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interesting concept, nice loading screen, strange action going on in the videogame scene...
good idea, tho!
very cool thing, you always make cool stuff kombucha... have a happy clockday!

this was was nicely designed, with a clever gameplay control of ''3 steps, 1 step, then once again 3 steps, 1 step, and so on, etc etc...''

the character was cute, and the game was challenging.

the first 3-4 levels were easy, but the final level was really frustrating, and the whole ''not moving up 1 square even if certain death await in all the 3 other corners'' was quite annoying.
however, i DO appreciate the game's new fresh challenge, and i like the fact that this game has a new set of (annoying) rules, it kinda reminds me of chess, ina vague way.
(ofcourse, i love playing chess, while i didnt really enjoy playing this game... but still, it was good.)

its clever, with new revolutionary rules (In terms of moving your character in a dangerous enviroment), and it makes you think...
so its a clever, and challenging game...
good work!

keep it up, and make more cool games like this.

wow, this was a very good game!

when i first heard of the game ''jazzy jones'', it was on late 2013, when one of my friends in the CC forums told me about it. i played it back then, and it was funny.
however, i was active in some collabs/flash projects, and i eventually forgot to review this great game.
how foolish of me!
this game is a really nicely programmed, funny, and well-designed game, with simple visuals (simple drawings), but with VERY GOOD actionscripting in it.
its really hard to implement good game mechanics in a flash game, especially when this game is a ''quick reactions'' type of game.

i usually dont like ''quick reaction games'', because they often get frustrating and too fast-paced for my tastes, but your game of jazzy jones was very good.
it had checkpoints at each level, which was the MOST important part, since those games NEED to have checkpoints, otherwise the whole gameplay would be annoying and hard to beat, and it would make it an unpleasant experience overall.

but you have added a very good ''checkpoint'' feature that remembers your progress, and with each completed level, you move onwards into a new level, and you are facing many new and exciting challenges that lie ahead.

(so, for example, even if i will fail in level 4, i will always be able to start again from level 4, the same level on which i will be playing into.)

i defeated all of evil fred's army, and i escaped from all of his henchmen, which resulted in me reaching level 6, the final level, in which i had to fight VS the evil swordsman, evil fred himself! (gasp!)
the final fight was nicely drawn, funny and very nicely orchestrated, especially with that epic ''final boss'' music that was playing in the background.
also, the reaction times where fair, and if i failed at one point, thankfully the game remembered my progress, and it restarted from the final level's checkpoint, and not before that point.

i quickly defeated the final boss, evil fred, and peace was restored in jazzy jone's town, animal city.
i liked the whole game, it had GREAT actionscripting, a funny story, cute visuals and a nice coherent layout overall.

also, it had great music. all of the level songs, especially the FF VII song, and the chrono-trigger songs were awesome. those were some nice techno beats, man!

its a very good game, and i can see why many people from the CC supported it.
its cool, cute and funny.

you make good games, and if this was your first flash submission ever, then i can tell that you will become a very good flash game-maker in the near future.

you are good, so stay cool, and keep up the good work! 10/10

hmmm... its a (seemingly) simple, but interesting game!

first of all, i like the 3-D design of the spherical-hero of the game, i like the design of the ''evil red squares'' that are the enemies of the ''hero'', and i also like the nice physics/jumping/shooting/running mechanics that exist in this game.
its minimalistic, but it has a good actionscripting structure, and GOOD PHYSICS.

it was easy to play, and i was always collecting the yellow sphere power-up in order to add more ammo in my ''weapon''. after a few evasions/reloads/shots, i managed to kill many red squares, which resulted in me getting a score of 30 ''cubes''.

i also liked the (slowly) increasing difficulty. it started out in a simple way, being easy, but as i kept playing the game, it became harder and harder to evade my enemies, since there were more squares in the area, and they became faster and faster....

its a good concept for a cool 3-D game, and i liked it.
its simple, but it gets the job done, because its challenging, nicely designed and funny.

my only suggestions would be to add more stuff in it.
add more power-ups(extra lives, more powerful ''weapon''/stronger shots, faster speed, invincibility mode, ''frozen'' enemies, score multipliers and more).
also, you could add more ''levels''. after you defeat some squares and you survive a ''wave'', for example if you kill 50 squares, you should be able to pass into a new ''level'', in order to hgave a new objective and to perform a new ''mission''.
also, for each new level, you could add a different background, with more/less/different power-ups, and you could even add a few ''negative power-ups'', such as: slower speed, harder enemies, etc etc.
(but that should be optional, because people might not like negative power-ups. however, im just throwing this idea for a future version of the game, and in case people might ask for more ''challenging levels'' in the future.)
in general, its a great game, but it needs more cool stuff/upgrades/levels/more missions and more objectives, along with more visuals in order to become a large, fully fledged platformer game.

