a good amount of mystery in it, so it keeps the viewer gripped with the action...
nice work.
i hope that you will do more like this. it was good!

KramasITTB responds:

Thanks for your appreciation, actually I'm still working to improve some details….

wow, that is a very interesting game, with a nice concept.
also, i think that ''nekra psaria'' means ''dead fish'' in greek. am i right?
i guess that, by looking into the underworld(?) nature of this enviroment, i could be right.
cockroach eating surgeons, human-head-shaped engines, ''perfect'' mages with plank requirements...
what an odd world to venture into!
a good game, and thanks for all the tips-in game, this was a game that was challenging, yet not insanely hard, or impossible to solve...(and usually impossible puzzles make a game dull)
but this game was good! colourful, odd, and interesting! with challenging puzzles and with good elements, nice interactivity, and a wonderful story.

this is a good game, and i would love to see more like this.
do more sir, you have skills.

good game, many people say you cannot see the changes in the planet, but after a few(?) clicks, the air starts to get cleaner, less fog, the land starts to appear from the surface of the water, continents appear, if you click too much on plants, the whole land becomes green, and if you over-click teh ''humans'', some parts of the green land become brown (cities, or human settlements!), and after you create a few prophets, its easy to build the temples, and after the 3rd temple, you begin to see big triangular buildings to pop-out of the landscape, and they form wierd flashing structures.
so far, i've got the planet in a balance with LOTS of animals, LOTS of humans, 10 prophets, and 5 temples. also ALOT of oxygen, and many, INFINITE plants. (many more than humans, and animals, to balance it out.), so my planet is green, ok and happy. and i produce some good 1.7m spirit every time.

this game also had funny jokes for every action you took, so this was also a plus.
i would like more interaction with the planet, like the creation of cities and armies/buildings/building pyramids/situations/ and some evets going on, and/or unlocking special stuff, but it was ok.
it got boring after a while, but it was a good game.
you are clever and funny, do more!

good game, and quite challenging as well.
the graphics are OK, and the gameplay is good, with nice psysics (jumping, landing, moving objects etc etc), and the whole game is good, but the story is....EPIC.
i just love all the metaphors, between the ''good'' robotic god, (gomadi, who if you anagram his letters it means iamgod, pretty smart!) and the ''evil'' one (while tanas stands for the devil if you anagram his name) and you try to choose a side, and to decide the fate of robot-kind.
pretty cool!

tho, my only complaint was that in some parts, it was very hard to get in some areas, since it needed a great timing on the jumps, and sometimes, tough spots had many enemies, so if i managed to jump from a cliff and to avoid all the thorns, i would eventually either die from a spider or from a sentinel.
i dont say that a game shouldn't be challenging, but you should make some tough spots easier to beat.

(oh, and sometimes, when i jumped down, there were some blind corners, (in the bottom) which meant i would jump from a high spot, and i would either end up in a hole and die, or i woudl fall right into a spider which would decapitate me. there should not be blind corners, in my opinion.
or they should be viewable somehow.)

also some more checkpoints could be cool. maybe.

the game is good, and it has a great storyline, i believe that a sequel of this would be a smashing hit, and you have many skills, so keep up the good work!
do more!

wonderful little game about suarez skills....
because his bite is worse than his bark... ;)

good game, do more.

good little game. pretty fun, and creative...
nice (and sometimes disturbing) faces!

pretty cool.

excellent work.i won, and
i got a score of 5075.
the art was good, the game was good, the controls could be a bit simpler, like pressing space, or something else...but it was good, nice game.

the only bad thing is that i actually like flounderman, i think he's cool.

other than that, a good game.

good game, and visualy VERY interesting.
also it's very intereactive, with beatiful girls, and nice action scenes.
i particularly enjoyed the two-amazons cat-fight, that felt like rock, paper scissors, but in a sexy twist.
also the lust/sex minigames were good.
you should really do the sequel to this, because im curious as in, what will happen next.
good game.

hmmm...interesting game!
according to this, i was destined to do insane things, and to change history forever.
i am Mad Domo-chan, and my destiny is to violently kick the Galtean Alliance.
(i dont know what this means, but i hope its epic)

good game, and pretty enjoyable. epic music, and magnificent concept.
do more.

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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