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wow, i remember playing this on NG as a guest/lurker on 2002.
this game has nice graphics (if you consider that it was made on 2001, and that is is has a good, grotesque resemblance to the HP's face...hehe)
i do wonder what were you thinking when you made this, because it very random and wierd, but it certainly was creative and original!
smoking birds and squirrels, and many more!
remember kids, NEVER smoke gunz, they are lethal, lol

also the smoking ''glue'' part was quite funny as well.

a good game overall, and it brought me back memories of the odd era of newgrounds, back when the assasin games and the ''club a seal'' game were the most popular.

TomFulp responds:

I really have no idea what I was thinking when I made this... I think I just wanted it to be really creepy.

haha, a clever prank on all NG lovers!

it would be great to see pico 2 on the portal, one can hope...

good game, with good graphics, some modern day references (such as children/students being like THUG-life, as shown in the animation before the ''game'' starts), and with some nice interactive action going on.

its a shame that it ended so fast and suddenly, yet it was an OK game, and a cool prank, to be honest with you.

5 for pico, and 5 for tom, you both rock!

wow, once again a great movie. i played this a while ago, but never got around to review it.
i shall rectify that mistake.
this is a good movie, pretty interactive, with its own unique messages and jokes about sonic, modern society, capitalism and inflation/fetishes in general.
thankfully, this movie had ALOT more choices and discussion categories than the first one, and it also had an actually working ''cross-examination'' system for the court scene mini-game. (in the first movie, it never worked, yet in this one, you CAN defend yourself in the court by using the ''cross-examination'' system correctly.
also it was clever how you have created (once again) a relationship between certain characters, such as having manic the hedgehog be sonic's brother, who plays at a band.
i also enjoyed the name tags for the characters in the diaolgues in the court scene.
names such as ''red, blue, green, manic the hedgehog, blue manic, sonic's brother, shad, or shads the hog'' were pretty funny, and they were always changing during the court scene.
a clever little joke if you ask me!

overall, this was a very good movie/game, and it was amazing, both in fun/humour/jokes about sonic+inflation stuff, AND in its truly strong message (once again).
also i laughed alot when in the sex scenes+in the credits you could hear alot of farting sounds.
if you also think about inflation, this makes it a very funny detail. good job, man!

you have skills in making funny and thoughtfull things. do more man.

a truly great interactive movie, and it is quite clever in the way that it makes fun of sonic+of the various fetishes that exist around in the internet nowdays...
the drawings might be simple at some parts, and the story might be a tad crazy, but it is VERY enjoyable, and a very good movie/game at the same time.
i particularly enjoyed the ''court'' scene with the phoenix wright moments, and having shadow as the judge, eggman as the prosecutor, and sonic, as well, sonic!
having tails as sonic's son was also a nice touch.
i also enjoyed knuckles parts and you showing his (possible?) fetish as well.
pretty cool.
as for the ending, it was hillarious, and quite well-executed, very nice work.
this movie is not just funny, it also gives you some food for thoughts....

very nice work. i liked all of the parts of this trilogy.
do more like this man....

a very good, nicely drawn, well designed game.
this was done in 3 days? WOW!
very well done.

also the different endings+medals were a nice touch, and i kept playing it for those reasons.

however, despite the awesome game mechanics and the good/funny endings, i believe that this game has a few errors/negatives:
1. its TOO hard to enter a shelter/cave. the only way for me to enter such a cave in time, is by mashing all the arrow key buttons into the direction of the cave/shelter, and FAST.
if i am slower even by a mili-second, i am already doomed.
you should add an easier way for the bear to enter the caves/safehouses, such as the spacebar, or pressing a specific button, etc etc.
2. the game has a bit of a complex map. getting around and learning the terrain can be tricky in here.
thankfully, most of the areas in the map have safehouses/caves to stay in between blizzards, but the map is too huge, vast and complicated in some corners and spots, making it really hrad o find your way back to the other achievements.
also, each time i find a different ending/achievement, i get to start the game again from scratch.
this is not very nice. i believe that we should keep playing, and if the bear has low lives, it should have full lives (3) refilled after each successfull ending.

that is all, i know that you did this in 3 days, and its great, but im giving some advice to make this game more fun, if possible.
you did a great job btw

oh man, this is very sad, i feel bad about your dog, he looks so cute and adorable and that is a very sad thing, to see your dog suffer through blindness.
i hope that he is better now...

a good game with a good message.
keep making art, my sir.

a very well-designed and amusing 8-bit game, with many, cool, and awesome choices. the ending was quite surprising, and i was impressed. (SPOILERS: you are cthulu and your brother is a huge lizard thing, and you fight to overcome each other in scientific ways!!!!) END OF SPOILERS---
and epic story, and overall, an awesome game.

this game needs to have some medals, trust me, it will make it even cooler.
PS: i liked the ''like'' function at the end, it was clever!

wow, this was an epic game!
i thought that it would be short, but this was a long, mysterious and epic game with many riddles, and with MANY cool hentai rewards!
i loved the riddles+the rewards, and despite me getting some answers wrong, i managed to beat the game on my first play! i won! i got the codes for the gallery and for the dev notes (which i also enjoyed), and i liked the game overall.
it had excellent actionscripting, a crazy (but funny) story, and a very good inventory/use items action!!!

this was a very good game, and very very cool, also i laughed alot when the latex-nun woman sended me on a ''holy quest'' to retrieve some items for her, and i also liked the moment where the blonde lady licked by eyeballs when i got the wrong answer (ew). it was v. funny!

i loved this game, tho i have to ask: what was the code for the keypad on B2? i talked with the F.A.T.A.L. player about this, he gave me an odd key, i tried to open the door/pad on B2 with it, but nothing happened.
got any tips/help for this??

overall, an awesome game, i enjoyed it alot, and it was an honor to voice-act for it.
thanks mate! make more stuff like this!

hmmm, a GOOD stick-game, that is a very good thing to do, and it also had funny endings(?) and some nice strategic actions to choose (such as, how to shoot the stick behind the riot-shield, and i found it! it was clever!)
i liked this game alot, both for the nice drawings/design/action, and for the medals as well, a cool little game.
also the music was pretty awesome, and a blast from the past. (handbag loop, wow!)
keep making games like this, it was GOOD!

very good game, creative, and very challenging!!!
i also liked the visuals and the levels.

good job man, do more!

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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