i can see that you have good skills in making cool 3-D games.
you are good, so keep up the good work, and always keep your games fresh!
nice game.

this is a really nice quiz game, i enjoyed it alot!

i originally played this back on 2013, and i got a score of ''BILL NYE, the science guy'', (almost perfect), on MY FIRST TRY. (i was that good). this happened on the 27th of july, in 2013.
after some time had passed, i decided to meditate and to return more determined in the holy halls of bill, and to conquer everything on my path.
so, on the 1st of august, in 2013, i won the PERFECT score, and i got a ''bill murray'' rank of bill-expertise in the knowledge of bills.

so, after reaching such a top-tier highscore, and achieving such a great honour, only one thing was left for me: to compete for the lowest ranks, in order to win all the other awards.
i can't believe how many bills exist in this game.

my faves are: bill nye(the science guy), bill murray, billiam wallace, billiam the conqueror, buffalo bill, and billi bob thorton, to name a few.
im also proud to say that i also belong in the hallowed halls of bill, since i am also a bill(iardball)10.
ah, the sweet taste of success and glory.
it feels like pancakes. with ketchup.

overall, a good game, with many multiple choices, many bills to be found(and named), and an interesting game to play.
you can learn about many bill's of the world from that game, LOL!
also it has good medals, and solid actionscripting.

nice work P.C.-clock.
you did a nice game.
keep it up!

wow, this was an excellent game-version of the meme ''confused travolta'', with many clever, puzzles and mini-games!

i loved the first level, where you stole stuff while he wasn't looking at you, i liked the ''seduce'' level alot, i loved the space-adventure game, where you had to (quietly) defend earth's mothership from enemy attacks, i found hard the ''tetris-travolta'' challenge, but i won on my second try, and i loved the final level!

great game overall, very funny, and quite challenging.
a very enjoyable and cool interpretation of the meme.

keep up the good work, and make more stuff like this!

an interesting game...

well, this was a good game, with nice pixel-graphics, good controls/good game-mechanisms and an interesting, lovecraftian story going on.

as for the day-to-day ritual, i liked how it progressed from:

day 1: normal day, everything happens as everyday human activities, drinking coffee, brushing your teeth, going to work, etc etc
day 2: not-so-normal day. things start to get wierd. since the water company cuts off your water, (and you cannot make coffee anymore), things start to get wierd. the atmosphere around the protagonist's neighborhood becomes cloudy and ominous, while the fact that he loses his job isnt helping much. (his boss is a jerk). furthermore, his neighboor jim dies, and reappears in front of his window, a living-dead, a zombie saluting an old neighbor. (close the curtains, QUICK!)
day 3: chaos and decay reign supreme. the lovecraftian nightmare has arrived, and at the protagonist's house, we see the tentacles of the octopus monster, through a hole in the wall.
everything is broken/old/neglected.
at least, the coffee machine (kinda) works, and the tap is still having liquid in it...
and the protagonist even has a new job. a much darker job...
but the ritual remains the same.

(also, i loved the new arcane, medieval tool that the protagonist was using in order to brush his teeth... (on day 3). what was it? it looked like a giant ritualistic knife/like a crossbow... nice details)


so, overall, its a great and atmospheric game, and given that it was created in just 48 hours, it increases its value.
you should definitely make a longer, more detailed sequel to this, with more ''rituals'', more actions, more dialogue choices, and more stuff in general.
perhaps you could make it be a ''choose your own adventure'' game, where each choice has its own consequences?
it would be awesome.
and it could span in a period of a week, instead of 3-4 days.

anyways, this game was awesome, so keep up the good work!

a very nice, innocent and educational game about the children's rights in hospitals.
(its very good and useful for teaching small children about their rights in hospitals), and i like that you have created this game for a good purpose.
(to support the hospital of children (pedagogical section) of costa rica).
your cause is a noble cause, and i hope that many children will be cured in the hospitals.

good little game, fun, and educational.
keep up the good work.

an interesting game, with a fresh and unique concept, and a nice ''defend each planet/element'' feature in it.

the controls were versatile. the story was cool, the actions/dialogue was good and funny, and the whole design/function of the game was very nice.

a good sci-fi game, i liked it.
good work!

its a zombie... snake?
wow, thats quite unique, and an interesting combination of two different elements (the game ''snake'', and the zombie theme), so you get all points for originality, and the game visuals/style/gameplay is also very good, while the stages and the ''keep playing'' function after you've won a stage are good features for this game.

a good game, with many power-ups, and various cool stuff in it, its good.

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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