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nice, but...

its ok, and very good, but make a sequel, and, put a story, first, an animated story of how this happened. i mean why would iceblock and marine clock, would try to go to a race? make an interesting story, so taht it will be fun. also then, after, when you skip to tha menu, and press play to the game, just add some difficul;ties. dont make his character just run, but add some things to jump over, like a rock, or a river, or to duck over a tree, or at a roof, of a buiding, or a wall, and aput those in. also make him take power ups for speed, and health, and to have also some bad pow ups, taht will slow him down, or make him ge hurt. this will add challenge to the game. just add those and it will be perfect. also add levels. the music was ok, and the credits where fun. i liked this alot!

very nice

it was very nice. cool graphics, and sound. better add some passwords, and some level selections in that

nice flash.

i liked it. pretty cool music, and a nice gameplay. i liked also the tricki part

very good game

i lreally liked this. nice graphic, nice sound, and a neat game play. well, say man, i got 801 pts, and lvl 4!

niec, i say ok

its good, i liked it, but could have more levels, and you should add more members. and more missions to complete, even puzzle in.


fun game. with also a known character, hah. pretty cool

nice, but

man, its just a TOO friggin hard, no matter what i plan, i always loose on age 3 or 5. i mean, they come, and all the units destroy my tower, and i cant defend it! imean, better add a evolution choise in your weapons automatically when you change era. but still, add a cheaper selection of troops, and just add a liitle bit of setback in the attack, or defence, because in the end, it was imppossible to get a soldier for a good money. i suggest you just upgrade tjheir strengh and decreasing some other feature, like armor and so on. or maybe make them faster or weaker. and maybe with stronger attack but no armory. and vice versa, sir, because its ok. but it needs these adds in, or it will be hard to play.
anyway, i think its great. nuice idea and the scenario is tottaly good! nice game, keep it on dud

good, nice

it was a very cool theme movie like western type, which made a nice place to put this game. i think it was cool, and had nice design dj

i liked that

sounds pretty adventurous, i say make a second one, or even more episodes, man! it has nice gameplay, and a cool atmoshere

very nice

that was arelly good game. i liked it

well, hello, im chris the stick, i make random, funny movies, i draw comics, and also i voice act. AKA=BB10-clock.




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