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very niiice

i liked it. nice battle system. and cool grapjics! i didnt liked that pitt died, but it was touching that they made a statue in the city in honour of him. good strategy movie, with nice way to do it. pretty cool sir

well.. sir!

an amusing flash! its epic. i wonder how many will get furious THINKING you called tom a gay man, while its a vote only and they decide and start posting ''OMG YO NOOB!!111 IM GOING TO TELL YOU YOU CALLDE TOM A FAGS!!111ONE'' or ''YOU SUCK!1111ONE and U GAY!!!1'' lolz. we will see many reviews of hate here.

now, on criticism, boy. i must tell it should have more options, and make it to be targetd at a fad more raelly, rather than an actuall person, like tom, that is pretty cool. here.

N5 responds:

you are right. I didnt say he is gay. Its just asking you if you think hes is or not.

I was thinking maybe I should pick someone else because Tom really does sound like a really fun guy to know. However I didn't change it because everyone knows who he is. Otherwise it would of been just some random guy no one knows

well.. man

that thing is ok, i like that game, it has many stuff and options, pretty cool. ok

very good.

thats a very good game, still, its hard tho. i think it should have more lifes, and to stand more hits. but still, its good, i like it pal! yea

cool game sir

it was a pretty nice game. good flash

very good.

a nice game, yet needs to have a restart button, because i really pressed buttons, and when he fall off the cliff, he was only stuck, and i had to restart and open the window again.


it was pretty cool, too bad that the enemies popped up in very many places at some part. its ok

DarkMatterClock responds:

My first venture into game making...i agree its a bit frustrating, but i think youll agree it came out well for a first.

very good.

i really think it was cool. i just think you should add some levels like missions, and to follow a main story, in order to get more interesting. it was very cool

cool.. but

it was very fun, but it was very fas in the wa he was killed. in level at the cave, it was so fast that he could fall. so better have a easier part, its good anyway

i must say

tahts a nice game, cool graphics, and it was fun o play. but it got boring after a while. i mean yo ushoudl add more stuff into it. like, err more enemies, and more weapons to destroy the portal. also maybe soem enemies, or teh portal having weapons too. taht would make a good game, i suggest. but, anyway, this is a really good game.

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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